Are You More of a Mustang Driver or an Explorer Person?

By Ford Social Member

Whether you’re into Mustangs or Explorers or F-Series trucks, we’ve got stories for you this week. And of course, we still have room for your story! You don’t have submit a great photos, although we enjoy when you do, just click here to go to Your Stories and share how Ford has been a part of your life.

One of our favorite Your Stories this week talks about the great performance and fuel economy a customer found with his 2012 Mustang GT. Freelance writer Rob Lamme continued his Explorer adventure through Yosemite, sharing photos of this fantastic park. There were plenty more posted this week – here are the highlights:

Your Stories


Unbelievable Machine

I finally got my dream car: a Black 2012 Mustang GT with the Brembo Package, 3.73 rear end, and the MT-82 manual 6-speed. After the suggested break in period, I took my car to the local Drag Strip to see what it was made of. After an evening being consistently in the high 12-second range, I finished my night strong with a 12.60 @ 113.60 mph! Read more…


My First Car

When I first got my 1987 F150 i thought it was the best truck ever. Problem was with my financial situation, I needed something smaller, newer and more fuel efficient. i browsed through the local classifieds and I found this lovely little gem; a 1997 Ford Thunderbird LX with the Limited Edition package. Read more…


Gonna Miss My Truck

Hi, my name is Carlos. I just wanted to inform you of my positive experiences I’ve had with my Ford f-350. It was my steady working truck. I used it to do all sorts of tasks that required heavy duty power. I am forever a Ford truck guy because of the reliability. I will always stick with your brand of truck. I can’t fathom to bring myself to look at other brands. Unfortunately for me, I recently had to sell my f-350 dually due to the economy. I could not afford it anymore. Read more…

Your Ideas

Move Cruise Control

I just bought a F-150 super crew eco-boost and when I have to use the cruise control, I always have to look down low to see the control switches for the cruise. why not move that part up on top of the steering wheel on each side of the air bag which would make the controls easier to use and see. Read more…

Sync Event Sounds

Here's an idea for the geeks among us.. driver-modifiable sounds that a vehicle with Sync could play upon certain events, such as engine start or stop. Replaceable warning sounds could be part of this; imagine being able to replace your 'key in ignition' chime or 'headlight minder' nag. Read more…

Auto-targeting Side Mirrors

I see a few suggestions for blind spot sensors, but nothing for something that would actively minimize blind spots. What about mirrors with sensors that could detect a vehicle in the adjacent lane, and automatically adjust the mirror angle on the horizontal plane to keep the vehicle in view as long as possible? Read more…

Our Stories


Bid on This Custom Mustang Boss 302

On Saturday, October 15, a very unique 2012 Mustang will be on the block at a live auction during the Get Your Heart Racing benefit on the Ford test track at the Dearborn Development Center in Michigan. The one-of-a-kind Boss 302 Laguna Sega is painted in the same School Bus Yellow color you motorsports fans will know from the Boss 302 that Parnelli Jones drove to victory in the 1970 Trans-Am Championship. But you might say this car has a bit more heart. Read more…


Exploring Some of America’s Best Parks with a Ford Explorer

It’s easy to be cynical about Yellowstone National Park. Sometimes – perhaps for most visitors – the place comes off a lot like Disneyland. After all, most folks drive from one part of the park to another on the “grand loop,” a 140-mile road system that allows visitors to pop in and out of their cars to take in a view or, most often, snap pictures of wildlife that has grown so used to homo sapiens that they – the animals, not the humans – show no hesitancy about crossing roads or grazing within a few feet of the awestruck tourists. Read more…


What Ford and Six Other Automakers Agree on May Surprise You

Ah, to be a fly on the wall when Ford, GM, Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen decided to have a sit-down – maybe somewhere off the radar, like the Olive Garden? – to discuss electric vehicles in the United States and Europe. Would they agree on things? Would the conversation veer off into discussing technologies coming in future vehicles? Would Porsche order the Never Ending Pasta Bowl? Read more…

