Get the Scoop on the New Ford Escape!

By Ford Social Member

Coming in 2012 is the all-new Ford Escape, touting better fuel economy than its predecessor, 11 exclusive features, two EcoBoost® engines and cutting-edge technology. Hey, we don’t kid around when we say “all-new.”

Let’s start with the EcoBoost, since that’s an engine buyers continue to crave. The new Escape boasts two of ‘em: an available 2.0-liter and a 1.6-liter, which is debuting in America in the Escape. How’s that for another plug under the “all-new” heading? The EcoBoost engines are linked to the SelectShift Automatic® transmission. The standard engine in the Escape will be an updated 2.5-liter, which is also hooked to the SelectShift Automatic six-speed. Projections on fuel economy are estimated at 5 mpg better than the outgoing Escape.

Also aiding in the mpg department is the SUV’s fresh design, which is nearly 10 percent more aerodynamic than the previous generation. There’s also an active grille shutter system on 1.6-liter and 2.5-liter models. The grille slats stay open when extra engine cooling air is needed (like stop-and-go driving), then automatically close to improve aerodynamics and fuel efficiency, such as at steady highway speeds. And if your driving will include towing, good news: The Escape maintains a trailer tow rating of 3,500 pounds.

Other driving innovations include advanced software and sensors. For example, the new Intelligent 4WD System analyzes data from 25 external signals (say, wheel speed and steering wheel angle), assessing road conditions and driver input. Intelligent 4WD builds on the pre-emptive actions by adding and subtracting torque as needed through an electromagnetic clutch.

In terms of technology, there’s a hands-free power liftgate that you can read about and see video on Ford Social, while SYNC® with MyFord Touch® has been upgraded with a new look and easier controls for managing info. Know how vile parallel parking can be? The new Escape has Active Park Assist; press a button and the system automatically steers the vehicle into the space. You need only control the gas and brake pedals. There’s also BLIS®, the Blind Spot Information System, which sounds an alert if a vehicle is detected entering a blind spot. And the Escape is the first Ford SUV to combine class-exclusive technology to automatically slow the vehicle when it’s cornering too fast (Curve Control) or help accelerate through a turn (Torque Vectoring Control) and the new Intelligent 4WD System, which analyzes data from 25 external signals (say, wheel speed and steering wheel angle), assessing road conditions and driver input. Intelligent 4WD builds on the pre-emptive actions by adding and subtracting torque as needed through an electromagnetic clutch.

Now that the Escape has made its world debut in Los Angeles, it’s whipping out its passport and heading to Europe.

Visit for more information about the 2013 Ford Escape.
RobP 05/07/2012
Ordered the 2013 on the first day I could - not sure how people think the old version got 30mpg in city average since rating was highest at 27mpg highway (they must have a hybrid escape), but the new model is rated at 37mpg highway and gas model. My Titanium should get a little less with AWD. Been waiting for this model since the Ford Kuga came out in Europe and only regret is they don't have the double rear door option as they do there....
Wendy H 04/14/2012
when can i buy this car
David M 03/31/2012
Lack of sufficient ground clearance and the inability to tow this vehicle 4 wheels down behind a motorhome eliminates this otherwise interesting vehicle from my short list of choices. Can't even get a small 4WD pickup from Ford now that the Ranger has been discontinues. I guess Ford is telling me to look elsewhere.
How could you have taken one of the best looking vehicles you ever made and make it into such an "eyesore". I'll keep my 2007 Escape until they plant both of us! In my house you can own anything as long as it is a Ford, but the 2013 looks just like the rest of the ugly SUV's! I am SOOOO disappointed!
Gary P 03/13/2012
I like everything except the fact there is no hybrid. I drive a lot and mostly city driving. I do not expect the all wheel drive 2013 escape to have a 30 mpg average in the city like the current escape. If it does I will be pleasantly surprised. I think no awd in this new car is a mistake. One other concern is the lack of interior color options not offering some kind of tan or parchment color in leather which makes it much richer looking.
Clarence Cox 02/11/2012
I think I will keep my old Escape because it looks better and has the gas tank fill on the driver's side.
Jim Talley 02/10/2012
I'm on my 7th Honda(currently my 2nd CRV) Very disappointed in the new CRV! My prayers were anwsered when I read about the new Escape, great looking, great gas mileage!! Ford did it right, I can't wait to test drive one, when does it come to my local dealer??
