Is Your Ford a Fashion Accessory?

By Ford Social Member

One of our favorite stories posted to the site this week comes from Amy Harrison. She says that she picked her Lime Squeeze Metallic Fiesta because it matched her new purse perfectly. Click here to read her story. Have you ever picked a car as a fashion accessory? If so, we want to hear your story: go to Your Stories to submit it.

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well in 2004 i bought a 2003 leftover explorer sport trac. my second ford i owned. my story begins with a fish more like a shark really. that spawned a passion. 177000 miles later as my season number 7 was about to begin. Read more...

%%IMAGE_1004%% I had waited months to get a new car and had looked at all new makes and styles. On Friday, my husband told me that Pollard Ford had a new silver Fiesta. We headed over to check it out and then I saw it…not a silver one but a fabulous lime green one!! I knew I had to have it when it matched my new purse exactly. Read more…


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I would love, love, love a manual transmission option on more of the Ford vehicles! Read more…

Put a rear camera on the F-series trucks. Can't see boat trailer without boat on trailer. Would allow viewing what you're trailoring. Read more…

Our Stories


You might think this technology we’re about to tell you about sounds a bit futuristic, but it’s in existence right now and is a pretty awesome example of advancements being made in the wars on fuel economy and making roads safer. A system called Ford Crew Chief™ is the only fleet management tool capable of accessing Ford proprietary data contained within a vehicle’s computers. We’re talking about where a vehicle is, diagnostics and driver behavior. Read more…


If summer is around the corner, it means it’s almost time to hit the road and explore the land. So, feel free to be slightly jealous (and inspired) by a summer-long trip that has already begun while the rest of us are still in vacation-dreamin’ mode. Read more…