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James Coon 10/25/2011
Got 7 Mustangs, a F-150 Screw and a Fusion. Mustangs get My vote!
Kimberli Mason 10/25/2011
Explorer (Eddie Bauer) !!!! Got one and love it.
Antonio Ramos 10/19/2011
Svt Raptor
Seth Vassilico 10/19/2011
Mustang. But if you wanna know my most favorite car its the 97' F150.
Jordan Blubaugh 10/18/2011
Both I have a 96 eddie bauer
Drew Immerman 10/18/2011
I thought this was funny, owning both and not being able to decide
Jason Anderson 10/17/2011
My bf and I own a 93 taurus with almost 170,000 on it and runs like new and a 04 explorer eddie bauer. I love the explorer was brought up on them my parents own 3 and ive driven all of them and I would definitely get both a taurus and explorer again. Im all ford till the day I die
Andrew Weigle 10/17/2011
would go with a mustang, just a custom 1,000 hp one!!!! prolly not in exsistaence currently but i'd order one that way!!!
Laura Walls 10/17/2011
Neither Love my 2011 Ford Expedition!
Alejandro Francia 10/17/2011
Brian Powers 10/17/2011
V8 Mustang and F-Series 4x4...All a man needs.
Brian Powers 10/17/2011
V8 Mustang and F-Series 4x4...All a man needs.
Charles Stone 10/17/2011
Evan Barnett 10/16/2011
Mustang ;) love going fast
Tailor 10/16/2011
2006 Ford Freestyle is my hot ride!!!
Gregory Fitzgerald 10/16/2011
Tom 10/16/2011
Or maybe both. I own and love to drive my 2003 Eddie Bauer Explorer, my 2003 Whisper White Thunderbird and my 2010 black Focus SES.
Margaret Anderson Kaye 10/15/2011
Never too old to drive a Mustang, I have a blue '07 GT and absolutely love driving it.
Bob Martin 10/15/2011
FOCUS person. Too old for Mustang.
Alex King 10/15/2011
never drove either, I think mustang tho!!
Heather Wanda 10/15/2011
Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ford, your new CARS site is really cool!!!! Congrats!! I love the video module!!
Brad Krekelberg 10/15/2011
Never been a truck guy, although i had an '86 Bronco 351 that i liked for a while. Definitely a RWD V8 car guy. I have a family now though. Hey Ford, how about you build me a V8 RWD sedan?
Jeffery Campbell 10/15/2011
I have a explorer, but would prefer another mustang.
Kane Kneale 10/15/2011
Neither both shot, fpv is the way to go. You yanks should import a decent car....
Jack van Barlingen 10/15/2011
Mustang its my dream car...
Jim Tisinger 10/15/2011
My latest profile pic was taken a car show in Mooresville NC last weekend. It's a '36 ford flathead engine supercharged and chromed out. Awesome!
Jim Tisinger 10/15/2011
All of the above in past 8 yrs. 2004 mustang gt, 2005 sport trac adrenalin,2008 f250 diesel. My 1st ford was '68 Torino gt with 302 fastback. Guess you could say I like fords.
Dirk Jessen 10/15/2011
Krystle Conover 10/15/2011
Both, but i think i love my Edge more :)
John Sisneros 10/14/2011
neither. Crown vic.... especially if its paid off, like mine!=)
Steven McKenzie 10/14/2011
Younis Haider 10/14/2011
Andy Rogers 10/14/2011
Mustang easily
Sandoval Correa Daniel 10/14/2011
I ve had a 89 gt 10 years ago. Own a 02 explorer. Loved and loving it! Lol
Brandon Orban 10/14/2011
Vaughan Adkins 10/14/2011
I need both!
David Gnoebi 10/14/2011
Matt Gilbert 10/14/2011
Got an '94 & '04 Explorer. Love them both.
Gord Grieve 10/14/2011
I'm an Edge driver and lovin it.
Roy Martin 10/14/2011
Explorer.... I Luv My NEW! 2012 Ford Explorer!
James Hutchison 10/14/2011
Deb Alexander Cain 10/14/2011
Had both, enjoyed 'em, moved on to Lincoln Aviator/MKX!!
Blayke Lane 10/14/2011
Mustang all the way.
Ricardo Martinez 10/14/2011
