How We Do Green

By Ford Social Member

There’s a lot to think about when designing a car. And one really giant one: our planet.

For Ford, making a car that’s better for the environment is about finding many ways—big and small—to turn what you drive into a smarter, greener vehicle.

It’s about trying things like eco-friendly fabrics and recycled materials for interior parts. Boosting fuel efficiency by 20 percent with EcoBoost™ technology. Cutting CO2 emissions at our manufacturing plants .

We're doing whatever it takes to make your ride as great for the environment as it is for you. Take a look at some of the ways we’re doing our part:


Of course, we’re all in this together. We’ve made a lot of progress over the years, but we’re striving to raise the bar even higher. To get there, we’re looking for fresh ideas from around the world. And we’re looking to our Ford Social community for help. So get the word out, and tell us how you think we can go further!
Deasun O 05/03/2013
Would love to see Ford try out a H2 Fuelcell in their F150/Expeditions.
When I get ready to trade my current Expedition El in I very much want to be able to trade in for a fuelcell version. :)
I've often wondered why cars don't have solar panels or small wind turbines on on their roofs to save gas. these would recharge the battery as the car is being driven or on a windy day it could recharge while the car is parked.

Paul A 02/09/2013
The proposed Ford-Arbor Day Foundation Plan

The idea behind the partnership is to help with the environmental impact of CO2 emissions from motor vehicles.
The plan would not be a designated dollar amount donation to the Arbor Day Foundation but a partnership to help to improve the environment. Every Ford vehicle with an Eco-Boost designation, hybrid drive or alternative fuel drive, would include a one year membership in the Arbor Day Foundation at the membership cost of $10. It could also be an additional option with all Ford Vehicles that could be added on at the dealership so it would be available to all Ford consumers. With that membership the buyer would get the option to have his free trees to be shipped to his home, donated to a locally designated group or used worldwide in current Arbor Day missions. Working this way instead of an outright corporate donation gives both Ford and the Arbor Day foundation the opportunity to educate future Ford owners and Foundation members about the importance of environmental responsibility and the steps we need to take to help preserve our environment and way of life.
With this program each vehicle sale has the potential to add 10 more trees to our environment. This could help reduce the impact of illegal logging operations and the natural destruction of ecosystems around the world. The amount of trees donated would boost the public green spaces in many communities around the nation. This opens up opportunities for many groups to get involved with community improvement and sustainability.
The new Ford owners are paying for the memberships, Ford and the Arbor Day Foundation are helping the environment, and everyone who walks into a Ford dealership and test drives a car gets a little more educated about sustainability. Those buyers of Eco-Boost products who are not interested in the environment or the Foundations mission will still be donating their trees and helping the mission. Perhaps one day they will realize that they too have helped to make an impact.
I truly believe that this is a winning partnership that will have a tremendous future for both Ford and The Arbor Day Foundation. It has the potential to literally ‘grow with time’.
Kristin A 02/09/2013
Absolutely love my Ford Fusion Hybrid. The best thing about the vehicle is that while it is an extremely "green" car, it does not scream "I am green!" It looks, drives, and handles like any other vehicle. Watch out green vehicles! Ford is on to something!
doug l 02/09/2013
Doug L. My mother and father, both in there late eighties have a hard time getting into and out my F-150 4x4. What are the chances of a retractable step/steps for the passengers on of the 4x4 F-series with or without running boards?
Brenda C 02/08/2013
Gas mileage really needs to be worked on more. I purchased the Ford 2013 Escape with ecoboost but I am not getting much better mileage than my 10 yr old vehicle I just got rid of. Very disappointing!
Michael 02/08/2013
Make the engine compartment easier to get to by having the front of the vehicle hinge down and swing away. Just a thought.....
Michael S 02/08/2013
way back in the mid to late 1960's it was said that Philco-Ford had developed an air cooling/ heating system by passing positive or negative ions from top to floor or floor to top. It was rumored to use about 3 amps of current and had zero drain on the horsepower of the engine. If this was a true rumor, that would help increase fuel economy two ways. one by weight reduction and two by not dragging the engine down to turn the AC compressor.
Mark O 02/08/2013
FORD NEEDS: Clean, green high milage diesels for cars, trucks, crossovers and SUVs. GM is starting to do it and Chrysler has them in planning.
Ralph Miller 02/08/2013
Recycle tires into wiper blades, door / lid seals, floor mats, mud flaps and more tires.