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Ingo Breuer 06/13/2011
I wish the old-fashioned Mercury Grand Marquis was back and, by the way, I want my 2006 Ranger back!!!!!
Aidan Olson 06/11/2011
Don't have one but the 2010 focus rs is great!
Trisha Greca 06/11/2011
most definitely always styling in my Ford Edge!
Jeff Leeper 06/11/2011
Not really, my Mustang turns heads, but the Lincoln shouts out success.
Sonya Mitchelson 06/10/2011
yes they both r as is my ford v8 tattoo
Arthur Pereira 06/10/2011
Absolutely , 2010 f250 4x4 lifted Superduty
Doyle Evins 06/10/2011
None of my Fords are fashion accessories. The '82 F-250's too rusty and loud, the '99 Crown Vic P71's too intimidating and utilitiarian, and the '72 Gran Torino... Well, okay, maybe that could be considered one.
Rosemarie Barragan Lanie 06/10/2011
I love my 2007 FORD FOCUS,It' a fine looking car ,and her name is "BETTYLOU" I know If I take good care of her ,and change her oil ,she will be my wonderful car for a long time .thank you (this is the first new car I have ever paid for and the best choice FORD takes you a long way !!!!!!!!!!!*******************************
Annie Kwon 06/10/2011
Ford <3
Mia Rose 06/10/2011
it will be ....the 50 year anniversary mustang make her beefy and Purdy!
Travis Zopfi 06/10/2011
only if you consider a couple hundred pounds of mud then yes!
Elle Masters White 06/10/2011
All of my retro T-Birds and the Shelby certainly are...not so much my Expedition!
Ron Kennedy 06/10/2011
03 Taurus se ??.... Come on .... Creeper mobile is the only statement that makes! Powerstrokes make great jewelry and great paperweights !
Dustin Helling 06/10/2011
Pull up to a party with my ranger with super swampers.... I'd say its a fashion statement Haha. Love my ranger!
Tweek Snyder 06/10/2011
A Supercharger putting out 16 lbs of boost is my trucks "bling"
Kendo Distortion 06/10/2011
Not if its the new ruined 2012 focus or "second fiesta"
David Goodman 06/10/2011
No it's just a bloody animal
Maverick Cornett 06/10/2011
More like a part of me. love my 78 F-150 4x4 shortbed! goes great with my justin boots, wranglers and hat haha.
Donnie Romero 06/10/2011
This is by far the stupidest post Ford has put up! Is Paris Hilton working for them now? 05 f150 love it for work!
Bobby Jones 06/10/2011
Small enough to be one.LOL
Jason Malterer 06/10/2011
My fusion makes me look good even on a bad day!
Saša Čanković 06/10/2011
My escort 1980.Mk3 is a grate car...ha.ha.heh
Jared Guindon 06/10/2011
Chad Holcomb 06/10/2011
yes it is. its a 2003 ford taurus se. no matter what kind of car i drive it is always a fashion statement. if i look good then my car looks good. my car speaks for who i am.
Dan Graveen 06/10/2011
no. it's an awesome accessory. 2003 Mercury Marquis (customized of course) :)
Jacob Jaques 06/10/2011
2003 Thunderbird :)
Jason Hanna 06/10/2011
Jason Hanna 06/10/2011
My '11 ft is an extension of my... nevermind
Tracee Farmer 06/10/2011
My 56 Thunderbird in sunset coral is a knock down, drag out gorgeous fashion accessory. My husbands black over black, premium GT is his fighter jet. We're a Ford family and always will be.
Yvonne Praesel Baker 06/10/2011
I absolutely love this car! I don't own this particular Focus, but wish I did!
Justin Higgins 06/10/2011
Of course it is!
Emma Hinds-Rave't 06/10/2011
Falcon Oath!
Rob Martinez 06/10/2011
my Mustang GT is, i dress in white & black to match! we make a good team!
Mandy Marasek-Christian 06/10/2011
Absolutely! From our 67 GTA to the 2011 5.0...........our Mustangs get us ALL the looks. That's not even counting my Probe or Focus. Ford rocks!
Nathaniel Ausman 06/10/2011
Heck yes mine are! The 87 bronco is for my cowboy days, the mazda b2000 (ford product, give me a break) is the everday mood, and my 67 f250 and 69 tbird are for when im feeling nostalgic. And of course theres the 94 mustang gt convertable for when i feel like smoking a ricer :p
Sarah Morgan Givens 06/10/2011
Yes, my new blue fiesta is totally an accessory!
Denise Gallo 06/10/2011
My purple mustang gt convert is mine!! I have clothes,sunglasses and jewelry to match
Kačenka Svojšová 06/10/2011
I am doing driving school now and my teacher has fiesta as my parents do :)
Robin Lashbrook Pier 06/10/2011
well of course !!!!
Jason Saunders 06/10/2011
My 9,500lb F250 that can out run a mustang makes me feel good...
Ashley Graybeal 06/10/2011
I love my fiesta :) her name's Fiona lol
Susan Brooks Peters 06/10/2011
My Mustang is!
Eduardo Crespo 06/10/2011
I just like to go fast in my mustang!
Blake Myles Brown 06/10/2011
We are the only one in our town with our F150 and its totally B.A.!!!! :D and the mustang rocks! :)
Ryan Freeman 06/10/2011
Not really, I'm in the process of changing the brakes on my '96 mustang
Calvin Nickel 06/10/2011
My wife's red Flareside F-150 is hers.
Heather Hunt 06/10/2011
My Pony is!
Bob Riddle 06/10/2011
The 2002 t-bird we own certainly is.
Jim Gillis 06/10/2011
All our Mustangs are (4) and the Lighting too!
David Burnside 06/10/2011
I couldn't care less about fashion, I like stuff that works!
Jared Neidhardt 06/10/2011
I'm having trouble finding clothing to match my Fiesta.. Totally worth it though!
Tony Peters 06/10/2011
Lol my Ford is a fashion accessory if u are a hillbilly. But its a truck so yeah... Lol
Sam McMurry 06/10/2011
Our Convertible Mustang is one. But our F-150 is a Work Horse.
Delanie Kroto 06/10/2011
I have a black 2010 Focus and accessorized it with ladybug nickname is Laniebug!
Shane Haylock 06/10/2011
it is my life
James Rees 06/10/2011
i love fords
Karen Kimmerly 06/10/2011
No, all four of our Fords are much more useful than mere fashion accessories.
Daryl P Roberts 06/10/2011
no its my mechanicakl horse