New Ford Escape Stars in Escape Routes on NBC

By Tori T.

It’s ready for its close-up…. The all-new Ford Escape, that is! It will be featured in the new TV reality show "Escape Routes," debuting March 31, 2012, on NBC and Telemundo’s mun2. This is pretty cool for many reasons, including that the Escape gets a TV show, and also because Ford is the first automaker to launch a new vehicle in a prime-time reality TV show!

"Escape Routes" is a road-trip competition with real-world challenges, and will feature a cast of six teams of two. The adventures will involve the teams using their Ford Escapes. The journey begins in Los Angeles before heading to New York, Atlanta, Miami, San Francisco and Las Vegas/L.A. Each stop will engage the online followers and feature local culture. Viewers will be able to interact with and compete alongside the six teams at . Internet personality, iJustine ( ), will be embedded with the teams on “Escape Routes” and capture exclusive behind-the-scenes content that will be distributed through his or her social graph as well as other earned and owned platforms.

The show will air for six consecutive episodes and be hosted by reality TV show personality Rossi Morreale, who has hosted a variety of network and cable TV programs. The show airs Saturday evenings at 8 pm/ET on NBC and will also air on mun2, the leading bicultural cable network for young Latino Americans, Saturday nights at 11 pm/ET. This is the first time Ford will air a series using both a general market broadcast and bilingual cable network. Each episode will also air on and the day after the broadcast. The Google Hangout can be watched on .

The "Escape Routes" teams are Bre and Tara, best friends and soulmates from Boulder, Colo.; Derek and Drew, musician brothers from Seattle;  Iris and Terrence, best friends from L.A.; Brett and Ross, two YouTubers from L.A.; and Sharon and Wilson, a brother and sister from Florida. Additionally, Ford selected four teams to compete for the last spot in “Escape Routes” and online voters selected Tiffany and Chekesha, two models from New York, to be the sixth team.

The winning team will receive the $100,000 grand prize plus two new Ford Escapes. Online participants can win trips, high-tech gadgets and a brand-new Escape.

To watch a video sneak peek of "Escape Routes," click here .
Tony N 04/06/2012
I love my Ford Escape.
Ammar K 03/20/2012
It's pretty interesting that they created a series around a vehicle.
Ammar K 03/20/2012
Great article
Tony V 03/13/2012
The hybrid is going to be the C Max or something similar. Escape was the best selling small SUV in it's class. Hope the new one is as successful.
Cheri G 03/09/2012
I have a 2005 Escape - Perfect, Awesome - runs like a deer!!!!
Sasha J 03/09/2012
They should use a Territory instead
Malaz L 03/09/2012
i love ford and i love my edge car
Dewitt Anderson 03/08/2012
I have a 2007 ford escape and it is great
Mary Clark 03/08/2012
i have an escape and im happy with mine too
Joe Dedic 03/08/2012
i love my escape too !!!!
Robert Brown 03/08/2012
I like the old design much better. It looks like a truck. Besides, where's the hybrid version? Did Ford forget that?
teddy 03/08/2012
i love Fords
teddy 03/08/2012
i love Fords
Druscilla Martin 03/08/2012
I love my Escape
Martin Binkerd 03/08/2012
I love ford
Kisha Johnson 03/08/2012
Excited to watch it!