We Want You to Share Your Ford Photos!

By Ford Social Member

There’s something new afoot on Ford Facebook pages. We’ve created an easy way for you to share your experiences with your Ford vehicle by sending us a picture or two, or three or more!

We kicked it off a several weeks ago by asking you to share photos of creative ways that you’ve packed your vehicle for a trip. And you responded with pics of stuffing the trunks of Mustangs, stacking the rear of your favorite Ford SUV and frankly being way more creative than we imagined. A sample of some the photos submitted are in the slide show shown above.

Now we’re looking for photos that show the world where your Ford has taken you. Send us one from a recent trip or dig through those photo files for an image from your favorite adventure. Then head to the Ford Facebook page to submit your photo! Come back later to see if you picture was selected.

While you’re there, you can click on the left and right arrow buttons near the photo to see the adventures that others have shared. Click here to visit the Ford Facebook page to get started!
Roger Bond 01/31/2012
Find out what Ford did to their UK Pensioners
Luke Easter 01/30/2012

Two of the big three, GM and Chrysler took bail out money,
Ford said, we have enough bees to generate our own honey,
Going in the direction of the best selling truck ever, F-150,
Scale the fat off what doesn’t work & become more thrifty.

Fantastic high mileage Focus, popular Fusion midsize sedan,
When you are producing the #1 truck, they go hand in hand,
Ever present motto in the auto industry, “Quality Is Job 1,”
Selling like hot cakes, what else to expect when it is done?

Now, where does the Escape rank amongst mid-size SUV’s?
Car magazines conduct numerous tests, the envelope please?
Up there with the worlds best selling vehicle its older brother,
Proudly for 35 straight years running and second to no other.

Ok, you can purchase a Silverado or shell out pesos for a Ram,
However, what sense would it make to use cotton for a damn?
And, why in the world settle for a horse race in place or show?
With the winner being the one worth the most amount of dough.

It is obvious Ford did their homework then they passed the test,
As one can only be better than the others just when it’s the best,
Where two are struggling to pay back multi-billion dollar loans,
The strongest is the company that didn’t run away from home.

