Grab Your Special One Million Ford Facebook Fans Badge

By Ford Social Member

When you think about what you might want a million of, fans might not be near the top of the list. But it is for us at Ford, and we’re grateful for the more than one million people who have liked the Ford Motor Company Facebook page!

As a way of saying thanks, there is a special One Million Ford Fans badge that you can download via the Facebook page. It’s inspired by you, the Ford owners, drivers, lovers, enthusiasts, lifers, makers, workers, believer and friends. And it celebrates the active community around Ford on the Facebook page.

If you haven’t already liked the Ford Motor Company Facebook page, head over there now and keep the momentum going. If you’ve already liked the page, thanks for doing your part. Grab a badge and show your Ford spirit to your friends.

And there are plenty more badges to help you display your particular affinity for Ford. There are badges for High-Miler, Racing, Pet, Music and dozens more. These are a great way to show the world what you’re made of, adding them to your Facebook page, email signatures or however you want them to fit into your life. So check them all out and then grab a badge or two.
Ken Pruiett 01/09/2012
My wife and I are fans of Ford Motor Company. I am like that crazy guy in the grocery store that steers people to other stores for better deals. I go to other dealerships in my Ford and tell people how great Ford is. I even had a Dodge salesman sold on trading in his truck after I visited where he worked. I showed the actual difference in the luxury and space and that alone sold him, the good looks took care of the rest.
Mallorie Howey 12/20/2011
No Thanks! Not a big fan.
Chuck Bryan 12/20/2011
ford rocks its the only car or truck i will drive
Robin Geer 12/20/2011
was told my odometer was,000 miles and PURRIN....
Kris Mathieu 12/20/2011
I have a question...after the tire sensor has been fixed and is do you make the computer on the vehicle recognize this?
James House 12/20/2011
Ford is fweet TOUGH Sweeden Calling
Kevin Kuczynski 12/20/2011
great job everybody lets go to two million and counting
Kevin Kuczynski 12/20/2011
Kyle Rohde 12/20/2011
Congrats Ford Social team - you've hit a well-deserved mark!
Firsties 12/20/2011
Rachid Bayu 12/20/2011
thanks ford service a expec te your promotion winner to new year ..2012
John Madden 12/20/2011
94, 96 & 05 Taurus, 98 ZX2, 85 LTD, 00 Contour, 97 E-150, 97 Escort sedan and now 2011 F-150 EcoBoost!
Carol Williams 12/20/2011
We have three ford tarus's, wouldn't buy any other.
Joe EuroCowboy Cabraja 12/20/2011
My 1991 FORD Bronco is my baby it's got 82.000 miles and it still runs like new. People all you have to do is take care of your ford and it will take care of you
Jim Gratz 12/20/2011
We have 2 Fords. A 2010 F350 Dually King Ranch and a 2011 Fiesta. Both are great vehicles. The Fiesta get 42 MPG and the F350 gets 8 mpg towing a 16000 fifth wheel RV. Both do a great job for which they are designed for. Thank you Ford for building great vehicles.
William Marshall 12/20/2011
1981 ford f150 4x4is the only way to go all the way
Merle Stout 12/20/2011
1997 f-350 1,309,876 miles and counting I would rather push my ford truck uphill in a blinding snow storm than drive anything else..:-)
Marko Tix Eremic 12/20/2011
Ford sierra cosworth.. :)
Jim Djtecthreat Trudell 12/20/2011
If you drive an xr6, you already have a coffin with a Ford emblem on it.
Chris Kolep 12/20/2011
Focus SE :)
Kory Stonehouse 12/20/2011
I sell them
Russell Williams 12/20/2011
FORD F150!!!
Ginny Achuff 12/20/2011
i have an "89 bronco and shes my love but she needs some cheap work done. i live in delaware and could use some help with her. also would like to buy another ford truck or suv. xoxo luv u ford
Jenny Golby 12/20/2011
I will have a ford emblem on my coffin Iove and own an xr6!
Darlene Mangrum 12/20/2011
Mustangs ROCK!!!!!!
Edgardo Dante Cordeiro 12/20/2011
Ford FORDever...............:)
Mike Martin 12/20/2011
my avataar is my daily driver and my fire response truck never lets me rules
William Gauthier 12/20/2011
Wilbert Begay 12/20/2011
long live Ford........ :)
Larry Marshall Neal 12/20/2011
Congratulations to the quality of the people, you know who you are.
Rijanto Jos 12/20/2011
Hi all .............friends!
Bill Stevenson 12/20/2011
I drive and restore them
Julie Wilson Byrom 12/20/2011
NO they don't Todd Knowles!! You r very wrong!! And what do u drive?? I guess it's not a FORD or you would know more!!!!
Joey E Diakow 12/20/2011
I restore them !!!!!
Todd Knowles 12/20/2011
too bad Ford makes everything in south America
James Slater 12/20/2011
Go Team Ford - You Rock
Keven Soenen 12/20/2011
And I'm one of em' for life!!!!!!
Travis Gibson 12/20/2011
I'm ready to get my baby also..........
Dave Gay 12/20/2011
Yea Team!!!
Andre Sykes 12/20/2011
FORD all the way!
Rms Vnr 12/20/2011
hi frnds
Grab Your Special One Million Ford Facebook Fans Badge
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