Meet the Person at Ford Who Predicts the Future

By Tori T.

We all try to predict the future, although often it’s simply what we think we’ll be in the mood for at dinner or what time to get to the mall to avoid crowds. But Sheryl Connelly spearheads Ford Global Consumer Trends and Futuring. She’s a true futurist, as in she could probably predict your dinner, but also tell you that a consumer trend for 2013 is going to be based around trust; we are reappraising our relationships with brands and companies.

“We’ve identified 13 micro-trends, insights that can be useful to our dealers,” explained Sheryl. “We’ve found that post-recession customers are hungry to trust again, so they want brands and products from companies that stand by their word. Fundamental to trust is creating a meaningful dialogue with the customer, something every dealership can do.”

Dissecting cultural shifts and behaviors gives Sheryl and her team insight into the needs and wants of customers now and down the road. “Ford is more than just a car company,” she added. “We are also a ‘lifestyle enabler,’ and our work in trends and futuring is meant to help our customers achieve just that.”

Because Ford dealerships are dedicated to their communities, and have been in business for generations, it’s going to resonate with consumers now and in the years to come, building that trust they are seeking.

Sheryl’s job is to look outside the automotive industry to understand what’s happening in social, technological, economic and environmental areas; even the world of politics matters when predicting the ever-changing attitudes and behaviors of consumers.

“Studying trends helps us imagine a future that’s otherwise unimaginable and deliver solutions to problems consumers haven’t yet encountered,” Sheryl said.

And maybe even how to solve those dinner dilemmas…
Mike B 07/24/2013
It would be nice if Ford brought back the Ranger.
Royce Noriq 01/28/2013
Hey is it true ? Ford is working on a new Ford Ranger?!
Elmer R 01/27/2013
what would be great in ford in the furture is that if a master ford tech lost his and or her position a t a dalership they still can continue in fords fight to better everything and let them keep their log in info and stay ontop of the latest and greatest ford has to offer and pass the great items and info to there customers.
Mr. H 01/27/2013
dont mind the shift in the appearance of your products, but really, now they are looking identical. When are you going to bring manufacturing back to North American. My 2011 Escape has been a lot off shore product problems.
Kristin A 01/27/2013
I agree with Sheryl that consumers certainly want to trust the companies they deal with, especially their car companies! All of us Fusion Titanium Hybrid order folks along with the Fusion Energi folks would love to hear SOMETHING--ANYTHING from Ford about when the production of these vehicles will begin. This will certainly help build the trust relationship, as our dealers don't seem to know much, either. Thank you, Ford!
Jim E 01/27/2013
what predict the future????????
Joshua M 01/27/2013
sounds interesting...The furture is open is it...Ford rocks
Pat H 01/27/2013
Great to see that Ford is a leader in in-car technology. Looking forward to reading about these trends as I plan on replacing my Expedition.
Meet the person at Ford who predicts the future
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