What Does the New Ford Escape Have in Common with Four Emerging Artists?

By Brent B.

There are quite possibly few people more excited about the upcoming Ford and KickKickSnare Emerging Artist showcase than me. You may know that we are hosting Matthew Dear, Body Language, ZZ Ward and Johnny Stimson in awesome performances Monday, March 12, 2012, at Stubb’s in Austin, Texas.

Matthew Dear is a genius, a man who no longer belongs to a genre, and simultaneously hits the high points of house, electronica, dance, DJ and pop. Body Language, opening for Dear on tour, makes me want to hit the dance floor every time they bounce out their retro-minded, shifty disco rock. ZZ Ward, is, mark my words, a bluesy, jazzy new artist tht you’ll be dying to download. And Kick Kick Snare’s own personal musical crush, Johnny Stimson, is like clean-cut, and every song is infectious, well-written, and radio-worthy…not to mention just plain awesome.

Invites are out, RSVPs are in, and with these four artists, we're going to have an amazing crowd (including our contest winners!) on hand for our daytime showcase and night time party.

But this is also the time to give a special shout out to Ford for helping out with these four amazing artists and being musically awesome in the process. Stuff like this doesn't just happen, and by doing this in cooperation with Ford, we are already helping create great music together. Not only did they jump up and down at the thought of our line-up, but they've also been on the music train for a while. The new 2013 Escape Ford is bringing to Austin is not just cool in design, but it's something every band and performer from Tampa to Temecula should think about.

Consider this: Ford designed the Escape with sound in mind, and we think they did it right. Engineers tested dozens of songs for specific tonal qualities to make sure they got it on point, and they included all genres of music: bass extension, tonal balance, panning vocals and making sure back-up singers hit the right sound depth. Shout-out to all the picky bands out there: You cringe just as much as I do when you hear poor sound quality in a car, and there’s nothing radder than being able to plug in your mp3 and rock out to a new song that makes your heart thump. So we now have the ideal car to play our tunes in and haul around our gear.

So if you’re in Austin on March 12, 2012, stop by the Kick Kick Snare showcase and escape with us—you might even be lucky enough to catch one of our artists doing a live acoustic set from a 2013 Ford Escape, just to prove me right.

Editor’s note: Brent Burns is the founder and creator of Kick Kick Snare (kickkicksnare.com ),an influential daily Internet publication devoted to music criticism and commentary, downloads, music news and artist interviews. Its focus is on underground and independent music, with a range that extends from indie to hip hop, dance to pop, jazz to experimental. Since its inception in 2010, Kick Kick Snare has rapidly become a leading voice in the music world, recognized by industry insiders, labels, and journalists alike for its insights and breaking new artists on the scene.
Celestina B 08/08/2012
I have a silver Ford Escape - Hybrid 2006 , only front wheel drive , AC only works above 50 miles , It has take me to the Keys to Tampa several times not mention to DC and , to NYC couple times and fron NYC to Crestview FL lately . I love this car lots of space ,i will never change it .

tina b.
Mitzi T 03/14/2012
New an exciting vehicle out there
Edward H 03/14/2012
I will not be likely to download the music. I echo the comment by D Black. I probably won't buy a new car until I can get a PIHV with a heater using ICEngine heat for defrost, and at least 30 mi totally EV.
Chris K 03/13/2012
It looks like all the other cars on the road today. I'll miss the old design.
Wesley K 03/13/2012
great looks and lots of power
Samuel L 03/13/2012
When wiii the 2013 Escape be available?
Steve M 03/13/2012
good grief enough with the hybrids already - give us a combustion engine with horsepower AND good mileage!
John S 03/13/2012
Can you engineer a place specfic for my iphone to set?
Gabriel P 03/13/2012
What would I do without my Escape. Kayak on top, golf clubs inside, bike on rear. Ready to rumble!
Georganna C 03/13/2012
What a team!
Joe S 03/13/2012
Offer a TDI clean diesel option in this car like Ford does with the original Kuga in Europe and compete with VW...otherwise it's a VW Tiguan TDI when that option is available in the U.S. It doubles the economy ratings of a 2.0 turbo gasoline engine.
Ross Andrew 03/12/2012
They both hope to sell more! Lol!
Portia C 03/12/2012
Not really sure I care
Debra Black 03/12/2012
I'm severely dissapointed in the lack of a hybrid option for Escape with the upcoming model. It may be the deciding factor that leads me elsewhere on my upcoming vehicle purchase when the new models come out this year.
Kevin Corbin 03/12/2012
As with the Ford Escape, the four emerging artists are looking for public acceptence, and to find a niche in their respective genres'..Love the new design!
Claude Bélisle 03/12/2012
À l'écoute et voyons vois vos solutions pour une RÉDUCTION MAXIMALE DES ÉMISSIONS POLLUANTES, Ford!
Dan B 03/12/2012
Like the look kinda... Looks like products by other manufacturers like Kia and Hundai... Also looks like the storage space is considerably less than in our 2001 XLT and 2007 Hybrid Escape...No Hybrid option? We will have to look elsewhere I suppose.
Bunny Inman Bobbitt 03/12/2012
Drove an Explorer for 14 years...and just bought my first Escape...handles and drives great!!~~
Rijanto Jos 03/12/2012
I love my Ford escape!
Peoples Cars 03/12/2012
The New Ford Escape looks fantastic!
Shubham Desai 03/12/2012
EDGE RULES.........
What Does the New Ford Escape Have in Common with Four Emerging Artists?
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