Ford Social Citizen Journalists Report from NAIAS 2013

By Sean J.

Not many people get to see the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) the way that Ford Social Citizen Journalists Michael McManus and Philip Kelly did.

Between the factory tours and panel discussions with executives, Michael and Philip were right in the thick of it as Ford Motor Company made big announcements and unveiled new product concepts. They both got the inside scoop on a new SYNC® AppLink™ developer program that enhances smartphone integration into Ford products.

“Ford has put out for developers an open invitation to build apps for the Ford app system that’s built into the cars,” explained Philip.

“It really opens mind-boggling possibilities for creating a better, stronger relationship between the driver and the vehicle,” added Michael.

Speaking of mind-boggling, that’s how both of our Ford Social members would describe the Ford press event that they had an exclusive look at. As Michael and Philip filled into the Joe Louis Arena, along with hundreds of gathered press and automotive dignitaries, they had no idea that part of the future of Ford was about to be dropped from above.

“It was fun seeing that Ford Atlas coming down from the ceiling, and seeing what that pickup truck could actually look like in a few years,” admitted McManus.

Philip, an avid F-150 fan, was a bit stunned by what he had just seen, casually commenting that it is, “a great-looking truck.”

But obviously no trip to NAIAS would be complete without an excited walk through the show floor. Our Citizen Journalists, fresh off the spectacle of the Atlas reveal, had plenty of time to peruse the new Ford and Lincoln offerings while checking out the interactive displays throughout the floor.

Check out the video above to see what new vehicles caught their attention, and make sure to sign up to be the next Ford Social Citizen Journalist!
Bob Y 03/06/2013
I only buy trucks.
james roman 02/07/2013
Why did you ruin the escape? 2011 and 2012 ford had the best looking small suv on the market, the 2013 is ugly!!! Why did you make it look like everyone elses? You , also, made the tail gate smaller so that you cannot carry the same size containers. It wasn't broken shouldn't have tried to fix ir.
Joshua M 02/07/2013
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