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By Sean J.

Conversations are the fuel that powers Ford Social. We need your stories, your ideas and your photos to keep the tank full and the conversation lively.

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Ford Social offers lots of ways to contribute:
  • Your Stories – Everyone has a good one. From the Ford-fanatic family that owns 8 generations of F-Series Trucks, to the 71-year-old grandmother with a passion for Ford Mustangs, Ford Social is packed with stories that can touch your heart or get your blood pumping. Help us keep the conversation going and connect with fellow Ford fans by submitting yours today!

  • Your Ideas – We’ve all had those moments. You know, you’re driving along and think, “wouldn’t it be better/easier/safer if my Ford…” That’s what we call Your Ideas, and we want to hear about them. Some ideas are big, like a new vehicle. Others are small, like a tiny, built-in camera. The point is, Ford wants to know what you think will make their products better.

  • Your Photos - If “a picture is worth a thousand words,” your photos speak volumes. We’re always looking for great pics of you and your Ford. We even have special themes to inspire your creativity. Send us your photo today and show everybody your Ford pride.

So whether you’re brand new to the site, or a seasoned Ford Social veteran with a ton of badges, we want to hear from you. Don’t be shy, jump right in and share your stories today!
Sandra Barbour 09/24/2014
"Ford tough" is no ad gimick. It's real life truth. Was in a crash yesterday. To avoid getting hit by a semi, I backed into the Audi A8 behind me. Totalled his front end. The paint on the back bumper of my Escape was damaged and one end of the bumper wa pushed down about 1/4" That's it. Event he covering on the lights stayed perfectly intact. Virtually no body impact at all. This is one tough vehicle. We are a Ford family for life.
Bert Cundle Sr. 05/14/2013
My Dad has had at least 10 Ford since I was Born... [ 8 / 16 / '19 ~ 3-14-'06]
I have 5 + one of his. Granted, the newest is the '85 Van.
I went to Carroll Shelby's Memorial: Saturday May 10, '13./ /Passed: May 10, '12 .
Magnificent show of Mustangs & Cobras... & Ultra Power Engines.
Joshua M 05/12/2013
Ford always has great arctiles rock on ford.
Love the car, I work at a Ford dealer in PA as a tech and get to drive them from time to time. Maybe ill be able to afford one
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