What Technology and Features Would You Like in Your Next Ford?

By Ford Social Member

We all have ideas, and we bet you probably have a few ideas about what technology and features you would like to have in your next Ford vehicle. Did you know that we make it easy for you to submit your idea? Click on Your Ideas (pretty original name, huh?), read the rules and submit your idea. You can also browse ideas already submitted, commented and vote on them.

There has been the usual stream of ideas, Your Stories and our stories posted this week – here are the highlights:

Your Stories


Dreams Do Come True!

Back in 2002, when I was 9 years old, my grandmother (whom I call Nana) had bought a brand new 2002 Ford Mustang. The color and make? Sonic Blue V6. I was shocked to see this kind of car, because before the mustang, my Nana and my mom had Honda’s. I fell in love with the sleek and mean design of the ‘02 mustang. I had deemed it my “dream car”. Over the years of growing up, I had dreamt of owning a mustang, one that was blue, just like Nana’s. Read more…


My Escape Saved My Life!

On October 4th, 2011 another driver ran a stop sign as I was crossing the intersection in my 2009 Ford Escape. I am told that my car flipped/rolled twice due to the speed of the other driver and the impact being directly in the middle of the driver’s side of my Escape. The car came to a rest on the passenger side of the car. I was wearing my seat belt – tucked low at the hip. I was fine! The side airbags deployed and I was without a scratch or broken bone. Read more…

Your Ideas

Photo Catalytic Glass

Has Ford considered integrating photo catalytic glass in their vehicles? Has Ford done a cost benefit analysis for auto glass coated with Titanium Oxide? The consumer benefits to this technology include, eliminating fogged windows, cleaner glass and increased diver visibility. Read more…

Wire Wheel Covers

How about a set of nice wire wheel covers like those used on the older models with 15" wheels, or will some of those used on the older model front wheel drive work on the Transit Connect. Read more…

Ford Smart Maintenance

Sync up the customers smart phone to the scheduled maintenance program for the vehicle. 1) Oil Changes, 2) Tire Rotation, 3) Trans Fluid replacement, etc. Read more…

Our Stories


Ford F-150 Head to Head Pickup Comparison Tool

We know one size does not fit all – if you’ve ever bought socks with that claim, but the heel portion ended up on your calves, you know. Same goes with vehicles. That is why Ford has created the Head to Head Pickup Comparison tool for those of you shopping for an F-150. Read more…


Ford SYNC Features Expand to More Users

We’ll admit that when iTunes, Word or any of our computer software alerts us to an update, we tend to hit “agree” to said update and not always read what it’s about. For all we know, we might have agreed to wear hot pants and a monocle to the office. So, we know that some of you might also be tempted to go on autopilot when you hear the Ford SYNC® system has a free update and either not pay attention to the details or simply ignore it. But here’s why you shouldn’t. Read more…


Mustang Customizer Goes Mobile

The new for 2011 Mustang Customizer is now available on your iPad/iPhone or Android-based mobile device. The Customizer was just launched in September and has already proven extremely popular. The ability to take it with you and stay engaged while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store or bored in your accounting class should make it that much more popular! Read more…

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Lowell Prewitt 12/30/2011
RWD - V8 - Fusion size
Khalil Williams 12/30/2011
I would love to suggest a three door version of the Ford Fiesta hatchback, as well as the Ford Ka subcompact. Also, i would like to suggest the addition of both diesel and turbodiesel engines for all Ford vehicles and trim levels, especially those for the 2013 model year. Finally, i would like to add the suggestion of a manual transmission as an option for all Ford vehicles. After all, there are enthusiasts, and regular everyday people that would love to enjoy driving and reap the benefits of high fuel economy, something that most will reap with a manual transmission.
Brad Barefoot 11/18/2011
How about bringing back wire wheel covers as an option for the cars and vans like the Transit Connect. As far as technology lets cut a deal with whoever owns On-Star and make that available.
Jason Frels 10/28/2011
Manual Transmissions!!! I want to enjoy driving.
Rich Semmelhaack 10/25/2011
Turbo diesel cars. All wheel drive like Subaru, Audi quatro, we have 5 months of winter here!!! I had to buy a Front wheel drive to get an ecoboost engine :(
edvard 10/25/2011
Here's my "wish-list".
1: Re-make Lincoln into a world-class luxury brand. As in cars that are really and truly a luxury brand using dedicated platforms and cutting-edge design. Cars that can compete with BMW and Mercedes, not just re-badged Fords.

2: A "real" small truck. Not all of us want to drive big honkin' trucks. A small TDI would be even sweeter.

3: an affordable plug-in hybrid. Keep it under 30k and you'll sell the snot out of em'.

