Escape with Kick Kick Snare Emerging Artists

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What? You’ve never heard of Kick Kick Snare? Well, Kick Kick Snare is an online resource for artists, hot music videos, daily downloads and tour announcements. Its goal is to keep you in the know, with fun and fresh music.

We heard some great music in Texas, thanks to Brent Burns and rest of the fine folks at Kick Kick Snare. They introduced us to Matthew Dear, a man who belongs to no one genre, blending house, electronica, dance, DJ and pop for his own sound. The group Body Language, opening for Dear on tour, has a new “dancy, disco, collegiate” album coming out later this year. Jazzy, bluesy female artists more your style? You’ll be able to really appreciate the unique qualities of ZZ Ward’s voice on the 2013 Ford Escape sound system; every note is clean, clear and crisp. And Kick Kick Snare’s own personal musical crush, Johnny Stimson, is like clean-cut, and every song is infectious, well-written and totally radio-worthy.

So how does music sound in the new Ford Escape? We asked each of the acts that very question. No matter what the genre – electric, acoustic, dance, club or pop – They loved how great their music sounded in the 2013 Escape! Visit the Kick Kick Snare YouTube channel to view more videos of the artists and the 2013 Ford Escape.

We’re not surprised. Ford engineers tested quite a variety of music on the Escape sound system to be sure they got the sound quality just right. The bass isn’t muddy or dull. Tone is balanced, and lead vocals and backup singers hit the right depth of sound. But don’t just take our word. “It’s bumpin’,” according to members of Body Language. “Lots of bass, lots of clarity,” said Dear.

Sounding good is only part of the equation. Available SYNC® with MyFord Touch® lets you do so much with your favorite music. It features an eight-inch LCD center touch screen, and a four-inch LCD cluster screen for easy song title and playlist viewing, dual USB ports and Wi-Fi® capability. And simple voice commands or the touch of a button controls it all!

The new Escape’s hands-free liftgate makes it easy to load and load your gear, whether you packing up for your next gig or hitting the road to catch your favorite Kick Kick Snare artist live. Just tap the underside of the rear bumper with your foot for easy access. Johnny Stimson even gave an impromptu concert in the shade of an Escape lift gate – “it’s just awesome” he raved.

Don’t forget to check out what Kick Kick Snare artist have to say (and play) on YouTube featured at the top of this page. You might even spot one of the Kick Kick Snare artists doing a live acoustic set from inside a 2013 Ford Escape!

To learn more about the 2013 Ford Escape, visit .
Rodney B 03/29/2012
This is very cool !!!!
I just love the contest on badges. I found the badge this week on the third level of televisions in the center.
I will take that car in a blue, please.
Jerry F 03/29/2012
awesome :)
Cindy B 03/29/2012
Love It!!!!!
Javier Deloya 03/29/2012
Daniel Nitrite 03/29/2012
nice1 Ford.
Escape with Kick Kick Snare Emerging Artists
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