Thomas Krotz 10/14/2011
both.i have a 03 stang gt and an 03 eb explorer but the stang is my favorite
Jay Doverspike 10/14/2011
I'd like to see Lincoln stumble out of their coffin and build a high horsepower RWD sedan to shut up cadillac and bmw. That'll never happen...
Richard Ortiz 10/14/2011
On my 3rd mustang. 84 black lx,redfire 03 GT and yellowblaze 11.
Jay Doverspike 10/14/2011
A.r. Bunch 10/14/2011
Matt Sullivan 10/14/2011
Crown Vic for the win. Muscle car motor with truck trans. Can't beat it, so they just killed it. Why put your workhorse down for a pony? Just saying...
Chris Elmquist 10/14/2011
Nathaniel Jensen 10/14/2011
I've had a couple explorers , they were pretty good , but I drive a Silverado now . Thinking about an Escape for a 2nd vehicle
Erik O'Reilly 10/14/2011
Crown Victoria
Stanley O Whitfield 10/14/2011
Gustavo Castellon 10/14/2011
Mustang all the way. I've had six, currently have a 94 5.0 next one will be a new 5.0
Steven Richard 10/14/2011
Old mustang
Rob King 10/14/2011
Corey Desordi 10/14/2011
I'm a BMW person :-P
Jon D 10/14/2011
I'm a wishin the USA got the Focus ST Wagon kinda guy...just sayin is all
Alan Rose 10/14/2011
an explorer now but when I was young it was a Mustang
Suzy Lang- Vuletich 10/14/2011
lAURA wALLS 10/14/2011
Neither, I love my 2011 Ford EXPEDITION!
Diane Van Doren 10/14/2011
Both!! I have one of each! Love them both.
Brandon Galloway 10/14/2011
i have a 97 explorer xlt 5.0L and a 94 mustang gt 5.0L 5spd i love them both and i have a 95 ranger, and 06 ranger both 5spd 2 door 8ft bed
Rob Lynn 10/14/2011
Stang Monday to Sunday
Alex Leu 10/14/2011
Stephanie Hahn Schmidt 10/14/2011 them both!!
Jamie East 10/14/2011
I have a mustang and explorer.
Guy Haggard 10/14/2011
Explorer I miss having a Ford truck
Cory Castaldo 10/14/2011
Crown Vic for life..... Too bad Ford can't say the same thing!
Tracey Jaqueline Chapman 10/14/2011
No contest would beca mustang driver x
Sandra Campbell Morgan 10/14/2011
Uhhhh FLEX!!!!
Chip Vesely 10/14/2011
Rafa Pareja 10/14/2011
Henry Klassen 10/14/2011
Fox mustangs for life!
John Briggs 10/14/2011
Mustang fan!!!
Paul McAteer 10/14/2011
Cosworth! ;-)
Ken Haab 10/14/2011
Mustang with the top off.
Santos Sanchez 10/14/2011
Saleen XP8 Explorer. Truck with the spirit of a Stang. Shame they don't make them anymore :(
Sharon Anderson 10/14/2011
Neither. I'm an Escape kinda girl!
Chris Talnagi 10/14/2011
I'm thinkin f350 over either of them
Dennis Garrett II 10/14/2011
But I do have a police interciptor Explorer I like.
Dennis Garrett II 10/14/2011
Karen Michelle 10/14/2011
I love the Escape!
Japhet Adam Melendez 10/14/2011
i like to ride the Contour of the yellow line as fast as i can in tight corners.
Doug Beck 10/14/2011
I have had 4 or 5 Mustangs, I drove an Explorer once......
Eli Cordova 10/14/2011
But I have a pony.
Eli Cordova 10/14/2011
I role an Expadition
Alexander Chung 10/14/2011
I have a 2008 black Mustang GT and a white 2012 explorer limited in platinum white.
Peter Zanatta 10/14/2011
I tend to fly like a Falcon.
Dennis Sells 10/14/2011
I have both but feel better in the stang
James Livi 10/14/2011
Casey Payne 10/14/2011
Mustang by a mile.
Lucio X Gonzalez 10/14/2011
I loved my 09 fusion, but I'm loving my '11 special edition fusion even more
Yosiel Pichardo 10/14/2011
Steve O'Toole 10/14/2011
I'm Furiously Focused
Johnnie Orr 10/14/2011
Mel Walters 10/14/2011
That's a toughie!
Mike Jones 10/14/2011
Love my 2000 Eddie Bauer Explorer
Vincent Fletcher 10/14/2011
04 Mach 1.. Ford for life.....!!!
Brian Webb 10/14/2011
Oooooops! I meant 15 Mustangs owned! ;)
