What Has Your Week Been Like?

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How's your week been? And ours, you ask? Well, greetings from Germany! Yup, theFordStory.com has had an international flavor this week! We’ve been at the 64th Frankfurt Motor Show, where the big news from Ford has been new performance cars, new concepts, and a new EcoBoost™ engine. Meanwhile, back here in the U.S., you have kept us entertained in our rare moments of downtime by sharing Your Ford Stories and great Ideas . Keep them coming, because we are about to board a plane that's homeward bound, and we look forward to new stories and ideas to read when we land!

And now, a peek at the week that was on theFordStory.com...

Your Stories

Expedition EL Vs. Irene
I’m a big Ford guy and we have our 2006 Mustang Pony Convertible and our Expedition EL we use for trips and work. Every year we travel from Southeastern PA to the mountains of Maine. Read more…

Top Of The Rockies!
My wife, sister, and three boys set out in our two 2004 Ford Escapes for a trip to the top of Cottonwood Pass in Colorado. Read more…

A Blood Line Of High Expectations
I was driving around the other day and I looked down and the odometer on the 97 F-150 said 190,000. Read more…

Your Ideas

Drop Down Tailgate
When loading heavy stuff it's hard with the tailgate in the way, so my idea is to be able to just drop the tailgate down instead of opening it outwards. Read more…

5.0L Expedition
How difficult would it be to put the F-150 5.0L in the Expedition along with the other F-150 powertrain choices? Read more…

Backup Camera is the Rearview Mirror
I was in my '11 Explorer yesterday and I realized that it was dangerous for me to be in reverse with my head down looking at the screen for the backup camera. Read more…

Powerscope Mirrors
Hey! Make the Powerscope Tow Mirrors available in the F-150 line. Read more…

Our Stories

Ford at the 2011 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show
If you attend this year’s IAA Frankfurt Motor Show, September 15-25, you may notice that the Ford display is big. Huge in fact. It’s the largest-ever European stand for Ford, and it features the hottest new vehicles as well the latest Ford technology. Read more…

Ford Focus ST-R Racecar Availability to Begin in North America
Have you heard? There’s a big-deal happening in Frankfurt, Germany, as we speak. That’s right, the Frankfurt Motor Show! You might think European news and car reveals don’t apply to the U.S. crowd, but you’d be wrong. And way wrong when it comes to the debut of the all-new Ford Focus ST-R racecar. Read more…

Can You Customize a Mustang? Do It, then Let the People Vote
Ideas are free. The trouble generally comes with bringing them to life, and the main issue there usually involves things being not so free. That’s why the Ford Mustang is an exceptionally cool car. Read more…

