Most Desired Vehicle in Cash for Clunkers: Ford Escape

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While the government shows some other model as edging out the Ford Focus as the number one vehicle purchased under the Cash for Clunkers program, and found different results altogether.

According to CNN Money, the government considers different powertrains as unique models. This would divide the Ford Escape into six separate models with all of the various drivetrain combinations of two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive and hybrid.

So, according to, the most-purchased vehicles under the Cash for Clunkers program, are:

1 Ford Escape

2 Ford Focus

3 Jeep Patriot

4 Dodge Caliber

5 Ford F-150

6 Honda Civic

7 Chevrolet Silverado

8 Chevrolet Cobalt

9 Toyota Corolla

10 Ford Fusion

The Senate voted on Friday to provide an additional $2 billion into the Cash for Clunkers program to extend the popular program.

You can use to see if your vehicle qualifies.

Ford now offers live chat at in addition to answer questions about your vehicle's eligible for the Cash for Clunkers program. The live chat is quick and easy to use. So whether you just prefer chatting, or if you can't find your car or the car you would like using the calculator, you now have more options.
vanessa 08/17/2009
how do i know if my vehicle will qualify for cash for clunkers? i have a 98 dodge grand caravan
Tom 08/16/2009
the letfordrecycleyourride web site makes it almost impossible to find out the mileage for the new Fushion Hybrid... are you trying to steer people to other cars since you have so few in stock? I would think you would be going after the Prius big time...

I almost bought a Fushion Hybrid, but one showstopper: no fold down seats. Once you have had them, you can't go back to a car that doesn't have fold down seats.
Boyce Collins 08/15/2009
Hllo, My name is Boyce Collins I own a 2002 Ford F150 V-6 4.2 liter. I am the original owner of the Ford I have over 412,000 miles. I woud be very interested in doing commercial about how ord is bult tough. I can testify that it true.
Cole Quinnell 08/12/2009
If you are looking for vehicle prices and local dealer stock, please visit You will be asked for your zip code so the system can find dealerships near you, and give you appropriate pricing.

Cole Quinnell
Editorial Director
Rick Kern 08/11/2009
It is amazing how this website takes you in circles. You cannot look up the price of a vehicle you cannot check what is on the lot of the local dealer---A fifth grader could build a better website.

Are your cars as poorly built as your website? Make it simple. I am looking for a car do not make me put my name and address in 3 times and then not give me anything.

This website is just as bad as Honda and Subaru.

You flunked my basic test. Can I get any information about your cars from your website.---no
Scott Monty 08/11/2009
Hi Jason,

Yes, the 2009 Escape Hybrid qualifies for a tax credit. Please check the chart at:

Scott Monty
Global Digital Communications
Ford Motor Company
jason hackerd 08/11/2009
does the Escape Hybrid also come with a 2009 Tax Credit Incentive?
Most Desired Vehicle in Cash for Clunkers: Ford Escape

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