Emerald with Envy: A Photo Salute to Green-colored Fords

By Sean J.

Depending on who you ask, the color green means a lot of things to a lot of people: nature, wealth, harmony and balance – just to name a few.

But just about everybody goes green for St. Patrick’s Day and it doesn’t get greener than the Emerald Isle. So, in honor of the upcoming festivities, we went into the Ford Social photo archives and enlisted the help of our Facebook fans to find some of the coolest-looking green cars.

From Lime Squeeze to Dark Highland, these Ford colors run the green spectrum within the vehicle lineup!

While some of the green shades highlighted in the photo slideshow are only available on classic Fords, there are still quite a few options for new buyers looking to go green:

Ford Fiesta : Lime Squeeze

Ford Fusion : Ginger Ale

Ford Mustang : Gotta Have It Green

Ford Taurus : Green Gem

Ford Escape : Frosted Glass, Ginger Ale

Ford Edge : Ginger Ale

Ford Explorer : Ginger Ale, Green Gem

Ford Flex : Ginger Ale

Ford Expedition : Green Gem

Ford F-150 : Green Gem

Ford Super Duty ®: Green Gem

Do you have a favorite green color from a new or old Ford model? Tell us about it in the comments, or better yet, show us by uploading a photo of it to Ford Social!
Mark V 07/31/2013
Our '06 is Legend Lime a great color that is unique because so few buyers chose it. I think bringing it back was a nice link with the past.(Lime Gold was availible from '67- '69). We also had a '71 Grabber Lime Mustang coupe back in the day.
Olivia T 03/18/2013
Happy St Patty's day....that sour apple lime green is a nice touch
Ty C 03/18/2013
I'm not sure what this guy is talk'n about, but that "gotta have it green" stang up there is the boombastic.
larry 03/17/2013
my comment is about new ford trucks evey single person that i know whats the option of buying a stanrd 5 speed manual shift transmission . not everyone likes an automatic .i want mine maual standard 5 speed transmission or you can keep your automatic's and go bunkrupt
Joshua M 03/16/2013
neat picture of the mustang car ..Happy pattys day
Has every one forgotten

Let me put that like this if your wanting me to comment the green bean up there in the picture I just couldn't hurt that persons feelings. But I would like to ask you this if I may?

Has every body forgotten about that beautiful Ford LTD Especially the 1972.
Back then you could order just about any motor you wanted. That beautiful lady could run like a scalded dog and looked dam good doing it just a thought.

Especially the 1972 two door.
back then you could have just about any size motor you wanted.That little lady would
Run like a Scalded dog. And looked dam good doing it.Amy way just a Thought.
Doug 03/15/2013
I like green