Chat it Up with Ford Leaders Around the LA Auto Show

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It’s just about time for the 2011 LA Auto Show, and we’re already rolling out the news. Earlier today we shared the latest changes coming for Mustang (What’s New for the 2013 Ford Mustang), and we’ll have more news as the week rolls on.

But before we get too far into the news, we wanted to make you aware of some time slots that you’ll probably want to put in your daily planner. These are opportunities for you to chat directly with leaders at Ford who are connected to the news you’ll be hearing about. Starting at 10:30 p.m. PST with David Pericak and Amy Marentic who will answer questions about the changes made to the 2013 Mustang. Then at 2:00 p.m. PST, Jason Sprawka wil answer questions about the all-new Escape which will be shown for the first time at the LA Auto Show. Finally, Jim Farley will talk and answer questions about just about anything going on at the Ford show stand at the show.

Bookmark this page, put us in your calendar, and come back tomorrow to join the chats with these Ford leaders!

Join us at 10:30 a.m. PST for live chat with David Pericak, Mustang Chief Engineer and Amy Marentic, Ford Car, Crossover and SUV Group Marketing Manager
Chief Engineer David Pericak and Marketing Manager Amy Marentic Talk 2013 Mustang

Join us at 2:00 p.m. PST for a live chat with Jason Sprawka, Escape Marketing Manager
Live Chat with Jason Sprawka, Ford Escape Marketing Manager

