New Ford Escape Goes Hands Free and Where is Awesome

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You’ve probably seen our section called Your Ideas (if not, click here for a peek) and may have even contributed a few of your own. We’ve read a couple about liftgate convenience, so you people in particular will probably be pretty psyched by a segment-first feature on the all-new Ford Escape: a hands-free power liftgate.

What makes it even cooler? Its motion-sensing technology is kind of like what’s used in interactive video games. The liftgate opens by way of a kicking gesture underneath the center of the rear bumper; kick again and it’ll close. Can you imagine not having to try to get your key into position when your arms are full of groceries, heavy boxes or the like? Imagine no more, it’s reality.

The two sensors in the rear bumper will detect your shin and the motion, but there is a safeguard against accidental opening by being programmed to open with leg motions, not when an animal runs underneath the vehicle or when you hit a bump in the road. And liftgate height can be programmed or adjusted manually.

The new Escape will go on sale next spring.
Deborah Wallizer 12/01/2011
Love the feature, HATE the look of the 2013 Escape!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like a Suburu Forester. If I wanted a Forester I would have bought one. Please, bring back the Escape's rugged looking styling. The new one is HORRIBLE, and yes, I am shouting. Have owned a Ford since I was 16: started with a '64 Falcon, a Galaxy 500, F 150, F350, Taurus, 2 Explorers, and an Escape. Oh yes, forgot that sexy Fusion!. Still have an explorer and Escaped, but no more Escapes until the style changes! Maybe an Expedition if it gets the Ecoboost engine.
Brad Barefoot 11/03/2011
I like this too, hopefully this feature will wind it's way to the C-Max and the Focus.
Jamie At Ford 11/02/2011
Congrats, Rich! I’m sorry to learn your previous Escape was stolen, but thrilled you’re part of the Ford Family and in another awesome vehicle. :)

@Dave – The title refers to the hands free part (“Where”) as being “Awesome”. Apologies if this was confusing!

Ford Customer Service Division
Rich Semmelhaack 11/02/2011
Just bought a 12 X...had an -11 escape prior...guess it was such a nice car somebody stole it...but my escape was the most nimble and comfortable SUV ever!
Jamie At Ford 11/02/2011
@Rich – At the end of the article you’ll notice the mention of the 2013 Escape sales beginning next spring. Thanks for your enthusiasm and interest!

Ford Customer Service Division
Rich Semmelhaack 11/02/2011
whens the release date?????
Jamie At Ford 11/02/2011
@Dan, Rich, and Chris – More details to be released shortly about functionality and operating characteristics. But rest assured, this is something our engineers have accounted for and we’ll explain more as we get closer to the release date. :)

Ford Customer Service Division
Rich Semmelhaack 11/02/2011
what if you back up into a snow bank? the trunk opens? lol
Jamie At Ford 11/02/2011
@Chris & Keith – Not to worry. We’ll have that covered and more information available as the release date gets closer! Stay tuned!

In the meantime, don’t forget to grab your Escape badge at:!

Ford Customer Service Division
EMeyer 11/02/2011
That's great. Now that we've accomplished this, how about putting all wheel drive in the Focus and Fiesta and maybe offering a few more models with manual transmissions? You know, things consumers want.
Vijay 11/02/2011
If I do that where I live.....I'd probably kicking a street dog on its backside!
Dan Miller 11/01/2011
I'm assuming you can also use the key fob to open like on current models?
Alex King 11/01/2011
they should do this on trunks for the focus and fusion
Rich Semmelhaack 11/01/2011
too kewl!!
Bill Bidell III 11/01/2011
This should be standard for ALL VEHICLES INCLUDING LINCOLN !!!
Johann Schuster 11/01/2011
Cool! The Escape is too small for my family, can you PLEASE put this in the next Edge? PRETTY PLEASE?!?!?!?
Victor 11/01/2011
Person carries large load to the curb on a busy street. Said person proceeds to engage kicking motion to open Ford Escape. Person loses balance and falls into traffic and is seriously injured. Finally, person sues FMC and this technology goes away.
Medford Motors 11/01/2011
This is a great idea and will be great on the new Escape!!
Gates Emond 11/01/2011
Does it still open when the vehicle is locked.
José Ramón Varela Fernández 11/01/2011
Wow, great idea!!!
Juan Muriel 11/01/2011
Must see this video
Keith Manchester 11/01/2011
To Chris. My guess is the message center would show a warning like "Clean liftgate sensor" like other Ford vehicles do with BLIS sensors if they get blocked by snow or mud.
Chris Schmitz 11/01/2011
Looks like a great idea, but what happens when the bottom part of it is covered in snow?
Saurabh Sharma 11/01/2011
Its grear masic if its happen
Jose Monzón 11/01/2011
Peter Nehemia 11/01/2011
Love to have a 4d wheel drive.
Dave Evans 11/01/2011
This headline doesn't make any sense--"goes hands free and where is awesome?" WTF does that mean?
Nathan Guice 11/01/2011
I'm not sure i'd promote a vehicle as "hands free"
Julia Tang 11/01/2011
autoplay? really?>
Ford Escape Goes Hands Free and Where is Awesome
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