Saw a picture of a 2013, immediately though Bimmer or Benz,
Sassy style, smooth lines, great mileage and it produced a grin,
Viewing the projected price I thought it was an optical illusion,
Ah, Kia or Hundai? Naw, just the league leading Ford Fusion.
Tonya Kelley 01/29/2012
Just too delivery on a 2012 Focus on Friday evening. So far, she's been a little over 100 miles and I am loving it! Very responsive steering, love how she handles. Also have no clue why there seem to be so many complaints about the transmission, I love it!
Daniel Pruitt 01/29/2012
My ford, gets me to the 9's every time. Ford forever
Can't live with out my '02 Excursion.... and the 7.3L PowerStroke.. hauling my family of 6 comfortably on trips while returning a best of 28.2 mpg at 73mph and a low of 21mpg city driving.. not bad for 88000mi with another 200k or so left in her. . . You just can't beat the power and efficientcy of a turbo diesel. Although my Mustangs are plenty fun and my '02 Taurus hasn't let me down in once in over 186000 mi. they just don't seat 6.
i got few pics pf my 2011 fusion and hopefully i do share it soon
Lupe Becerra 01/28/2012
Wow!!!...2013 Ford Fusion is Very Nice :)
Dieseldude Stewart 01/27/2012
Get back to me when you have a diesel-hybrid setup!
I'll be in the market for one as soon as it is available.
Barry Brannman 01/27/2012
Oh yeah! I've got some great pics's of my Mustang I've had since 1974. It's been across the country, From the west coast to Key West. I'll have to try and post a photo or two someday.
Robert Michael 01/27/2012
My Mercury Cougar has taken me up in the mountains of West Va 3 times w/ 300,000+miles on both engine & tranny and then put new motor in and rebuilt tranny so I can see how far she takes me this go around! Love my 4.6 V-8's! You just cant kill 'em you just resurrect them! She still looks as good today as the day I got her!
Jim Foley 01/27/2012
I want to buy American BUT where are the manual transmissions. Do I have to buy an import to get what they offer but you DON'T! This true in Ford Trucks as well. Give me a choice ! Not everyone wants an automatic!
Tony Wolfe 01/27/2012
My 93 f150 is getting ready for an complete over haul, she has served me well off and on road with 200,000 miles! She is ford tough!!!!!
Peggy Bell 01/27/2012
My 1978 Ford van took me to Alaska in 1982 and recently my 2001 F-150 has done Alaska to Mich and back 7 times. Just bought a 012 Flex, can't wait to see where it takes me!!!! In between all the above I owned a 78 Ford Fiesta that took me 350,000 miles in rugged Ak terrain before stoping. Love them Fords!!!!
Connie Richardson Morse 01/27/2012
Took my Ford EDGE to Mt Washington in New Hampshire and Coming back down the hill, we were getting 99.9 miles per Gallon.... Now who can top that for Miledge....LOL
Dwayne Adkins 01/27/2012
Let you all know our 1998 Mercury Mystique is still going well after purchasing it new back in Sept. '97. People still can't believe it's looks good after 2 kids and their friends, countless cross-country trips on family vacations. We've paid for this car in maintenance/repairs 3x over. I guess we just can't part with a car that keeps on going and gives you 25mpg overall.
Petko Kostadinov 01/27/2012
My FORD escort `94, 220 000km no problems
Kim Boyer Stitt 01/27/2012
Have no pics as of yet but just got my 2010 F150 delivered to us in Germany. Can't wait to get it out on the autobahn. YAYAYAYAY
Kim Belgarde 01/27/2012
I have a 2010 Ford Escape with 278,000 miles on it. I am a full time college student, work 2 jobs and have children. My car is not just a car it is a part of my family. I spend more time in my Ford Escape then I do in my own bed. My car has is so dependable and has allowed me to do everything that I need done to fulfill my goals. I Love my Ford Escape and if it ever breaks down I am going to get another one :)
Dawna Pettit 01/27/2012
i bought my 86 bronco in 04 for 1500 dollars..had new paint, extra set of tires, new window motors, tune up, dvd player, and much more....i say i got a great deal on it. it took me all over the treasure valley for work for the 4 years i worked as a certified flagger, not to mention the many off road trips i took, including a trail that made me 'white knuckle' the steering wheel. it has been a great vehicle, however the motor finally wore out and is now a driveway ornament. it has been the vehicle i have owned the longest and i cannot afford a new motor for it but havent been able to part with it either. i now own a 62 falcon/ranchero that i picked up for 600 bucks
Danny Baker 01/27/2012
Our 2004 F150 is Awesome and brawny. Just disappointed with the electric windows
Michael Wayne 01/27/2012
My Ford ('02 Mercury Sable) has taken me almost 143,000 miles. Never once has she left me stranded, gotta love Ford!
Shannon Stoops 01/27/2012
My 2004 F150 just hit 100,000k :)
Dennis Harris 01/27/2012
I have 2010 ford Fusion. Im getting 38mpg highway 28-31 in city. I wad droping 1300 bucks month in my 2011 f350 king ranch just in fuel. Now this car pays for its self and i save bout 500.oo month. And not racking up mles on my beautiful superduty.
Patrick Murphy 01/27/2012
Oh and even with a weakly rated battery it still starts first turn on the coldest days and feels like Jamaica inside once it warms up
Patrick Murphy 01/27/2012
I have an '88 F150 with about 220,000 km on it and its my baby. The engine has about 35,000 on a rebuilt, been changed from a 3spd overdrive auto to a 4spd bull low. She aint nice on fuel but if you get stuck in a ditch my beast will pull you out with out a groan. Got a bit of money tied into it but would rather keep driving it instead of the Ion I also have (strictly for carting passengers)
Kris Edgerton 01/27/2012
The only place mine gets me is to a shifty dealership to get repairs done on it
John Lerch 01/27/2012
Loved my 1961 ford starliner convertible back in the day! Wish I still had it!
Al Dyling 01/27/2012
Took 5 people to wake nation in Cincinnati from bellville Michigan for a wakeboard cable park trip in my 2009 Ford flex. Got all 5 people in plus all 5 wakeboards. Managed about 23.5 mpg going down and 24.4 mpg coming back. My Buddy was so impressed he ended up getting one.
Sheryl V.M. 01/27/2012
We took our Ford Edge to road trip to Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal-Quebec City-Niagara Falls and back home in Michigan...love the smooth and comfort of the drive.
Joe Desrosiers 01/27/2012
My 2001 F150 has taken us from Mass. to Phoenix Az. and back, has two hundred twenty five thousand miles, runs great but starting to rust. Best vehicle I have ever owned. Starts on the coldest of mornings. Love it!!!
Davy Swartz 01/27/2012
I.ll drive ford a long drive then other junk.
Taran Malhi 01/27/2012
now that's Ford Pride right there /\, 50mpg on a 1991 Festiva? Amazing.
Matt Eisen 01/27/2012
1991 Ford Festiva with 234K miles, drive it 110miles roundtrip to work and back! and still gets 50MPG!
Danny Baker 01/27/2012
I wish I could find a picture of my 58 Thunderbird! If Ford ever builds a retro of the 58 I will buy! Everytime I went somewhere in my 58 Tbird, it was a treat, espeicially the beach! 4 people could ride comfortable too! It was a rare 351 V8 with manual shift, aquamarine color.!
Chris Thomas 01/27/2012
My Ford Transit, is my mobile photographic studio. I have owned over 18 Ford have have just purchased a Ford Focus. My Son has a 26 year old Fiesta XR2
Paula Lancaster Lupi 01/27/2012
I will have to see if I have any pictures, but we lived for 3 years in Italy, due to the Army, and I took my 1995 Ford Aerostar with us. It was great, I was bigger than a lot of the other vehicles there and they got out of MY way! 2 years ago she finally decided she had enough, when we moved to MI. When we traded her in she had over 200,000 miles! Her body was falling apart, the back hatch broke, the sliding door wouldn't work any more, her muffler fell off and had to be replaced, and at the end her heater went out. Now I have a beautiful red 2010 Ford Fusion that I just LOVE!!!! Gotta Love FORD!!! They last and are TOUGH!!
Taran Malhi 01/27/2012
Not mentioning my new Ford Escape which is giving me the fuel economy of a lifetime! Never seen a V6 ford engine average 8 litres/100 kms. Keep up the amazing innovative ideas coming! And the perfectly tuned 6spd automatics!
Maria Ramos-Hoster 01/27/2012
Love my Edge!!! Maybe next year will go bigger with the Explorer it's really sharp looking love the new body style!!
Taran Malhi 01/27/2012
My Ford Explorer loves going to the neighbourhood coin op car wash atleast 3 times a week. Asides from the regular 100 kms a day worth of driving! I love my Built Ford Tough vehicle!