Join us at 3:00 p.m. PST for a live chat with Jim Farley; Group Vice President, Global Marketing, Sales and Service
Live Chat With Jim Farley, Group Vice President, Global Marketing
Jeff Werschkull 11/18/2011
For years us Aussies have enjoyed and loved American Ford engines. Its about time Ford America looses its pride and take alook at our 6cyl turbo engines for the states. The Falcon F6 turbo is an Awesome car. Im Ford V8's thru and thru, but your Mustangs etc are smaller than our Falcon and theory be should have less weight.. It would be a great base model pony car.
Barry Ray 11/17/2011
I've got a 99 Ford F150. Would love to buy a 2012 model, but just can't seem to turn loose of such a reliable vehicle... You lost a sale Ford! Your own fault, for building such a great truck! Maybe in another 12 years...
James Tourtellotte 11/17/2011
Have you ditched the MT-82 standard transmissions? I have a 2012 GT and mine is junk. I've owned over a dozen Fords in the last 20 yrs and now that I have an issue, like a whole lot of people with this trans, the customer relations people can't look me in the eye.
Richingo McDonie 11/16/2011
Can yall bring the pinto back I still got my 73 and I want a new one
John Young 11/16/2011
@ Billy Davis, V8's Means Less Driving, More Fuel Pumping
Christine Marquardt 11/16/2011
Tell me about it I own one of those wonderful 6.0 Powerstrokes, I cannot even get anyone to talk to me about it. Ford denies there is a problem, dealer told me never had an issue with it yet knew off the top of his head that it was up to 10K to fix. Guess they just think I am dumb 'cause I am a girl, could probably teach him a thing or two. Once again, please someone at Ford that knows something please message me so we can talk.
Kyle 11/16/2011
Put a heat extractor hood on the california special
Serge Budja 11/16/2011
Could you please offer an interior colour option with better colours?? Maybe in concert with Katzkin! For a few hundred more i would buy that option! Door inserts, seats and steering wheel, maybe in blue, green, etc.! Colours that Ford offered on the Mustang in the 60's and in the 80's! I remember a nice 1995 T-Bird my friend had in forest green interior, factory option!
Amber Ford 11/16/2011
Ford is the best in Texas! Like some have pointed out they didn't take the governments money. I've owned all types of vehicles, mercedes included and Ford is always there. I have four Ford shirts, one of which is for one of the Lightnings we used to own, and I wear them weekly. I am proud that my last name is Ford. My husband even wants to get a tatoo of a Ford symbol on his forearm. Ford isn't just the best in Texas, it's the best ever! :)
Steve A. Hollander 11/16/2011
Ford builds quality cars. But they're machines and have warranties for a reason. Ford sometimes has a problem honoring that warranty and turns a lot of people to other brands. I'm one of that growing number of people who got scre---. Are you next? I'll never buy anothe one.
Cynthia Wallace 11/16/2011
Ford F-150...a tough truck yet ellegant enough for a lady! Love the 4 doors because there is lots of room for the back seat passenger. Has all the style and comfort a vehicle needs for anyone. Yet can haul like nobodies business!! One great tough truck!!
frank roque 11/16/2011
My Explorer; Mountain, Rain and Snow a piece of cake. Really Tough!!!!
David M Riley 11/16/2011
Test drove a BMW, then a Mustang V6, bought the Mustang, nuff said.
Dale Broadway 11/16/2011
My veins pump Ford blue blood and my heart is shaped like an oval. To say any American manufactures junk is wrong. Take a close look at toyota and their recalls over the last 2 yrs. Of course Ford is the BEST!! But Chrysler and GM deserve some kudoes for turning themselves around. They are second only to ford. I am proud that Ford didn't need a bail out too.
Billy Davis 11/16/2011
Putting a V-6 in a "muscle" car is like not putting guns on a warship! Get a V-8 dude
Ricky Carlson 11/16/2011
Rick Slusher, get a clue with your blind bias opinion! GM, Ford and Chrysler are making great vehicles. There are a lot of models from those three I would like to have. I'm a GM guy and a owner of a 2010 Camaro RS. The quality is great, head turner looks, alot of power from the 304HP V-6. It gets 20/30 mpg and i have got as high as 36 mpg ave on my way to work. But I don't go a round calling other makes junk. You don't become the world's largest automaker by making junk.
Carl Belken 11/15/2011
Years ago i owned a 79 f-150. I was visiting a friend who lived about a mile back in the woods from the road. He did not maintain his road to his home. Parts of it were more like a trail. It was severely rutted and had deep potholes that would tear the muffler off most cars. When I got home from my visit I was amazed to find my binoculars laying on top of my camper shell. I'd laid them up there and forgot about them. When I got to thinking about it I realized I had driven a mile of an extremely rough road and then another 18 MILES to my home with those binoculars laying up there. I loved my old 79 F-150. Very reliable and one of the smoothest riding trucks I ever owned. The truck that beats that one though is my 04 F-150 which I love as much as my old 79.
Fredrick Cruise 11/15/2011
Drive One! 40years old my GT still beats the Japs ;)
Rick Slusher 11/15/2011
i'm 48 years old ,my father always drove government motors,my first car was a 73 mercury montego.i' have been driving FORDS ever since.i ask my dad when you going to quit buying that GM junk and he told me when i get a good one.
Dale Laidlaw 11/15/2011
2013 shelby, 650 hp 600 lb. torque...what else do ya need?
Jake Mancini 11/15/2011
The Boss 302 better beat the new 500 hp camaro. Otherwise i might worry
Jordy Brescher 11/15/2011
how about you "donate" one to me....:0
Kim Wylde 11/15/2011
Can you order a GT500 2013 in right hand drive ???
Raymond Keith Wratchford 11/15/2011
My 2002 F-150 FX-4 still running strong,Thank You Ford very much.
Tim Ellis 11/15/2011
My 16 year old F150 is still running strong!!! She never let's me down!
Faran Fhb 11/15/2011
Marc Riley 11/15/2011
Hats off to you sandra....that's part of what makes ford the best!!!
Sandra Dowgiallo 11/15/2011
Put all four of my daughters through college.. Working at Ford.. I work on them as if they are being delivered to Jesus himself.. I know there standards and wouldn't drive anything else.. So blessed!!!!
Poncho El Chico 11/15/2011
Yup...I agree with u guys ...yes ford at one point kinda went down hill...but lately they been bringing out cars that blow people the new 600 horses mustang =D.....I and did I mention ford is the only company who didn't wast our gov money ? ( our money )
Kathia González 11/15/2011
I agree Pierre ... and don't even talk about Ford's client services on the dealers ... simply the best one!!
William Everett Jr. 11/15/2011
Have you driven
A Ford lately ?
Pierre du Plessis 11/15/2011
I disagree with you Lucas... ford is building the best cars at the moment!
Goodlifecashhealth Employmenthusbandfamilycar 11/15/2011
I want ford desperately
Lucas Davidson 11/15/2011
ford not good at all
Chat it Up with Ford Leaders Around the LA Auto Show
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