Donald 02/06/2012
I was considering a Ford Escape Hybrid when I trade in my Subaru Forester in the Fall. Since the 2013 will not have a hybrid and looks like a soccer mom egg, I'll be looking at other cars. very disappointed.
James 01/29/2012
Great looking truck! We were waiting for the new model with a plug-in-hybrid option. Why is the hybrid version being cancled? Come on the Escape is the first mass produced Hybrid SUV! Lets keep this going with a plug in version. Thank you,
Gene Easterbrook 01/28/2012
I am confused fords main future vehicles page is saying the 2013 Escape wil be available in the spring of 2012 and on the same page says it will be available in the spring of 2013 !!!!! What is Ford I want one lol
Tom A. 01/11/2012
Why no hybrid or plug-in hybrid options?!? The new Fusion has them, why not the new Escape?
Brad Barefoot 12/12/2011
Looks like a Matrix, nope ... some sez it looks bad ... pick any new Cadillac for putting the "g" in ugly and fondly remember the Pontiac Aztec. All here can truthfully say GM wins the most ugly car awards.
Brad Barefoot 12/12/2011
Hey Ford ! I agree with the others, looks great. Now, how about giving us the European Ford Fusion. That model would complement, not steal sales away from the new Escape. Two different vehicles completely.
I've been in sales and marketing for over 40 years, the UK/Fusion would make a splendid salesman/person vehicle. Why? I had the pleasure to play with one in France along with the Grand/C-Max.
Plenty of room, comfortable, inexpensive to buy and maintain, great fuel economy and tall enough and wide enough to get a boxed self-propelled mower, 1 boxed weed eater, 1-boxed blower into. The one I saw was the sales car from a French power equipment distributor, it had close to 600,000 kilometer (about 275,000) miles on it. Still ran great, and has a great service record.
Brad Barefoot 12/11/2011
Hey Ford ! Like the new Escape, looks like some feature crossover from the European C-Max is way into this. As more people are exposed to this the more will fall to like it. I wonder though if the slope and size of the rood line would allow the new Escapes luggage rack fit on the new Focus ? Why? I think the new Focus should have one as I see a few bike/kayak racks on them.
Sandra Sercombe 12/06/2011
It looks terrible!!! Glad i have a 2011... would never have bought this new one! It looks like every other SUV on the market. Why do all domestic auto maker think they need to make Japanese looking cars???
Trent 12/05/2011
The new Esape finally has some style! The older ones looked like garbage and had cheap interiors when compaired to the Mazda counterparts.
Joey David 12/04/2011
When I saw the redesign I also didn't like it. It looks like every other SUV, Ford is playing safe with the same ole design that every other car maker is doing. It looks like a bigger version of the Focus. I drive a '11 Ford Fusion and I can't wait to see it be redesigned version in January, hopefully they didn't ruin a good thing with the Fusion as well.
Bill Ellis 12/01/2011
Don't like the looks of the 2013 Escape AT ALL!! If I wanted something that looked like that, I'd by German or Japanese. I was hoping to trade my 2010 for a 2013 until I saw the new one. Now...who knows what I'll do...but it WON'T be the 2013.
James Tighe 11/29/2011
The new CR-V looks better, cleaner, as does the dash. But, it doesn't have the selection of engines the Escape does nor the 6 speed transmission. I think the Escape has more cargo room as well! is going to be a diffcult choice as to which I buy when I give my Pilot to my wife this summer.
DeForest Pete 11/22/2011
I hope my new Ford Fiesta holds up as well as the old time Ford Fiesta I had, I'm depending on you Ford Mtr. Co.
Fred Wisswell 11/20/2011
we have 2005 Ford escape, gotta love it!
Joe Poe 11/18/2011
2010 owner ....Don't like the looks sorry! Turn off.
greg forrester 11/17/2011
Looks like a worthy replacement for my 2001 Focus Wagon. In fact, it looks similar to the current Focus Wagon being sold in Europe. Thank you for maintain the AWD option. Chances are very good that I will buy a new Escape in the 13 or 14 model year.
