Happy Halloween from the Ford Escape

By Ford Social Member

The creative team at Ford made a video about one of the scariest situation imaginable, a blind date.

Our lead character in this spoof, Samantha, is set up on a date with a guy her friend found using Samantha’s online dating profile. Despite strange circumstances, Samantha goes through with the set up.

Watch the video and see if you can spot all the features of the new Ford Escape that help Samantha get ready for the date and then make a run for it when things go awry.

With features like active park assist and the hands-free liftgate, the Escape is there to help Samantha calm her nerves, and make getting to and from the date easier.

When she finally meets the stranger, things don’t go as she planned, so she does what anyone would do, she runs.

The keyless entry allows a person to open the car without having to push any buttons. Simply by having the fob on your person, the door will unlock and you’re one step closer to safety.

The push-button start operates in a similar fashion, as long as the fob is in the car, no key is required. A driver can simply push the button and the car starts right up. This cuts off several stressful moments when trying to make a fast break.

Additionally, the rear camera automatically turns on when the car is in reverse and the available MyFord Touch screen displays the area behind the car allowing the driver to see what’s behind. This feature usually helpful to spot out small objects in that blind spot also comes in handy for Samantha.

We at Ford hope you enjoy the day, get some candy and are able to take part in holiday festivities.

Happy Halloween!
JJMJRDEC J 11/19/2012
uk ford emp.you are right,pointing out the cars function ,sun glare,thick foam seats,photo gray glass,ect.are more important.also' crash test reports thats what a smart buyer looks for.
uk based Ford employee 11/07/2012
i can't work out whether this is weird or just lame
Dennis 10/31/2012
Where are my keys? I must have my keys to my F-150!
Happy Halloween from the Ford Escape

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