How Do You Get Your Ford Ready for Summer?

By Charlie S.

As we gear up for the long road trips in the summer heat during vacation season, we wanted to ask you one simple question: how do you get your Ford ready for the summer?

Are you a gearhead who meticulously checks all of your beloved car’s systems, from the air conditioner to the wiper blades? Do you methodically wash and wax your ride in order to be the envy of the neighborhood? Or are you more laid back, grabbing a hearty glass of lemonade, sticking a hula dancer figurine on the dashboard, pulling on your sunglasses, and cruising down the road?

As you think about how you get your Ford ready for the summer, take a minute and check out some of the best summertime Ford Social ideas from our fans.

For instance, George wants to see a heat shield to block out the sun’s rays built right into the windshield . Pet lovers out there should take a gander at Allaire’s suggestion for a built-in, air conditioned kennel to keep your furry friends cool in the car when you're logging lots of miles in your Ford.

Are you feeling inspired to go get your Ford squeaky clean for the summer?  Put down the soap bucket and share your squeaky-clean story with us. Send us a picture of the family washing the car or a story about your yearly routine. Or you can leave a comment below with a quick tip you want to share with the rest of the Ford Social community.