Juston Preble 11/17/2011
Honestly, my first exterior visual impression is wimpy, wimpy, wimpy... And truthfully wish Ford would have rolled out a masculine small SUV. On the other hand this new escape really is amazing when it comes to Engine (2.0 EcoBoost), Transmission, and 4wd availablility with the 2.0 EcoBoost. Also the interior is great looking and the technology is second to none... Its the wimpy exterior that I have a really hard time getting use to. Especially because you cant fit 30x10.5 BFG All Terrain Tires on it like I have on my 2010 Mariner... And honestly wish 32x11.5 would fit with a decent tough stance an improved ground clearance. After all isn't that what an SUV is... I'm sure it will sell but just wish for more of a Range Rover LR2 look/Hummer with the Blue Oval an it... :)
Addison Harlem Towing 11/17/2011
The old Escape looked more like a station wagon than the new one. Unless you're upset that they lowered it an inch.
Brad Barefoot 11/17/2011
Looks a bit like a C-Max, guess that is the new Ford look. Like most of the features like the auto/rear door. Electronic, from this man's perspective all of the builders have gone too far. I looked at a SEL Focus yesterday and saw more unneeded features just to get the rear view camera. After a few minutes (sales guy knew his stuff) I finally said no more. I am staying w/Ford but with a Transit Connect instead of a Focus. What I'd really love is a Fusion based wagon.
Pierre du Plessis 11/17/2011
People, the old one look hidious! This one looks modern and sporty. Stop complaining. If you hate it, go buy a crap Toyota. Ford, you dit a fantastic job on this! I LOVE IT!!!!!
mike kraine 11/17/2011
I am a loyal Ford customer and stockholder. I was looking forward to buying my wife a new Escape. I won't now. It's a terribly mediocre design that apes every other small suv. The current Escape is one of the top selling vehicles because it retains a level of masculinity and uniqueness. All the electronics in the world won't make someone buy a poorly styled car. I own a 2006 Mustang GT that I will keep forever as I love the design. My one hope for my next vehicle is that Ford makes the Bronco concept. Nobody except Jeep is making anything with an edge at this point, and their quality is lousy. All you need to do is look at how many Wranglers and Wrangler Unlimiteds are being sold to see the appeal. Just make me the Bronco concept, ideally with a diesel, and I'll buy more Fords. You have iconic products and a distinctive place in the market and are throwing it away. The new Land Rover Equipe design is stunning and looks like a baby Explorer. The new Escape is completely forgettable. I'll bet, like when Jeep phased out the Cherokee for the (lousy) Liberty, Ford will need to keep the current Escape in production as a "Classic" model for a few years because the sales will justify it. What an opportunity lost. Really depressing.
John Polk 11/17/2011
Extremely disappointed the Escape Hybrid will no longer be made. My 2008 4WD Hybrid is without a doubt the best vehicle I've ever owned. My plans to buy another Ford Escape Hybrid 4WD for my wife will now be shifted to Toyota since Ford has dropped one of the most successful products in its history. What are you thinking Ford? Wow! I've been touting Ford's leadership in the fuel efficiency low emissions arena, but no more. It's a sad day Ford... And this customer will be shopping elsewhere this winter. As will a large number of NY and CHI taxi drivers...
Dan Ledahl 11/16/2011
Ford didn't need another station wagon. They need SUVs. They already ruined the look of the Explorer. If Ford keeps focusing solely on suburban women, they will be loosing me as a customer. This thing is ugly.
James Sr. 11/16/2011
Looks like a Subaru Tribeca.
2008 Ford Escape owner 11/16/2011
Looks like crap.
Micayla McElvain 11/16/2011
This is so disappointing. We are long time Ford owners, but this redesign looks 'blah' just like so many other crossovers on the market. I hate that when it's time for our current Escape to go we will have to look elsewhere.
Nick Thilges 11/16/2011
I love the new look of the Escape. Times have changed and so have peoples tastes. I love the look of all Fords. Ford is by far the best looking vehicles i have seen. The new Escape looks fierce and aggressive I LOVE it. Keep up the amazing work guys.
Neil Kaltsulas 11/16/2011
Congrats! Another Ford SUV neutered! I would honestly rather have the very original one over this estrogen laced piece of grocery getting suburbanism. Who designs this unnoticeable trash? If I wanted to blend in with all the rest, I'd get an Edge. I'm ashamed to see such poor execution. Who likes this? Anyone? Not me.
Allen Cookson 11/16/2011
Great job, Ford! I love the new Explorer, but don't really want that large a vehicle. Love the new Focus, but like an SUV. Voila, The new Escape! Strong family resemblance to the Focus, smaller than the Explorer. I would have considered the current Escape to replace my Grand Cherokee, but the new Escape has moved to the top of my wish list!