4: A station wagon. I think there's a huge demand to bring back the wagon. Not a hatchback or another crossover. But a "real" wagon. Better yet- a TDI option as well. VW is doing VERY well with their TDI Jetta wagon and I am seeing tons of them. So obviously there's a demand.

Don't get me wrong. You're doing a great job and the products you've been putting out are fantastic. But I'm a car nerd and those are the things I would personally love to see.
Brooke Reed 10/25/2011
I think it would be interesting to see a come-back of the New Edge Mustangs. And I know many people won't like this idea, but perhaps a 4 door coupe (look up 4 door coupe saturn) could be a new edition to the line of Mustangs. It would just be convenient for those of us who have people who sit in the back seats. It could be just used for V6 models, since a majority of V6's are used as daily drivers and the extra weight wouldn't matter. I also like the idea of UV resistant headlights, it would be an amazing upgrade from all of those sun damaged headlights.
Debra Garcia 10/24/2011
Please bring back the 1965 Ford Mustang Coupe....PLEASE
Devon Murchison 10/24/2011
Make a new Mark series Lincoln with the 5.0 Coyote and RWD, that'd be sexy.........*drools*
Becky Langham Galati 10/24/2011
Manual Transmissions.
Headlights with UV resistant coverings to they don't yellow.
Jamie At Ford 10/24/2011
Hey Wally,

If you’re still having a transmission concern, please send me your VIN, mileage, and dealer name/location and I’ll be able to research the issue further.

