Join Mark Fields for a Live Chat from the LA Auto Show

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From revealing the all-new Ford Escape to announcing a 650-horsepower Shelby GT500, it’s already been a busy week for Ford at the 2011 LA Auto Show. We thought you might like to know more, so we’re hosting a live chat with Mark Fields, Executive Vice President, Ford Motor Company and President, the Americas, to talk about all that’s going on for the company at the show.

Join us at 10:30 a.m. PST right here to participate in the chat.
Live Chat with Mark Fields, President of the Americas from the LA Autoshow

Mark is the Executive Vice President, Ford Motor Company and President, the Americas; a position to which he was named in October 2005. In this role, Mark is responsible for all operations involved in the development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of Ford and Lincoln vehicles in the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America.

Mark joined Ford Motor Company in July 1989.  From 2000-2002, he was President and CEO of Mazda Motor Company, leading the company through a period of significant transformation. He previously held a number of positions in both South and North America, including Managing Director of Ford Argentina.
Serge Beaudry 11/21/2011
Some people around me loves the new Escape 2013, like me, but many have doubt about been "like the other" small suv. I think the Ford Escape 2013 should have been named Kuga and to have the same plateform with minor changes to be an Escape with a look like a small Explorer, but not to alike. Some truck guys I know will never run a Escape 2013, it's not boxy/truck enough. We are talking about a best in class replacement and both could have been brought to market and see the sales, even the hybrid that's C-Max only, Ford's lineup is getting more euro like but we get only a subset, like a 5 speed manual Focus, no wagon Focus, no non-hybrid C-Max. I think the 2011 Explorer was a big hit because it's stil boxy enough but it's design is right in time. Keep your good work Ford, I love it but bring me a 6 speed manual (sorry no money for an ST Focus with kids) and bring a Wagon, and I'll rush to the dealer. I did a test drive of the 5-speed manual and it's missing a 6th, gears are too streched. The thing is, a manual gear box is to have pleasure. Serge in Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada
Knoy Kosirikul 11/19/2011
She said new ford model look beautiful .
James Rooney 11/17/2011
Why did Ford do away with the Crown Victoria & the Town Car. The car had 85%-90% of the police market. The Town Car had the limo / Livery market. Now no one makes a big rear wheel drive V8 powered car.
Christer 11/17/2011
Christer. I don't get it. Again an American car company is taking away it's best asset from a car, the label FORD. The Ford badge is removed from the new flex front. Why? It's like Mercedes removing the star on the hood or in the grill and call a car only S-class. Why do you never learn. Why can not the Flex showcase the Ford badge on the front of the car? I suggest that you fire people who takes that kind of decision and manage to convince the executive mgt that it is the correct path forward.
Trudy Jermanovich 11/17/2011
Doesn't sound promising to me. I've been patiently waiting for the All Electric Ford Focus, but it appears to be Vaporware since there has been no estimate of when it will be shipped & what the price will be. I'm very disappointed in the lack of an All-Electric American made car available at a reasonable price.
Douglas Hildebrandt 11/17/2011
Your new Escape design looks terrible! Don't be like the competition, be a leader!
Kathy 11/17/2011
Yesterday as I watched this interview take place on television, I became so proud of Ford. Tears came into my eyes to think that a company finally got it and was bringing back jobs to America from Mexico and China. 2600 Americans will have a job, American jobs in America. And how wonderful that Ford is the first to do it. We felt so happy that we went out and purchased a new Ford Focus. We are a Ford family, now our Focus sits next to our Ford Escape Hybrid. Thank you Ford for doing this most wonderful and beneficial thing for America. FORD..first on race day...always in my book.
Charles Primas 11/17/2011
650hp? Truly this street legal?
paul Radman 11/17/2011
Dear Mr Fields,
it is encouraging to see ford beginning to move some of its fuel efficient technology to the american market. i suppose that new fuel economy regulation drives that. i have read about the ecoboost 1.0 leter 3 cylinder that is now about to be built in germany for the european and china markets. i read that there are 8 speed transmissions and start stop technology available to enhance the highway and city economies of this little gem of a motor. once again china and europe will be the target markets. Why can't ford understand that if its competitor (toyota) is bringing the Yaris hybrid to the USA this year that FORD needs to market a SFE Ford Fiesta this year or in early 2013 with ecoboost 1 leter, 8 speed transmission AND auto start/stop technology.
If ford builds it i'll buy it. if ford doesn't it will be another toyota hybrid sold to a california costomer. m. schneider
Colby Calais 11/17/2011
Would love to know what you said!!
Join Mark Fields for a Live Chat from the LA Auto Show
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