Zach Gerlin 10/14/2011
F-450 person
Jeffrey St Germain 10/14/2011
John Limon 10/14/2011
Sean Neary 10/14/2011
02 Stang GT. Nothing stock. Gotta love a ford!
Brian Webb 10/14/2011
I have owned 14 Mustangs. My current one (and it will only be passed down,) is my late fathers 25th aniversary 5.0 LX Mustang. Miss u dad! I cherish the car! =)
Indi Kaur Sidhu 10/14/2011
explorer / mini-van, etc.
Shawn Kalles 10/14/2011
The mustang but some people have to go to work, so I drive my 01 sd diesel everyday
Westley White 10/14/2011
I'm on my 9th mustang. A 1owner 91lx. Had several trucks and suv's. Wifes van has over 140k. My youngest sons 86 f150 has 192k and still all original. GO FORD
Jim Fox 10/14/2011
Explorer man..just not the new ones
Bob Ford 10/14/2011
Uhhh... a hoss...that'd be my answer
Sandy Boleware 10/14/2011
Mustang! All the way
Marco De La Cruz 10/14/2011
Mike Wendorf 10/14/2011
Mustang all the way!
Gracijela Segulin 10/14/2011
explorer with fusion company
Kirk Schroeder 10/14/2011
Mustang hands down!
Sean McCloskey 10/14/2011
Mustang by far!!I do love my Focus to though
J Larry Puder 10/14/2011
Ed Medina 10/14/2011
I'm an explorer that likes going mustangback riding. :B
Nikki Walker 10/14/2011
James Taylor 10/14/2011
I've had two Explorers, an '01 Sport and an '04 XLT. Now I'm on my third Mustang, an '05 GT... Gonna drive it til the wheels fall off!!! :)
Stan Wilde 10/14/2011
I love my 2007 Focus!
Kyle Wonner 10/14/2011
Jeff Echeverri 10/14/2011
1990 mustang gt NOT STOCK ;)
Lauren Ford 10/14/2011
My last name is a sick car hah
Eric Wagner 10/14/2011
Both, but currently its mustang!
Jordan Renner 10/14/2011
^^^^^^^^^ it's not a 67 fastback, it's a 1967 Shelby GT 500. And i drive a 2009 Mustang GT 45th Anniversary Edition!
Stacie Starr 10/14/2011
Mustang!! Never ever had a problem with my Mustang, but since I traded it in for a 09 Ford Focus, I have had nothing but Problems!!!! I want my Mustang Back!!! You can push this Focus off a cliff for all I care!
Benjamin Buchanan 10/14/2011
A Mustang driver all the way !
Adrian Baldivieso 10/14/2011
Explorer for sure
Ingrid C Villegas 10/14/2011
Mustang convertible.
Marsha LaFountain 10/14/2011
Does it matter as long as its a Ford.....
Drew Carlisle 10/14/2011
03-04 cobra cant beat it
Brian Simone 10/14/2011
Jason R Hafelein 10/14/2011
For the Leg and head-room... I say Explorer; SportTrack, specifically.
Cody Storm 10/14/2011
96 F150 inline 300 with a 5 spd.... bought with 100,000 a couple years ago, now the old turd has 206,148
Jason Naumetz 10/14/2011
Kevin Piacentini 10/14/2011
Andrew Lecznar 10/14/2011
Mustang of course
Monica Heil 10/14/2011
Neither - but I would love to have the new Taurus.
Andrew White 10/14/2011
Explorer. If you'd make an AWD Mustang, I'd happily convert.
Otis B. Driftwood 10/14/2011
P71 ;D
Matt Scott 10/14/2011
67 fastback(Elanor) is the GO
Stephanie McComis 10/14/2011
Explorer since our little family is still growing :)
Brad Hawkins 10/14/2011
My heart says mustang gt but family size dictates explorer. But with that said i would rather an expedition limited.
Christopher Winslow 10/14/2011
Mustang, but since I like having a drivers license I will keep my Escape :P
Amanda Rowe Weeks 10/14/2011
Both! Lol
Robin Eddy 10/14/2011
Neither, I am an F150 Fan, I love my trucks, Ford is the best company EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Robert Shaw 10/14/2011
i want to drive a 2011... i still love my 04 Explorer
Candice Sampson 10/14/2011
Mustang for sure. ;)
Bruno Alcantara 10/14/2011
Mustang =D
Derik Geddings 10/14/2011
