Guess How Many EcoBoost Equipped Ford Vehicles Sold in 2011?

By Tori T.

You know that game at a county fair where the jar is full of jelly beans and if you correctly guess the amount, you get one of those stuffed bears? We suck at that game. Not sure whether it’s some kind of hand/eye coordination problem or that we're distracted from drooling over what could be 100 or 45,000 tasty jelly beans.

Today, we present the figurative jelly bean game, but if this jar is full of Ford vehicles with EcoBoost® engines, you have to guess how many you think sold in 2011. Go ahead, take a moment; we're again distracted by drooling, this time over a jar full of Ford vehicles.

The correct answer is 127,883 EcoBoost-equipped vehicles, making for record sales! And now Ford is aiming to more than triple the production capacity of EcoBoost-equipped Ford vehicles in 2012. This year, Ford will offer EcoBoost engines in 11 vehicles; in 2011, 7 had the engine. The EcoBoost has also contributed to accolades for Ford, such as the F-150 scoring the Motor Trend 2012 Truck of the Year® award.

Other big EcoBoost news has already included the 1.6-liter engine for the Escape and Fusion . “EcoBoost expansion and availability in high-volume nameplates such as the all-new Ford Escape and Fusion will take this affordable, fuel-saving technology to the heart of the market,” said Sue Cischke, Ford Group Vice President of Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering.

Additionally, the full-size Taurus sedan becomes the first Ford vehicle to offer customers a choice between two EcoBoost engines: a 2.0-liter four-cylinder making an estimated 237 horsepower and giving customers up to EPA-estimated, class-leading 31 mpg, while the iconic Taurus SHO sport sedan features a 365-horsepower, twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 delivering an EPA-estimated 25 mpg highway. Plus, the Focus ST arrives this year as a high-performance – yet fuel-efficient – sport compact EcoBoost application, and there’s the EcoBoost-powered Police Interceptor.

The EcoBoost sounds like quite the multitasker, doesn't it? But it's ready, having already been tortured and subjected to cold-weather testing .

Here’s a fun tidbit: In 2010, all F-150 trucks sold featured a V8 engine. Just one year later, 56 percent of 2011 F-150 customers bought pickups with a fuel-saving V6, either the base 305-horsepower 3.7-liter or the 365-horsepower 3.5-liter EcoBoost. By the end of 2012, nine Ford models will deliver or are anticipated to deliver an EPA-certified 40 mpg highway or higher, with still more fuel-efficient vehicles on the way.

Sounds like the Blue Oval might just deserve a bear.
Billy S 06/15/2012
They sell alot more if you could get a 2.0L ecoboost AWD.
Paul H 05/08/2012
My guess is 54,913
I love driving my 2011 F150 FX4 Ecobust, very responsive, but the fuel rating was sure overstated.
Jon D 03/24/2012
How about an Eco-Boost crate engine for putting in a Dynacorn Mustang Body? The Coyote 5.0 is available, I'd love to put a V6 or 4 cyl in a '63 Falcon.
Bill 02/25/2012
put the ecoboost in the expedition and you will see a lot of ford dealers with used tahoe's and envoys on the lot; and alot of new ford owners driving away with a ecoboost Expedition.
art hansen 02/20/2012
I have a SHO and love it. Should put the ecoboost in the Mustang V6
Walter South 02/11/2012
I would like to see some of the Ecoboost Police interceptors here in GA. The Charger owns that segment here. Must be why MoPar is finally making money. Again, gov't support.
Andy Uhlig 01/28/2012
Just under 128,000 sold!
Lloyd Rivers 01/27/2012
127,883 is the real number. Do I win a new vehicle, eco-boost equipped of course.
John Skurka 01/27/2012
275001 - and I have the 1!
John Skurka 01/27/2012
275001 - I own the 1!
Tom Kunich 01/27/2012
I think it would be a good idea to build an entirely electric vehicle with a battery pack built on a removable platform.

