Ford Teams Up to Save Energy with MyEnergi Lifestyle

By Charlie S.

Imagine an energy-saving technology which, if applied to every home in the U.S., could save the amount of energy it takes to power all of the homes in California, New York and Texas. That is roughly 32 million homes. Your mind probably jumped to cold fusion or some other science fiction solution; but the reality could be as simple as the smart implementation of technology that is already available today.

Ford recently announced the MyEnergi Lifestyle® collaboration, which will demonstrate how a typical American family can significantly reduce their electricity bills and CO2 footprint by integrating home appliance technology with a plug-in vehicle to achieve an energy-efficient lifestyle.

As unlikely as it seems, simply updating outdated appliances, adding a renewable energy source like solar panels and switching from a vehicle that gets 25 miles per gallon to a Ford C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid can yield significant savings. According to a computer model created by the Georgia Institute of Technology, this could result in a 60 percent reduction in energy costs and a savings of over 9,000 kg of CO2 for a single home

To turn that model into a reality, Ford is working closely on MyEnergi Lifestyle with leaders in the home appliance, renewable energy, and power management industries like Eaton, SunPower and Whirlpool, as well as Infineon and Nest Labs.

An array of recent technological advancements makes this project possible. Electric vehicles, like the C-MAX Energi, are more efficient and can intelligently charge during the lower-cost electricity hours. Appliance efficiency has improved dramatically over the past decade and thermostats have become smarter. At the same time, reliable and affordable rooftop solar systems enable families to generate their own renewable energy and save money on their utility bills.

In addition to the energy benefits directly received from the latest product offerings, the widespread deployment of smart meters, which are now more than 40 million homes across the U.S., enables households to take advantage of off-peak rates.

The Ford off-peak electric usage technology – value charging – is available on all Ford plug-in vehicles via the MyFord® Mobile app. Value charging harnesses the power of cloud computing to automatically charge the vehicle when utility rates are lowest, thus helping to minimize the cost to charge the vehicle and potentially the ownership costs of an electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid vehicle.

The collaborating MyEnergi Lifestyle companies will demonstrate how attainable, affordable and convenient a sustainable lifestyle can be by awarding a typical American family with the delivery and installation of energy-saving products from each company, along with other leading energy-efficient products.

Could your family benefit from the MyEnergi Lifestyle? Grab a C-MAX Energi badge and tell us in the comments about how you plan on saving energy around your house.
Christian Grieco 01/12/2013
Ford is moving in the right direction. I have solar panels on the roof and it charges out CMAX Energi and Prius Plug In (will probably trade that for Fusion Energi). I also have smart home service from Time Warner Cable. It would be cool for Ford to partner with UControl, the maker of the touchscreen home automation technology ADT and Time Warner Cable both use. It is a brave new world and Ford gets it. We can innovate our way out of many of the significant problems humanity created. Climate change is one of those problems that Ford is taking seriously, and will profit from helpng solve.
Joshua M 01/10/2013
neat picture
Raoul D 01/10/2013
We saw this explained at CES. Being in the southwest, we're used to maximizing efficiency and minimizing our peak consumption, especially in summers
Joshua M 01/09/2013
Yep ford always does a great job
Richard F 01/08/2013
I have a car in the garrage where it's going to remain, it gets 10 mpg. Cars have come out with 50 mpg and that's not enough. Cars comming out today can offer 100 mpg and in the back of my mind I wonder why couldn't they do this years ago. My last thought is when the only cost to driving a car is maintenance and insurance but I believe the day will come sooner than you think.
Brad B 01/08/2013
Hey Ford ! The times they are a changing. It won't be long until we move into our first Hybrid. Being European at heart the C-Max Hybrid ended up being the logical choice. The new Fusion has style, but the C-Max has that European feel. Thanks to all the great folks at Ford who helped to create the C-Max.
Ford Teams Up to Save Energy with MyEnergi Lifestyle
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