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shellby bretschneider 12/02/2011
Ford offers a navigation system in the limited escape.
Ashley 09/19/2011
I've had such a bad week! I've just found out that I'm turning in my 2009 Mercury Mariner for a 2011 Ford Escape. I can't believe I'm going a step down! and the Ford doesn't even have a navigation system. I'm so upset, I've cried all night :( Why did Mercury have to stop?
Brad Krekelberg 09/19/2011
Hey Ford. I read that 48% of Chevy Cruze Eco buyers chose the SIX speed manual. Don't you want a piece of that action? You should offer a six-speed in the Focus. And I'll bet you could match the Cruze's 42 mpg with the 1.6L EcoBoost. Oh, and one more thing. The Cruze will have a diesel soon. Kick their butts like I know you can!
Alisa 09/17/2011
We agree with the new Ford commercial. We bought two Fords, F150 and Explorer, because the company did not take bailout money.
Randy Robertson 09/16/2011
My week's great...Been to Florida and back, I'm an Over the Road Trucker....
Justin Sharp 09/16/2011
Well you know if I had a ford mustang it would be great! But alas...
Ronald Kearn 09/16/2011
Love you FORD! keep my stock up.
Eric Warner 09/16/2011
I am the service manager at a small rural ford dealer. I love it. every week is a good one.
Bonnie Mattingly 09/16/2011
Just great!
Cannie Annie 09/16/2011
Extremely proud of my 2001 Fiesta Flight who carried a total of 58 boxes, 6 sets of drawers, a pc desk, and several kitchen appliances over 4 trips and 76 miles to my new house yesterday!
Juan Arias 09/16/2011
is been god im staring school practices at ford uruapan mexico
Matthew Teague 09/16/2011
My grocery getter is an `86 Mercury Cougar with a 600 rwhp Boss block 302 stroked to a 331 pushing 14 psi thru a Vortech s.c. I`d say my weeks been good thank you! ;)
Teri Wilson 09/16/2011
FABULOUS in my new 2012 gold leaf Ford Escape!
Cory Castaldo 09/16/2011
Sick to my stomach that Crown Vics have been killed off for front wheel drive garbage!
Grant Brill 09/16/2011
Watched the video of the last crown vic come off the line. Too bad it had to go to Saudi.
Our American Cars 09/16/2011
Busy! Promoting my website to help put more Ford's on the road and bring back the glory to the American car! :)
Joseph Savage 09/16/2011
My week has been horrible and only a new Ford Taurus can make it feel better ;)
Sandra McGuire 09/16/2011
Cloudy and cool.
John Ehrle 09/16/2011
My 2009 F150 Crew turned 101K this week and still pulling 20mpg. Trade for a new one? Get back with me in a couple a years.
Thomas Perl 09/16/2011
recovering from a brain transplant
Doug Coughenour 09/16/2011
Sucked! Stuck in traffic all week trying to get to work at Kentucky Truck Plant because one of the three bridges that cross over the Ohio river to Louisville was closed!! Ready for the weekend!!!
Wayne Green 09/16/2011
Sucks, wish i was driving a Ford
Ron Jackson 09/16/2011
Pretty good, my GT40-P heads are done at the machine shop, new valves, felpro seals, Lunati springs, polished and ported, and a set of CraneCams 1.72:1 roller rockers for my project 5.0L 1984 Ranger 4x4 !!!
Christopher Cobos 09/16/2011
Alright. Performing maintenance and such at the #1 Ford Dealership in Customer Service in the U.S. Over ten years at #1, over ten Presidents Awards. (Casa Ford in El Paso, Texas).
Julian Torres 09/16/2011
(F)inally (O)ver, (R)eally (D)elighted
Joey-ford Walker 09/16/2011
jux speedy.
Kaylee Ridge 09/16/2011
Vonnie Bates 09/16/2011
hey my truck made it all week with not hitting any deer
Danny Cortina Drakes 09/16/2011
if any 1 was has a ford cortina mk3 plz add me as a friend or message me ty
Jeff Sherren 09/16/2011
got my dads all original 64 galaxie 500 convertible running
Chuck Breeding 09/16/2011
Fixing lots of dodges, chevys and hondas. Like every other week.
Jimmy Sheese 09/16/2011
just bought a 05 f150 with 37,000 miles on it , love it
Darren Schneider 09/16/2011
230000 thousand miles.
Darren Schneider 09/16/2011
Great my 1997 Ford F150 just hit 230
Jeremy Begay 09/16/2011
Searching opennings for a Ford Diesel Tech.
Kevin Pickett 09/16/2011
I have been putting heads on a 5.4 3v! How is your week going?
Jacob Saylor 09/16/2011
having an argument with my friend ford over dodge
Brenda Wallot 09/16/2011
Scott Fante i'm sorry to hear that !!! : (
Austin Webre 09/16/2011
Busy, need to work on my truck. The front end needs rebuilt, late models dont have grease fittings so its squeeking
Synthetic Lube Products- Colorado Amsoil Dealer 09/16/2011
One we will never forget!
Steven Baltau 09/16/2011
awesome.. prolly because i drive a ford though hahaha
Jason Schilling 09/16/2011
Its like any other week work come home.
Connie Andrews- Borozenski 09/16/2011
Leo Jauregui 09/16/2011
Busy with congress!
A Blood Line Of High Expectations
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