If I can't have a diesel, I'll settle for the 2.0 EcoBoost. This will also be a less expensive alternative to another vehicle I am considering, the Audi Q5. Way to go Ford!
Dylan Zahra 11/16/2011
Looks nice, territory is' bigger and better' but the escape fills a nice gap between the falcon and the territory
Dennis Lautenbach 11/16/2011
Rented this suv in Germany this past July...had Diesel Motor. Very solid and fast. Great on the autobahn. Average speed of 112 mph for two hours, our top speed 124 mph. Could have gone a lot faster...but, I am not 20 anymore.
Paul Mickelson 11/16/2011
What TA, didn't you ever learn to drive an automatic?
Jeff Miles 11/16/2011
If you compare a current 4 cyl. with 21 mpg city and 28 hwy plus 5 mpg to a hybrid at 34 mpg city and 31 mpg hwy plus save upwards of $6000. Count me in on the new 4cly and I will wait for the all electric vehicles to come down in price as they become more main stream. Great job Ford!
Jujub 11/16/2011
YUCK! I have a 2011 Escape & won't buy the new style one. Have to change to a different vehicle.
Jeff Miles 11/16/2011
If you compare a current 4 cyl. with 21 mpg city and 28 hwy plus 5 mpg to a hybrid at 34 mpg city and 31 mpg hwy plus save upwards of $6000. Count me in on the new 4cly and I will wait for the all electric vehicles to come down in price as they become more main stream. Great job Ford!
Francisco Campillo Muñoz 11/16/2011
Será el nuevo kuga.
Al Krai 11/16/2011
Nice look
Nick Elmy 11/16/2011
After owning a 2006 Mariner, and recently leasing a 2011 Escape, I have to say, I will be counting down the months (20 left) till I can get one of these. I liked the fact that while other companies were switching to more car-like designs, Ford was (at least with the Escape) keeping the boxy, rugged look around. But, lets face it, Ford has to be able to compete with Honda and Toyota, as well as Hyundai and Kia, and so we have to realize that and move on. I guarantee this will have features and a look all it's own when seen in person. People who say this is a reskinned Rav4 are idiots. This Escape clearly owns a Rav4 in all areas, and that goes for the new CR-V as well.
dave cable 11/16/2011
another mazda!
Mathew Robb 11/16/2011
Territory looks better.
Addison Harlem Towing 11/16/2011
The old Escape was based on a Mazda car chassis too.
TA Baird 11/16/2011
No manual. No hybrid. No sale.
edvard3 11/16/2011
I don't think the styling is bad. It looks like your typical run of the mill small crossover from just about any other carmaker. It looks current, modern, and I'm guessing it'll sell well, especially in larger metro markets. But the grill on this one looks odd. It appears to have two grills- one up top that looks squished and proportionately too small and a huge gaping grill below it. I'd suggest making the style up front a bit more tailored for American tastes, which tends to be more about aggressive styling and ,more chopped-off edges- like the Mustang.
Vinoda Badaga 11/16/2011
Feel the Difference !!!
Ryan Garbe 11/16/2011
As if Ford did not have enough station wagon looking garbage in their lineup. They just added another one. The old Escape was SUV through and through, very rugged and masculine looking. The old Escape was also simplistic. The front of this just looks like everything else from Ford, a big gapping mouth screaming to be put out of misery.
Amy Devine 11/16/2011
Hate it and I WON'T be buying one, after buying 4 Escapes in the past.
Joe Jackson 11/16/2011
A reskinned rav4.
SteveB 11/16/2011
yes about time we got a Kuga look alike, now only when are we getting the Focus RS with 300 plus horse?
Lewis Lew Allen 11/16/2011
it's basically a british ford kuga with an extended body tht's the only change not good work look at ford uk of u wnat 2 see it
Daniel Arturo Juárez Ascencio 11/16/2011
Don´t like ... seems like the Ecosport, where is the truck-like as the other models?
Dmitriy Pochitalin 11/16/2011
America has Ford EDGE which is much better.