Mike T 02/08/2013
In addition to vehicles we need to really look at the other process' of business and how 'green' they are as well. For example, when dealership sales people and sales managers earn incentive rewards from Ford how many thousands of checks and envelopes are used to send them out? The envelopes end up in waste bins and often the check stubs too. The tons of mail also cost to be carried by the postal service. Most manufactures have gone to a debit card system of paying out incentives, wouldnt it go a LONG way to improving the overall 'green' attitude of the nations leading 'green' car company to also be looking for 'green' ways to do business and not just make 'green' cars? :)
Fred W 02/08/2013
What I would suggest is a well engineered, 3 wheeled vehicle, licensed as a motorcycle. It will need 2 wheels in front, front engine, front wheel drive, single file seating, streamlined for low air drag, 80 to 100 mpg highway, $7500 dollar price, under 1 liter engine size, a flat 4 would be best for low center of gravity, EFI, stick or CVT transmission, heater, defroster, radio, AC, comfortable seats, roll cage around occupants, excellent front and rear lighting and bright colors .
VW has a prototype called the L1 which they have no plans to bring to production. There have been several small companies with excellent ideas but have been under capitalized and have never brought a vehicle to actual mass production. Most of the vehicles were hand built prototypes with no venture capitalists willing to take the high risk of attempting to bring a new type of vehicle to production. People will benefit from having a low cost, simple, high mileage commuter vehicle as an alternative to the SUVs. Right now our choices are hybrids or all electrics which many people simply cannot afford (Volt). We need an ultra high mileage internal combustion commuter vehicle at a very affordable price which would contribute greatly to heading this country to a green solution. Check out Elio Motors. It would be great if Ford Motor Company would get involved in a cross fertilization of of ideas and finances with this daring start up company. You asked for my opinion and now you have it. Thank you
Alli M 02/08/2013
Why (sorry I am not "solar" savvy) cant you pop a solar panel into the roof of an electric car...are they too heavy or do they require some huge amount of other space or something? Seems like you could just store up the energy and gooooooo.
Robert E. S 02/08/2013
Has any person thought of the idea of having a fuel driven engine that supplies electrical power to an electric motor? Do away with the heavy batteries. The engine could just drive a generator that would provide the "juice" for the motor. I don't know what kind of amperage is drawn, but with technology expanding so fast, couldn't it be possible to design something like this. The fuel could still be gas, but it would be running a small engine that drives a generator. There would be no need to "plug in" at night. The price for electricity is expected to really climb. Having a "juice hungry car" being plugged in will mean higher bills. "Just thinking........"
Ross S 02/06/2013
Want to make your cars even more green? Make leather seats an option and cloth the default on all your vehicles. The cloth could be produced from recycled materials. This would reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses and toxins released in the production of leather.
Richard F 01/18/2013
I drove a EcoBoot veicale the motor was amazing. When I first started the viecale I could not even feel the motor running, I looked at the tac to see if it was running. The EcoBoost is the future along with the plug in vehicles.
Owning multiple Fords I expect Ford to make the EcoBoost even better. It would not surprise me if Ford is already working on a 2nd generation of the EcoBoost.
Joshua M 01/15/2013
morning ford...just checkin gout blog...
Bob S 01/14/2013
If it boils down to cost, why not make it an option? Because state laws differ, you make a front license plate holder an "option,"then you don't charge for the ones that are ordered. I would pay extra for a grab handle and use it every time I entered or exited the truck. A grab bar enables you to lift your butt over the seat on the way in and prevent rubbing on the side bolster as you slide off the seat instead of pulling yourself up off the seat...I installed AMP power steps to ease entry and exit and still feel I need the grab handle.
Joshua M 01/14/2013
happy monday ford...
Ben 01/13/2013
Joshua M 01/13/2013
Hope ford comes out with new fuel for cars...
Olivia T 01/12/2013
That is a pretty color blue...clear skies and fresh air..if I had a car like that where would I charge it outside the house?
Joshua M 01/12/2013
Cool picture of car and gas..Yep ford is a great car company
Raoul D 01/12/2013
We would love to see Ford take tyhe lead on recycling/reusing/repurposing the cars at the end of their life cycles, especially the electroniccomponents.
Jeff T 01/12/2013
Thank you Ford! I am doing my part by recycling all of our paper, can and plastic goods and by buying a Ford Fusion Energi, but I am not giving up luxury....I'm getting a loaded Titanium! The best of all worlds!