Ford Customer Service Division
John Thompson 10/24/2011
A diesel engine that is reliable would be an outstanding improvement. Tired of sitting on the side of the road. Fords 4 way flashers do work splendidly though.
Paul Carrier 10/24/2011
Why do all the available hybrids only seat 5 passengers ?
Why hasn't a manufacture considered that those of use who need 6 to 8 seats might like a hybrid ?
Jason Tugade 10/23/2011
Make the interface easy to use like an iPad..bring blue ray quality DVD to the interface. And Rwd with hybrid technology.
Alex King 10/23/2011
improve sync, i have and 09 focus so it may have gotten better, but i have to yell at her some times. lol and do more stylish keys like gm. Like all the new cruzes have a flip open key and remote start!! the app they have to lock, unlock start etc is cool too.
an ecoboost 5.0 on the mustang with paddle shifters.
Tom Lease 10/23/2011
Would like to see the Mondeo station wagon make it to USA shores or build a Fusion wagon. Not everyone wants an SUV.
Dave Price 10/23/2011
Junk the Sync and develop a system that works like the Chrysler U Connect
Clint Anderson 10/23/2011
I will give you my idea when you sign an NDA with me... If you can do that then you can see my idea.. you are silly to think people are just gonna give real ideas out without compensation.
José Antonio Vázquez González 10/23/2011
I have the blue oval in my blood , for tradition and conviction.
Trevor Hollow 10/23/2011
Internet access
Robert Moody 10/23/2011
I want a 4+4 Ranger All Electric powered, with a small diesel generater to power the Electric motor,The Ranger should get 100+ MPG
Byeongdon Moon 10/23/2011
Better milege like electric motor
Andrew Morgen 10/23/2011
not another sync
Michael Loetscher 10/22/2011
solar panel roof
Pedro Lozano 10/22/2011
have the technology to speak to you
Wilfredo Antonio 10/22/2011
Web browsing, automatic pandora station
Darvell Powell 10/22/2011
Hey FoMoCo, just purchased 3 new vehicles. Loves them, but I would love to see all family vehicles made "performance hybrids"! I mean that all vehicles will have your hybrid start/stop system for city driving & ECOBOOSTing for highway driving. Here in L.A., this would save everyone tons of gallons of gas & still even more due to the benefits of ECOBOOST!!! Also, please consider dropping the ECOBOOST-6 in the 'Stang & making a boosted 5.0... pppllleeeaaassseee???
James McRitchie 10/22/2011
I'd like to buy a hybrid Transit Connect camper.
Matheus Ulisses Pieroni 10/22/2011
RWD sedan
Paul Pritchard 10/22/2011
Turbo diesels for the US and Canada.
Johnathen Evans 10/22/2011
What about a diesel hybrid?
Paul Desruisseau 10/22/2011
Try actually driving your Town Car. I mean really - what an absolutely embarrassment to your brand. You need to thin the heard or focus on the entire brand which negatively effect your halo across the category. One other besides technology - sales reps who are an extension of you need to be better trained. I just bought a 44k car and it was not yours although I am a ford guy (mustang through college and various Taurus co cars) the sales experience just does not match that of others. BTW - it's not GM they are even worse plus thier product is just junk.
Elliot C Boose 10/22/2011
Ford, Bill...I just searched the web and noticed all the lies you told about who gave you the idea for the Ford Reality Vehicle Design Show. Now, the U.S. Copyright office still has the treatment on file. I do not understand why would a company be so dispicable to not only steal the idea, but continue to lie to the world about who gave it to you. I submitted it to you in January 2006 and you even sent me a letter thanking me for it and stated you will let me know if you will ever consider it. The earliest link states Ford is considering creating a reality vehicle design show on May 1 2006....exactly 3 months after I sent you my treatment. One of the 4 links is: today.msnbc.msn.com/id/12513325/ns/. When I tried to sue you as a pro se attorney (while I lived out of my car studying law since no attorney would assist me) the judge in Detroit (on your home turf) dismissed my case with prejudice (meaning I could not re-file ever again), the dismissal basically indicated I had no proof that the show exist. Well, it aired on ESPN in 2007 and the show was pulled from the air for some reason (after I filed my Intentional Copyrite Infrigement Case against you. Is this really the message Henry Ford would want to send about how it lies and decieves? Moreover, so many things started happening to me that seemed very suspicious. I am a very reasonable person and not greedy at all. If Ford simply would have paid me a modest 5 figure lump sum with a 1 to 3% royalty you not only would have had an innovative hit show, you also would have had a substantial number of concept vehicles.
Electric Cars VS Gasoline Cars 10/22/2011
A water-proof electric car so you can drive through high water and not short out.
Mauro Felci 10/22/2011
I desire a green car. Hybrid... I Would that my new KUGA was the last car powered through traditional engine Diesel or petrolium and its derivates...
Peter R. Gross 10/22/2011
Why is the new EXPLORER not available in Europe?
Scott Cain 10/22/2011
Yeh falcon XR's and F6 exported to USA would be awesome
Ford Falcon 10/22/2011
Both present great cases for Falcon staying and going global!
Ford Falcon 10/22/2011
Those reports of the RWD Lincoln Continental and Mustang going global better be true Ford!
Ford Falcon 10/22/2011
Rear Wheel Drive! Falcon based RWD to be exact!
Sasha Jaafari 10/22/2011
Amir Zarif Ghalli 10/21/2011
RWD with an IRS
Joe Ridenour 10/21/2011
new focus already has a duel clutch, you should offer padel shifter for it as well since it already has the transmission for it. Offer more than just the mustang in RWD, at least one more model in a sedan model.(trying to say should have redesigned the crown vic and made it smaller or something)
Chad Anderson 10/21/2011
the same fantastic technology features available in the current Falcon, but with direct injection, to further improve its fuel efficiency, a six speed manual available across the Falcon range, a new Falcon RTV with the turbo diesel option and use the Territorys all wheel drive system, the reintroduction of the Falcon wagon with optional IRS (similar to AU).
