Bill Ford Featured in the Big SHFT Series on Environmental Innovators

By Tori T.

One man’s trash is…you know what, right? That saying is absolutely correct and, in this case, the treasure is the ability to protect the environment. What others have tossed into the recycling bin may just be one of the many materials being incorporated—you know, recycled—into Ford vehicles, allowing the Blue Oval™ to become a leader in sustainability.

This isn’t a new initiative for Ford. Back in the day, Henry Ford built an entire vehicle out of soybeans! Soybeans are indeed used in his vehicle line today, such as for foam material in seat cushions, joining denim, tires, coconuts, sugar cane and plastic bottles. And imagine what Henry would have thought about retired, shredded cash being used make parts!

The high price of oil (petroleum is used in the manufacture of plastics), fuel prices and concerns about global economic crisis are key reasons Ford continues to explore innovative alternative sources for materials for building its vehicles.

Ford has also teamed up with SHFT on a video documentary series that highlights how the world is shifting to a more sustainable lifestyle, from what we drive—including the use of hybrids and EVs as well as how engineers and designers are making sustainable vehicles—to the changes in modern culture. The videos are pretty cool and entertaining!

The video featuring Bill Ford allows you to go inside the Ford lab where materials are studied.

“We want to be green, global and high-tech,” Bill said. When he spearheaded a sustainability report for Ford in 2000, his green ideas were not well-received. But under his leadership, the Blue Oval has radically changed how it operates and produces its vehicles.

"The Big SHFT" is an original series that SHFT is producing with Ford Motor Company. The series will showcase people and companies making a difference, spotlighting technology, design and even food. The series was developed with co-founders Adrian Grenier and Peter Glatzer.
Olivia T 08/15/2012
Thanks to my FORD FAMILY for coming through the roughest of times and staying FORD Tough....sometimes it just takes real men leadership to help inspire and aspire us ladies to keep going through the midst of change and challenging times. Special thanks to Mr. William C. Ford Jr. and employees for continuing to be an positive influence in the Metro Detroit communities. Keep up the good work. Thanks God Bless You..Love you all xoxox Welcome back Corporate America we need you....7-mile
Scott M 08/09/2012
@Ronald G Approximately 85% of our vehicles is already recyclable, in addition to being made from a number of recycled materials. More on that in our Sustainability Report:
Ken R 08/08/2012
We need some BASE-cars
Ronald G 08/07/2012
As a nation we are FAR BEHIND Europe when it comes to automotive recycling. 24% of American vehicles end up in land fills. The Themoplastics used are recycleable, yet automotive companies do NOT drive suppliers to provide recycled materials. The suppliers do not want to use recycled materials, because it will diminish the "sales" numbers using lower cost recycled materials. Now is the time for investors and SMART business people to break through, if not with Ford then with the next company on my list!
Casey M 08/06/2012
Looking for information on Logging in and entering the Contest on the Customizer Mustang site. When I first entered I could only login through my Facebook account and now it will not let me enter again. I have 6 cars created and would like to access the site to continue trying to create and Battle in gaining points. Thanks for any help if any.
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