How Do You Beat Holiday Stress?

By Ford Social Member

It’s the holiday season, which usually means spending prolonged periods of time with family and/or fighting crowds at the malls on Black Friday and beyond. This may lead to an urge to make a gentle kicking motion, but Ford encourages that! Why? Because it's exactly what you do to open the new hands-free power liftgate on the all-new Escape! That simple motion is all it takes to load the family’s luggage or all the goodies you've bought into the cargo area without having to juggle a key and arms full of stuff.

Here are some stats: During the holidays, 87 percent of American adults experience stress when shopping, and auto-related activities have a tendency to induce the most stress. Nearly 55 percent of Americans say that traffic jams, locating a parking spot and getting packages into the vehicle with their hands full are among the top stressful activities.

But the all-new Escape can help you, well, escape, the holiday craziness in various technological ways. For example, there’s the hands-free liftgate we mentioned, as well as Active Park Assist to turn-by-turn directions.

How do you reduce your stress during the holidays? Tell us here at Ford Social, but also submit the tips for a chance to win prizes (including a chance at a hands-free shopping experience) at , from Friday, November 25 through December 23, 2011. Six grand prize winners will be awarded a $500 shopping spree and a Ford Holiday Helper to truly reward them with a “hands-free” holiday. The Ford Holiday Helper will assist winners and up to two of their friends with their shopping for a day, from carrying bags to waiting in lines. You’ll also find 10 tips to help you avoid stress during the holiday season.
Brad Barefoot 12/10/2011
Guess I'm a European at heart. I'm starting to like the new Escape, especially with the hands-free liftgate feature that I see available on the C-Max. I hope this feature will be on the C-Max Hybrid.
Deborah Wallizer 12/01/2011
So agree with Lee! The 2013 Escape is downright UGLY! Love my 2010. It goes as well in snow as our 2007 Explorer, maybe even better. Like the rugged look, especially after we put the brush bar on the front. The only thing that's as much fun to ride is the Harley, but that's another story.
Lee 11/30/2011
Man, here we go again. I love Ford but who came up with the idea to make the cute, sensible Escape UGLY. We just got back to getting trucks that look like trucks and now the little SUV goes Station Wagon. Looks like maybe another Chevy in my future.
Cecelia Albano 11/26/2011
I shop online to avoid the stress of crowded malls and long lines at the register.
Matt Hamer 11/26/2011
Frieda Patterson Burchell 11/25/2011
No stress here, I count my blessings and happy to be on this side of the green grass
Vinny Spiridigliozzi 11/24/2011
Lots of wine!
Mike Grippo II 11/24/2011
I go to work and build Escapes everyday at the Kansas City Assembly Plant!
Donny Jay Rosen 11/24/2011
I jump in my '63 T-Bird Custom with the 428 Cobra Jet engine and yell at the idiots in traffic, lol
Theresa Knott Erdmann 11/23/2011
Love the new technology but why make the 2013 look like another cross over. I am on Escape #2 and love them. I gave up being a mini van mom for a reason. (2 Windstars) I guess I will have to find a way to afford a 2012 so I can drive it till it dies. LOVE MY 2011 ESCAPE!!!
Mike Hill 11/23/2011
We have a 2011 Escape and love it
Mike Smith 11/23/2011
I beat the holiday stress by going to the mall parking lot and kick a chevy!
Madey Cool 11/23/2011
I'm going to the any cool plays. And i take long sleep.
rc rccoleman 11/23/2011
I enjoy dining out with a friend, great food and good conversation! I said good conversation...and a lot of giggling!
Mary Quintanilla 11/23/2011
Drive my silver 2004 Ford fx4 off baby is my toy!
Jamie At Ford 11/23/2011
Hi Barn Fly,

Let us know when your dealership resolves the issues and I’m happy they’re able to help!

Have a great holiday weekend, everyone!

Ford Customer Service Division
Bill Kimsey 11/23/2011
Gabriel Porter 11/23/2011
I do what James does... Then drive my ford.... (jk)
Escape...really, I own it and run with it!
James Graham 11/23/2011
Liquor ...and lots of it
Kenny Tillett 11/23/2011
I have an 2008 ford escape fwd love it, and grate on the beach.
Harold Jones 11/23/2011
My stress buster: Drop the rear seats in my '05 Escape, load a couple of bicycles in there, drive to some pretty part of Arizona with my better half, and go for a nice ride. Tail-gate picnic afterwards.
Ezekiel Ferrera 11/23/2011
Their's a solution for a new car!
Julian Andre 11/23/2011
Fords always been the best!
Derrick Tyre 11/23/2011
Hop in the Mustang and cruise at 120. And burn the tires at red light and stop sign. Nothing better than the sound of Flowmasters at high rpms and the smell of burnt rubber.
David Zink 11/23/2011
Drive a Ford to reduce stress!
Michael Klempin 11/23/2011
Don't go near a is for suckas!!! Oh, and drive my 2001 F150 with 486K miles,,,,it keeps going, and going etc.
Kevin J Danker 11/23/2011
Stay Home!
Thomas Mesko 11/23/2011
Put the convertible top down on the 'MyStang' and go for a ride. No matter that its winter and cold out. Hey, if Santa can hack it then so can I ;-)
Becky Marshall 11/23/2011
I drive my Ford Edge AWD and listen to my music.
Bill Lambacher 11/23/2011
I don't suffer from stress; I'm just a carrier of the disease.
Dalton Moss 11/23/2011
Take a spin in my GT 500 Shelby ,wow what a stress relief
Adam Krug 11/23/2011
Buy a new car derr
Jack Fazio 11/23/2011
Bust out my 2004 Lightning and torment the kids in their Rice burners.
Matt Hissim 11/23/2011
Drive my 2011 f250
Peter R. Gross 11/23/2011
By taking another holiday.
Kyle White 11/23/2011
Take my 86 f150 mudding then track it all in town
Terry Bree Long 11/23/2011
Keep wish I had a car to go driving around to relieve my stress.
I love how my Hybrid Escape handles on snow and ice. That itself reduces stress!
Darren Lynch 11/23/2011
Drive my 99 lightning around town
Terry A. Robertson 11/23/2011
I take my Procharged 347 95 GT or my Steeda tuned 2011 GT out for a gallop in the meadow :)
Jennifer Zordan 11/23/2011
I remember the "reason for the season", and the stress just goes away.
Brian Gliege 11/23/2011
Love to drive the King!
Brian Houston 11/23/2011
Get in my 7.3 powerstroke and drive
How Do You Beat Holiday Stress?
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