How Dirty Do You Get Your Ford?

By Cole Q.

Things are getting pretty dirty out there. If it’s not the sludge that’s clinging to your car from a hard winter’s worth of driving, then it's the mud caused by spring rains. Whatever the case, before you give your Ford vehicle that long-awaited bath, make sure to snap a couple of pictures and send them our way . You can also vote on photos that are already submitted. Why? Because it’s dirty car season here at Ford Social! It’s that time of the year when we celebrate soot and glorify grime.

Why on Earth would anyone want to see pictures of your filthy car, truck or SUV? Because a dirty vehicle means you were putting it to good use. Hard-working people like you deserve hard-working vehicles that wear whatever nature throws at them like a badge of honor.

Does melting snow and spring rain mean it’s time to break out the 4x4 and go mudding ? Show us how sloppy your F-Series or Explorer looks when it’s all said and done!

Has it been so long since you hosed off your Fusion, Fiesta or Focus that you’re not even sure what color it is anymore ? Send us before and after pics!

Does your Ford vehicle look like it has a two-tone paint job because that thick layer of dirt on the bottom half blends in all too well? Show us how beautiful that grime can be and send us your best photo!

There are a million ways to get dirty, but only one way to show it off to the rest of the Ford Social community. Click here to upload a photo of your filthy Ford!

Need some inspiration? Be sure to check out our owner’s pics photo gallery , with plenty of shots of dirty cars from around the Ford Social community.

Can’t get enough dirt? You can also check out our salute to mudding and some of the awesome stories and photos from Ford Social fans on a mission to make their trucks and SUVs as dirt-caked as they can. It’s a competition where cleanliness means catastrophe.
Elizabeth p 05/14/2014
I used to think my suv was dirty until I saw this picture.
How Dirty Do You Get Your Ford?
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