Join the Live Chat with Ford Hybrid and Battery Engineers to Talk About Durability

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Nearly every time we post an article about a hybrid or electric vehicle, concerns about the battery and system longevity are raised. That’s natural as these are relatively new technologies in the more than 100-year-old history of the automobile. But Ford has some interesting data that shows that you may be twice as likely to win the lottery than owners of Ford hybrid vehicle are to have a durability issue their vehicle.

Join the live chat with Chuck Gray, Ford Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Chief Engineer and Bob Taenaka, Ford Battery Technical Lead here on Thursday, July 21, 2011, at 1:00 p.m. EST to discuss what Ford engineers have found with more than 170,000 hybrid vehicles on the road, some which have been in the field for 10 years.

Live Chat With Chuck Gray Hybrid & Electric Vehicles Chief Engineer

Bob previously helped engineer the longest-distance batteries ever for the Galileo spacecraft’s 450-million-mile mission to Jupiter.

Ford hybrids are extremely fuel efficient, with the Fusion Hybrid achieving an EPA estimated 41 mpg city, Escape Hybrid returning an EPA estimated 34 mpg city and Lincoln MKZ Hybrid earning the title of most fuel-efficient luxury sedan in America with an EPA estimated 41 mpg city.

The durability and longevity of batteries is essential as Ford expands its lineup of electrified vehicles, including five new electrified vehicles in North America by 2012 and in Europe by 2013.
JJMJRDEC J 12/07/2012
Would it not be better to have designed battery service and removal from the under side of vehicle.
Kelly 09/01/2011
My wife and I own a 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid w/133000 miles, and we love it:-) So far, no hybrid-related problems or expenses.
Ali Sheehey 07/25/2011
Why not keep the same dimensions when going to Li-ion and increasing performance capacity? I would love to get better than 29-30 mpg in my Escape Hybrid.
Dave L. 07/22/2011
The video of the New York taxi was informative and well done.
I would have liked to know the time in service of that vehicle, since
it is possible to achieve that mileage in a year or less, which could account for the clean appearance.

Will all-electric drive vehicles utilizing Li-ion batteries have a charge controller built-in and/or on-board to accomodate unique charging methods and profiles?
Doyoung Kim 07/22/2011
Cool ^^
Thomas Artman 07/21/2011
My 2010 Mariner hybrid is getting 36.4 mpg over the course of 16 months and 11k miles. That is total miles driven divided by total gallons pumped, not an estimate provided by the onboard display. I enter the data from the receipt into a spreadsheet every time I fill up, so it's real easy to calculate all sorts of stats without much effort because the data is already there.

With the current hybrid design from model year 2010 onwards, almost everything runs off of the hybrid battery (such as AC and power steering), so there isn't so much drag on the engine, and also so that the engine can shut off when not needed without losing anything. In my experience, the AC is the limiting factor and it does not noticeably decrease my mileage in these hot summer months - if it does, it's not obvious - the change is buried amongst the natural variations in driving conditions from one tank to the next.
Michael Berenis 07/21/2011
I've been watching the "EV & Hybrid race" and in the beginning, Toyota appeared to be a leader. Then Ford came out of left field and totally cleaned house! I am thoroughly impressed by Ford's innovations that have come to fruition in the recent years. A++++
DF 07/21/2011
My 2006 Escape Hybrid currently has about 170K miles, and still runs strong
probbins914 07/19/2011
My 2005 Ford Escape with 70K miles is still humming !!
Rob Fruth 07/19/2011
I have a 2010 Fusion hybrid, very good investment !
Sarah Ewing 07/19/2011
Really? What is the data? That is fascinating.
MK 07/18/2011
Joy Lindgren 07/18/2011
I <3 my FORD HYBRID!!! How can you go wrong in a hybrid with Sync???
Joy Lindgren 07/18/2011
I HAVE THE EXACT CAR IN THE PIC! (2011 escape hybrid limited in metalic lime sqeeze) Do I win a prize ;) Its crazy how many ppl stop me in the parking lot or knock on my window to ask me about it (and of course I sing its praises) Drive throughs take twice as long though... lol
Breanne 07/18/2011
The 2013 Escape is simply terrible. What is the point of calling this car an escape when you removed all of the "Escape qualities"? We currently have 7 Escapes in my family but will NOT get another if these are the changes that are going to be made to one of the best Ford cars. Not sure why Ford would totally redo such a great seller as the Escape. Very odd.
Mark Kobernik 07/18/2011
It is time for a hybrid Bronco.
Dan Minnerly 07/18/2011
If only the price of hybrids were more comparable to their petroleum fueled counterpart. I would have considered a hybrid when I bought my Escape but for $6000 more it was not even a consideration.
John Carpenter 07/18/2011
I understand that the hybrids have a reduced environmental footprint,and that's good, but how big is the environmental footprint in the manufacturing process of the battery?
Randall Keith Lolis 07/18/2011
Ford Motor Company & its buyers r no pushover & remember Ford has a better idea? Ford Motor Company, Yesterday, Today & Forever more? Thanks, Ford.
Mabry Pouncy 07/18/2011
Being a Master Electrician for 47 question is how will running the heater/defrost and or AC effect the distance you will be able to travel on a extreamly hot or cold day/night ?
Sergio Sanchez 07/18/2011
Join the Live Chat with Ford Hybrid and Battery Engineers to Talk About Durability
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