Have an 89 mustang gt, 11 f150 and 11 explorer in my garage
Jonno Holmes 10/14/2011
mustang! Go the ford:P
Daniel E. Wilhite 10/14/2011
Neither, 1969 Ford F250 Camper special, needs some work though, but for 700 bucks atleast I can drive it!
Alex Morris 10/14/2011
Owned a Ford truck my whole life. First a '90 Ranger and now a '98 F-150. Built Ford Tough!!!
Kerstin Yeager Geb Eisenhauer 10/14/2011
We have both the 2011 5.0 and the 2011 Explorer we love it. We wouldn't buy anything but Ford!! You guy's have outdone yourself with the safty of the 2011 Explorer!! Absoluteley fantastic!!
Brandon Armstrong 10/14/2011
mustang.. first one and still own is a 1989 mustang gt 5.0 with 26,000 miles on it.
Andrew Morrell 10/14/2011
oh and my dad has an 05 black v6 and he and i are working on a 65 mustang with the original 170 in it :p
Colton Weedman 10/14/2011
I'm a5.0 lover. Just happens the mustang bangs it pretty well
Francisco Javier Gonzalez Hernandez 10/14/2011
I am both things...........
Ricky Baker 10/14/2011
Me an explorer but my son is all Mustang !
Felix Rojas 10/14/2011
The two SVT'S the COBRA and RAPTOR!!!!
Lauren Meeker 10/14/2011
Mustang of course.
Daniel Chapa 10/14/2011
Mustang cobra ;)
Andrew Morrell 10/14/2011
my dad used to race an old 70s mustang II at the local speedway when i was 5 or so. ever since then i thought it was so cool to have a car named mustang. now i got my oxford white 2004 mustang. 25 now and ive had it since i was 21. i love that car. :)
Ashley Marie Karmann 10/14/2011
Explorer .....but I'd take the mustang for some fun! :-)
Shelley Weerasingha Chaney 10/14/2011
I have 2 mustangs called hot coco and the other called sugarfot
Dylan Cook 10/14/2011
i love ford truck not a van or car guy broncos pretty cool though!
Eryk Kopec 10/14/2011
Both..........but I need to go buy another Explorer
Jason Lewis 10/14/2011
Im a Ford truck man, (1996) truck man :)
Iorch Gunn D 10/14/2011
Jet Slutzky 10/14/2011
I'm a Taurus guy. :3
Michelle White Hitsman 10/14/2011
mustang all the way! 05 GT and an 06 GT
Christopher White 10/14/2011
2004 explorer and 2011 f-150 ecoboost
Zack Becker 10/14/2011
My desired insurance rate says I'm more of a Explorer driver, but my heart says I'm more of a Mustang driver.
Marcella Cadenas 10/14/2011
Mustang!! :))
Trent Martinez 10/14/2011
Ride The Pony! Fastbacks All The Way!
Leonard Dixon 10/14/2011
Troy Borysko 10/14/2011
Give me a truck anyday
LaTonya Tanksley 10/14/2011
I'm more of a 2011 Focus SEL person...but if I could afford it I'd def. get the truck!!! Lol
Jacob Stokes 10/14/2011
04 mustang!!
Megan Stanaford 10/14/2011
Explorer :D I have one now. I've owned FORD vehicles for the last 12 yrs and wouldn't have it any other way, especially since the company didn't take the bail out. Makes me even more proud to own a FORD!
Bob Ball 10/14/2011
97 Mustang GT since I was 17!
Dominick Ruggiero 10/14/2011
Chevy Camaro
Joey Nardolillo 10/14/2011
Lorrie O'Neal 10/14/2011
Mustang driver!! Woo! Hoo!
Brooke Ford 10/14/2011
Mustang for sure!
Ayoub Haddane 10/14/2011
Jimmy Carnline 10/14/2011
Truck man... But I do like the Mustang. I need both!
Justin Raffurty 10/14/2011
mustang all the way, 2008 roush supercharged mustang!
Branden J Lazzara 10/14/2011
Sheldon Thacker 10/14/2011
João Pedro 10/14/2011
Mustang ;)
Matheaw Parisien 10/14/2011
Hehe I'm a SVT Raptor guy!!
Shannon Hutcheson 10/14/2011
More of a Chevy person!
Brad Culp 10/14/2011
Both - but my first Ford is a 2005 Explorer
Rodney J. Thomas 10/14/2011
Both - but my first Ford is a 2011 Explorer
Rafael Messias Guerra 10/14/2011