You'd drive into a "gas" station and they'd remove the battery pack in your vehicle and replace it with a recharged version.
Arielle West 01/27/2012
Not as many as projected would sell?
Casey Payne 01/27/2012
Around 400,000 plus?
Horst Rauch 01/27/2012
One? :)
H. Cenk Köse 01/27/2012
is waiting for the tiniest ecoboost, 1.0 liter
Maria Mitchell 01/26/2012
Way to go Ford....
Jacob Yearwood 01/26/2012
EcoBoost is a great engine i bought a F-150 FX4 and it has the EcoBoost and i absoulutly love the truck i also love the engine great unbeilvable power and torque ill keep the truck forever and very proud to own it good job Ford yall have done it once again Ford beats every brand out ther in the world. Keep up the good work, and keep making Fords never stop making them. Thank you Ford for selling me a truck that will last a human beings life time, maybe after one or two life times the truck will still be out on the road thats how good of a truck yall made. I will never bye anything else but a Ford
Jr Mal 01/26/2012
this is the number 127,880. do I get a 2012 f 150 ecoboost????
Andrew Bridgman 01/26/2012
Hi , I've just sat in the new ranger demo model here in England , o god what a leap forward!! It's to good for work! , I want one , it will be my third, great job ford!!
Jason Staron 01/26/2012
JEFF 01/26/2012
127,883 IN 2011
Evelio Quinonez 01/26/2012
My Guess..230000. I worked at a Ford dealer last summer and drove the Taurus SHO and a few F-150s with the EcoBoost and it is truly a technological marvel! Just pick up a copy of the F-150 EcoBoost DVD at any Ford dealership..Amazing!
Mark Cross 01/26/2012
Craig Stishenko 01/26/2012
Todd Rasmussen 01/26/2012
Umm why does it matter where final assembly is? There might be vehicles built in the US but why the parts come from all over the world. I had a Mexico assembled Ford and quality was top notch.
Don Fraser 01/26/2012
600,000 my guessing for ecoboost engine
John Phelps 01/26/2012
Fantastic!!!! I cannot impress upon folks enough, just what a rush it is to drive an EcoBoost Ford. Bravo!!!
Greg Wavell 01/26/2012
@Don Bond I am a ford fan but I don't want one that's from mexico or overseas. I want one built in the USA or Canada.
Don Bond 01/26/2012
@Greg Wavell, WOW! least Ford didn't take tax dollars and go buy a car company in China like one did and hasn't paid the Money back!
Not Enough!
Joe Conti 01/26/2012
We can help you sell even more with yan engines dcycle. the other hybrid of a 2 and 4 stroke engine that can be easily made on your current production lines. see us at
Nate Huebner 01/26/2012
I bought a FX4 F-150 with the eco-boost love it tons of power and good fuel economy
MyEntrepreneur Games 01/26/2012
likes this
Edward Kelley 01/26/2012
One less, because they were not available when I bought my 2011 F150.
Samantha Hoyt 01/26/2012
Janice Medley Matheny 01/26/2012
I bought one
Ray Maramara 01/26/2012
The correct answer is 127,883 EcoBoost-equipped vehicles. I better check out the Taurus SHO...
John Monahan Jr 01/26/2012
I wish I had an eco-boost on my 2010 fusion sport, it has a 3.5.
charles Morneau 01/26/2012
My next vehicle will DEFINITELY !!! be a FORD, (or LINCOLN), and will DEFINITELY !!! have the EcoBoost engine
Chip Vesely 01/26/2012
Norbert Völkel 01/26/2012
I bought one ecoboost engine ! :-)
Eric Ulfsparre 01/26/2012
I smell nonacceptance of the EcoBoost... I can't see myself buying another Platinum if it has a wimpy engine - I'm thinking I'm not alone... We'll see what is available on the lot in July.
Bob Abraham Sr. 01/26/2012
When will the new style Fusion be offered for sale? Does anyone know?
Drew Abel 01/26/2012
Guess how many have a shudder at 55 MPH that rattles your teeth and a 3-1 downshift that gives you whiplash? Mine does as do many others, fix this Ford!
Greg Wavell 01/26/2012
How many plants did ford close in 2011? They opened plants in india and china though.
Darrin Wylie 01/26/2012
Just bought the 2012 F150 last night. Hope the gas mileage holds up but the power is great.
Carl Shock 01/26/2012
Ford needs to build a v8 ecoboost for f250 and f350
Shawn Kalles 01/26/2012
Willard Trafton 01/26/2012
not enough....
Lenny Roy LeBel 01/26/2012
A million
Dean Craven 01/26/2012
My guess is 100028
Kath Boyde 01/26/2012
thee eco boost is NOT getting the gas mileage projected !!!
Carl Warmington 01/26/2012
Still cannot understand why Ford North America has not added the 1.6L EcoBoost in the North American Focus. ?????
Carl Warmington 01/26/2012
I assume when Ford said Ford vehicles sold with EB engines on 2011,this is referring to USA sales yes?
Brian Der-Stepanian 01/26/2012
Dino Doe 01/26/2012
At 18 a hour you will force us to no one can afford one.
Renuka Asodaria 01/26/2012
225525 around
iblank 01/26/2012
A bear?
Rico Lerma 01/26/2012
Stephen Bridgers 01/26/2012
In dec. It hit 100000
Mark Smith 01/26/2012
More then Ford could build!!!
Rob Cornelius 01/26/2012
Rosalind Mannino 01/26/2012
Rosalind Mannino 01/26/2012
Allicyn Myers 01/26/2012
Theresa D'Angelo Koehne 01/26/2012
Dave Evans 01/26/2012

It's funny if you read it upside down.
John Pittman 01/26/2012
a whole bunch !!
Wayne Trimble 01/26/2012
Susan Grubbs 01/26/2012
Dave Evans 01/26/2012
John Boucher 01/26/2012