Jamie Sapp 10/21/2011
Have ipad build inside dash. That you download in apps or you can download movies are surf the web.
Brent Henry 10/21/2011
RWD Basis! and lots of engine options!
Ryan Bouvier 10/21/2011
unify interior and exterior designs for cars trucks and cuvs, make the styling like eves with normal or suicide doors
Cody Mitchell 10/21/2011
ecoboost and my ford touch :P
Dylan de Ponte 10/21/2011
Gaming system :)
Jason Cardillo 10/21/2011
Make all the new vehicles with the 6.0 turbo diesel and tell everyone they are screwed when their warranty runs out!
Ryan Bouvier 10/21/2011
an iPad dock in the console, should also be adaptable for iPods and iPhones
Jason Cardillo 10/21/2011
Turn it into a VW GTI!
Poenaru Mihai 10/21/2011
Ford mondeo 4WD!!!!!!
Brian Townsend 10/21/2011
Ones that work! Ones that don't take 4 hours to demo or be a genious to run! And delete all sunroofs!
Eugene Morales Cruz 10/21/2011
I would like the "Ford touch" in the next Fiesta generation, also have the sunroof in more versions with leather seats.
Matt Lansing 10/21/2011
Make Sync a stand-alone option on the V6 and GT Mustang base models, not just the Premium model. It doesn't make any sense to have to buy a $4,000 leather interior to make hands-free cell phone calls.
Jason Lewis 10/21/2011
Bring back a Pushrod engine !
Hélio Ortolani Júnior 10/21/2011
Ford's Fiesta Sedan, Focus Sedan and Fusion Sedan with 5 or 6 speed Automatic transmission, soft suspension (comfort), complete instruments and engines with laser sparks.
Brian Schoenrock 10/21/2011
@ Matt Ellis, I like those plastic caps on the bed rails, they help stop/ hide dents very well! And the super duty still has straight axle.....
Dan Blair 10/21/2011
How bout a standard transmission whar happened to them?
Matt Ellis 10/21/2011
Steel rims, front and rear leaf springs, four by 4 lever on the floor, solid front axles, more ground clearance, optional winch, and lose the plastic rail caps on the box and let it remain metal. Get rid of all the exterior plastic actually. and standard trasmissions in the super duties, bring back the 351 windsor. Make everything easier to work on yourself.
Joshua Gonzalez 10/21/2011
Launch Control...
Adam Vaughan 10/21/2011
I'm an Aussie,bring back the V8 panelvan,& a AWD version like the old RTV ute,& maybe a dedicated LPG version,combine all 3 for a long range,fuel saving,raunchy,muscle car with offroad capabillities & accessories 4 camping,12v sockets,awning attachments,roof camper adaptations etc,I want one!
Aaron Koehne 10/21/2011
I'd like the Crown Vic to brought back, please
Paul Pritchard 10/21/2011
Clean burning turbo diesels for the US and Canada. I mean, come on already. The Transit Connect is just begging for it as is the Focus.
Julie Westfall 10/21/2011
Air Vents that are more controlable. Would love to be able to shut passenger side clear off when I want without shutting it off to the back seat passengers..
All roads lead to The Motor City 10/21/2011
Engine up to operating temp for gas engines + front sensors for all trucks
Larry Stewart 10/21/2011
Raptor type suspension, and styling, on plain Jane, pickup, with 5.0 and/or eco-boost, and possibly even a standard transmission for a real tough off road and working truck. Available with 4.11, and even 4.56 gears. Possible built in 5 point roll cage.
Brendan Makar 10/21/2011
22"in rims?
Jacob A. Weinstein 10/21/2011
I want to put the Digital gauges in my Crown Vic. Also a touch screen instead of the cassette player that switches to "seeking" when you don't play something quick enough. I also want More power with better gas mileage. But that's going to have to be me that does it cause you morons discontinued Crown Vics. But don't get me wrong I still love Ford.
Matt Marx 10/21/2011
6 speed manual transmissions! Please!
Mark P. Fortin 10/21/2011
Electric tilt/telescopic steering wheel!!!! Or go back to the old pull lever tilt so u can actually use it when getting in and out! The current system sucks!
Peter Brennan 10/21/2011
subwoofer option
Max Kutschera 10/21/2011
I think its time for the SVT lightning to come back but with the supercharged 6.2L V8 now that's power!
Ray Allen 10/21/2011
Sun visors for the rear seats in the Super Dutys, and manual transmissions in the truck
Brendan Makar 10/21/2011
Mark Wilson 10/21/2011
Heated steering wheel
i wish ford be the first who create new type of suspension!
shouldn't be like springs!
Khalessa Epetai Gorkon 10/21/2011
hmmmm warp peed cmes to mind, and a cloakin device to elude the highway patrol
James Rhodes 10/21/2011
i would like to see the EVOS put in production
Mahmood Al-wahibi 10/21/2011
mustang + 6.6supercharged terminator engine+no traction+
Steven Legnetti 10/21/2011
ex wife ejector seat
Michael Hallberg 10/21/2011
Three door Focus or a Fusion Coupe.
Manual Transmission as a long Shifter + 4x4 Manual a little bit long Shifter.
And new interior upstair lamps like luxury cars (not like the old way buttons).
Jarrod Veach 10/21/2011
Front mounted 50 cal machine guns and rear grenade launcher. :)
Kyle Blindauer 10/21/2011
How about a manual trans in the V6 Fusion. I wanna trade my daily driver Contour in, but don't want to replace it with a slushbox :( How about an SVT Fusion? Ford got it right with the SVT Contour, I sure do love mine! I'm never getting rid of that one!
Henry Stevenson 10/21/2011
Another supercharged 4.6 please :) or a 5.0 S/C :)
حمد العماري 10/21/2011
Manual Transmission + Manual 4x4 as a Shifter for off road cars + ground clearance!
Mabry E Pouncy 10/21/2011
2 doors and no "Chrome Clad" wheels
Anita Granat 10/21/2011
Love the SYNC. Please don't drop it.
Jake Brown 10/21/2011
Put a 6Cyl. Diesel and air ride suspension (like semi's have) in the one ton dually's.
Kyle Gobble 10/21/2011
I'm with Cory: Bring back the Thunderbird!
Will Holland 10/21/2011
Sean Allen 10/21/2011
Brakes,acceleration steering wheel and of course a motor
Dreams Do Come True!
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