Adam Brodsky 11/16/2011
i'm a little put off by the styling but i think i'll get over it. i'll chalk it up to being so used to the old Escape - 10 years is more than enough to get so used to the way something looks. features sound 100% great though
Ira McCrea 11/16/2011
wheels look like they are from the Taurus SHO, I think the gas mpg will make it successful but unlike the Edge and Explorer ensure that EcoBoost can be purchased in 4WD as well
J 11/16/2011
I don't get automakers. The have a design that sells very well and looks really good. Now, I'm a guy and I will say that I love the look of the 2010-2011 Escape. I would own one too if it weren't for me needing a truck. But, this 2013 Escape is just awful. I understand that the look of the Feista is a hot seller however, Keep some versatility in your line up. I'm already depressed that the Ranger is going away and I know local police departments are going to miss the Crown Vic, now you are just going too far.
Drew 11/16/2011
wow thats ugly
Daniel Norfolk 11/16/2011
I hate the design of the new Focus, but this...I actually like. That's a good looking mini-SUV.
Addison Harlem Towing 11/16/2011
They have to change styling to stay competitive, but they just slayed the competition on features and amenities!
Eric Meccia 11/16/2011
the new Ford escape looks like other vehicles because THEIRS are selling .... but, a Communist Kia doesnt hhave awesome Ford Sync .... I don't know when ill buy tthe next Taurus ... my Marauder needs to break first .... and at 130K miles .... I still have 10 years to go.
Wayne Fields 11/16/2011
Looks like s KIA sportage ... Just like the old sportage looked like the Forf ecosport of Mexico
Addison Harlem Towing 11/16/2011
Nancy, Ford is glad you bought your 2012. I'll be glad when we buy our 2013. Larger, more fuel efficient, and with current styling. Not 12 year old styling. I passed over the Escape for years because it was bland.
Ruth 11/16/2011
I'm very disappointed that the new Escape looks like a lexus not a classy, small truck with higher clearance!!!!!. I have a 95 Escape and love it. EcoBoost is great adder--GO BUILT FORD TOUGH!! TO BAD ABOUT THIS NEW DESIGN. Woe, the consumer.
R. von Minden
Nancy DiBernardino 11/16/2011
Just bought a 2012 Escape Limited almost two months ago - and I'm glad I did! The 2013 model it just plain ugly and looks like a compact car. If I wanted small and ugly, I would have bought a Fiesta.
Mauro Felci 11/16/2011
The Ford Escape, North American sister of Our KUGA, will make its debut at the 2011 Los Angeles before being presented worldwide at the Geneva Motor Show 2012. The new Escape SUV my2013 is the first comprehensive American home for the first time and no V6 engines for the U.S. market limited to a range of 4 cylinders ranging from 170 to 250 HP. This also shows that American customers are looking for smaller cars, versatile and with lower power consumption. Just with the new Escape will debut the new 1.6-liter EcoBoost with direct injection that will take more than 2 km per liter more than the old model of the SUV. The engine range will also present the 2.5 naturally aspirated 170 HP and a 2.0 turbo EcoBoost 250-hp. All EcoBoost engines will be coupled to the standard 6-speed automatic transmission with manual option SelectShift with a new torque converter which helps to further lower power consumption. Also from the standpoint of fuel-economy, Ford has developed an active grid for the 2.5 and 1.6 that is closed to improve aerodynamics and opens only when the engine needs to be cooled. The four wheel drive system has been completely revised and now allows for better stability on off-road performance as well as checking with an electromagnetic clutch torque distributed to each wheel to correct driving errors and improve traction in off-road. The new mid-size SUV, Ford will present many technological innovations, starting with a new navigation system that can be used with voice control, with buttons on the steering wheel or using the touchscreen. MyFord Touch also allows easy connection of mobile phones and gives users a simple control of the navigation system, entertainment system and air conditioning. In addition to Blis, a Blind Spot, which warns the driver when a vehicle is not visible in an area of the mirrors will be a system of automatic parallel parking. To signal the presence of a sensor placed under the rear bumper that allows the automatic opening of the trunk through a foot near the receiver, thus making it easier to load the machine when your hands are occupied. The practicality of the Escape has been greatly improved with new rear seats that break down and create a flat load floor, which further increases the load capacity and you can choose 2 of the load levels to further customize the boot.
Pat Manning 11/16/2011
Fugly. If I wanted a mazda car, I'd buy one.
Samantha Myrto 11/16/2011
strictly speaking physical appearance...that is hideous. everything else about it, i like the idea...but...that is terribly ugly :/ sorry ford. you know i love you, but i can't get behind that!
Susan Grimes 11/16/2011
Gotta say, not thrilled with the new look....our suvs are turning more and more car like
Marc Riley 11/16/2011
Beautiful !!!! I hope we didn't lose any performance or interior room from the old one ..
Sarah Marie Arrington 11/16/2011
Our lot and start selling them
Sarah Marie Arrington 11/16/2011
I love it can't wait to get one on
Luke Kao 11/16/2011
The new Escape looks great! its looks much more aggressive and sleeker than the old design, which was dull and boxy.
Carl Warmington 11/16/2011
Well done Ford at keeping the design very close to the Vertrek concept. The new Escape looks more like a premium vehicle ready to take on Lexus, Audi & the likes. I feel sorry for Honda & Toyota trying to sell against this beauty. And thank goodness for ending the old school boxy Escape design.
Carl Warmington 11/16/2011
Well done Ford at keeping the design very close to the Vertrek concept. The new Escape looks more like a premium vehicle ready to take on Lexus, Audi & the likes. I feel sorry for Honda & Toyota trying to sell against this beauty. And thank goodness for ending the old school boxy Escape design.
Addison Harlem Towing 11/16/2011
Hybrid is gone. Ecoboost gets better mileage.
Addison Harlem Towing 11/16/2011
Hybrid is gone. Ecoboost gets better mileage.
Donna Calabrese 11/16/2011
Looks Good! Well done Ford Motor Co.!
James L Farmer 11/16/2011
surely they aren't dropping the hybrid version .
James L Farmer 11/16/2011
surely they aren't dropping the hybrid version .
Krishna Pidikiti 11/16/2011
if its priced a bt 2 high
it can compete with an x6
Jane Almaguer 11/16/2011
All I want for Cristmas next year is a new Ford Escape!!! I'll Pass on gifts this year!! lol I promise to be good !!
Jade Orr 11/16/2011
Ok, Ok, I've heard it from both sides and I will say the little pic on Facebook doesn't do it justice. I personally like the way it looks, but I will have to see it in person before I say love it or don't much care. Ford has a way with vehicles that some Hate and some Love. I will say Ford has a better line up then most American or Import. At least you can tell which is which and not have to get close to them. Just remember this will come with the Eco Boost and it needed the big openings on the front to keep things cool. I'll reserve my judgement till I see it in person.
Lynne Harty 11/16/2011
I like it!
Luis Garcia 11/16/2011
God its sexy its melts in my hand
Dave Brisson 11/16/2011
if you build it they would buy it.
Michael Bento 11/16/2011
When, when, when!? When will it be in dealerships?
BM 11/16/2011
Proofread your article. Why are you repeating information in the same article? (i.e. the new Intelligent 4WD System analyzes data from 25 external signals (say, wheel speed and steering wheel angle), assessing road conditions and driver input. Intelligent 4WD builds on the pre-emptive actions by adding and subtracting torque as needed through an electromagnetic clutch.).
Addison Harlem Towing 11/16/2011
People always hate styling redesigns when they first come out (I guess I'm the exception here) but in a few years the old Escape will have no demand just like the Bronco II's. It was about time the 12 year old shoebox got sent to pasture. Like it or not, Ford's moving forwards not backwards. There are plenty of old broncos and first gen Escapes out there for the haters. Just buy what you want and stop whining!
Dave Brisson 11/16/2011
kind of uninspired. Looks like were doning what japan has done to our vehicles for years...........
Barbara Godejohn 11/16/2011
Used Ford's Roadside assistance my first time last Friday, it was the most pleasant and efficient experience I have every had dealing with a program like that. Keep up the great job FORD
Addison Harlem Towing 11/16/2011
Victor the new Escape is LARGER than the old one. That's why we waited, to get the LARGER 2013!
Addison Harlem Towing 11/16/2011
Way to go Ford! All the improvements the Escape needed. For those of you who like the old escape: Go down to the dealer and buy one. Lots of inventory left. Make room for my 2013!
Danen Eastwood 11/16/2011
Not coming to Australia soon enough. As a New car sales man for Ford I am stuck selling the dated ZD Escape. Ugh!
Matt Desmond 11/16/2011
looks good!
Robert L. Burns 11/16/2011
Remember, this isn't an SUV in the traditional sense. This is a car with a taller stance, upright seating, and a little more carrying capacity. It has to compete with the CR-V, RAV4, Equinox, Forester, etc. If you don't like it, don't buy it. But don't fault Ford for trying to compete in this market segment. Escape sales have been falling and the very dated design of the current Mazda 626-based model probably has something to do with that.
Josée St-Pierre 11/16/2011
Il est très attendu par les clients...super :o)
Jen Bixler 11/16/2011
Glad to see i"m not the only one disappointed by this new design. I too wish there was a DISLIKE button!
Matthew Amack 11/16/2011
I love the new Ford Focus, and the Escape they both look like great CARS but not a S.U.V maybe a C.U.V, does Ford have plans to a new make S.U.V. since they just got rid of one with the Escape, we all want the Bronco back!!! I wanna see in all wheel drive Ford Focus in America!!
Victor John 11/16/2011
cant you idiots make differant looking cars---pluss the the new escape is way smaller then the old one---people need room---thats why the old escape sold so well---you flunked on the new escape--we dont need another focus or feista
Paul Langridge 11/16/2011
escape yourresponsibilites the ford way
Karl Lewis 11/16/2011
Too much technology that is bound to go wrong and cost a Fooortuuune to put right, that said i've always loved Fords since my first ride in a Ford Cortina Mark 1 as a child.
Victor John 11/16/2011
you didnt say how much smaller the new escape is---it was a nice sized suv--now its way to small !!!!!!!!!!
Robert E. Fitzgerald 11/16/2011
This is why Facebook needs a dislike button. SUV's are supposed to be boxy, like the Bronco concept from a few years back. I prefer the old one.
Yair Sánchez Lara 11/16/2011
A Volvo??? It's more like the European Kuga!!!!
Rob Apted 11/16/2011
We will sell a boatload of these just like we do every year! Once again the imports will be scrambling to try keep up!
Mark Baker 11/16/2011
Omg its a volvo with a ford badge right?
Lex Grant 11/16/2011
Lol! This would be the second time i've seen the truck. First time in a picture. I was driving through Dearborn, on Oakwood and saw one in the the full car zebra cover. The stuff they use to try to cover up new cars.
Russell Hutchens 11/16/2011
Not sitting well with me. Looks like a cross between a Subaru and a Pontiac Vibe.
James Donelson 11/16/2011
Ford Studio designers have done another excellent job!!Looks far better than the out of date look of the current escape.Can't wait to test drive one.
Kevin Hejnal 11/16/2011
Looks fantastic...
Greg Mineo 11/16/2011
It's still not a BRONCO! Pass.
Dennis A. Lemke 11/16/2011
Don't like it, either. Doesn't Ford use focus groups? It does look like a bigber Focus...not happy. Guess I will get a low mileage 2011!
Dan Minnerly 11/16/2011
Like the previous styleing much better. Ford has taken away it's rugged good looks and relegating the Escape to generic suburbia.
Daniel F. Sinclair 11/16/2011
People can honestly put this new escape next to the old model and prefer the old model? Wow. The new Escape looks great.
Danielle Raupp 11/16/2011
Dont like it! It looks like a bigger Focus, I also dont like the new Focus, the front end has too big of a mouth. Maybe if they redesighn the front of it, I would probably like it.
Andrew Wylie 11/16/2011
The fiesta has a big brother?
Pamela Walker Ries 11/16/2011
Proud to work for Ford where we make the sharp looking headlamps and rear lamps!
Devon Hodgson 11/16/2011
If Ford removes the F150 roots of the Expedition, and create an even BIGGER Focus, whenever they roll around to redesigning that vehicle that is; I may lose my faith.
Michael McNeely 11/16/2011
I have an Escape now. Won't be buying another one. That is hideous!
Ron Hubers 11/16/2011
I like it! The outgoing Escape had really been played out and this one seems to have all the fuel saving amenities required in this day and age. @Nick, Yes, yes you are.
Jennifer Erdmann 11/16/2011
Looks like a Toyota Matrix..... it isnt a suv anymore, thats for sure.
Jason Hart 11/16/2011
It looks like a CRV
Jet Slutzky 11/16/2011
Nick, aggression is so 20th century. It's a soft friendly face as not to scare the children.
Nick Wolf 11/16/2011
Am I the only one who's missing the aggressively styled trucks/crossovers? this looks like the edge and the new focus mated...
Cüneyd KOÇ 11/16/2011
perfect to!
Jet Slutzky 11/16/2011
Loving the Kugas new face
Looks great alongside the rest of the N.A. Ford family
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