Celebrating First Time Ford Owners

By Cole Q.

One of the best things about being a Ford Social member is being able to share experiences with your fellow blue oval fans.  Reading them is fun too, especially when it’s a new Ford owner that takes the time to tell us about their new car, truck or SUV.

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Whether it’s a first new car that happens to be a Ford, the first time someone drives a Ford that they’ve lusted after for years, or someone getting behind the wheel of their first Ford altogether, we have stories from every corner.

(6) Months, (4) Fords, (4) Happy Families

All it took was a couple of family get-togethers over a few months before Melissa P.’s extended family were pretty much all driving Ford SUVs. It all started when her brother drove home a new Explorer , loaded with some of the coolest technology that Ford has to offer.

The Explorer caught the attention of Melissa’s parents, who decided to test drive and ultimately buy their own. Over this past 4th of July, Melissa and her husband really fell in love with her parent’s Explorer, and they bought their own.

Next thing you know, he sister-in-law was joining the blue oval party by purchasing a new Escape . Looks like Ford Fever is contagious.

Platinum is a Guy’s Best Friend

Ellsworth C. is a car guy. He says he’s owned just about everything, even some high-end sports cars. A few months back, he purchased a 2013 F-450 Platinum . Any F-Series fan will tell you that, in addition to being a beast of a truck, the Platinum is loaded with features.

But perhaps the most eye-catching feature of Ellsworth’s new rig was the color, Ruby Red. You see, some supply issues made that particular color a pretty rare one for the 2013 model year. According to his dealer, his Ruby Red F-450 was one of only 54 produced with that color in that model year. In addition to being a head-turner, it was also a rare one at that.

My First Mustang GT Convertible

Ahh, forbidden love. Chuck S. is all-too-familiar with the concept. He had been lusting after a Ford Mustang since he was a boy a few decades ago.

Dad said no dice, but he was able to get a 1970 Mustang notchback. It wasn’t exactly his dream, but a pony is a pony.

Flash forward to 2013 where Chuck was able to finally get behind the wheel of a GT convertible. Luckily for us, he shared his story and a sweet picture.

Wicked Black Beauty

Sometimes it’s okay to SHO off. Hansen H. does plenty of that in his brand new 2013 Ford Taurus SHO .

Now, when you think of high-performance Ford cars, most people think Mustang. But the Taurus SHO has the chops to muscle its way into that conversation. Hansen sure thinks so. According to him, it’s the total package: power, technology, economy and “head-turning factor.”

In fact, his new SHO is so sleek looking that his son had to double check the badges. He couldn’t believe what he saw the first time he laid eyes on it. Needless to say, Hansen is zipping around the local roadways and getting plenty of open-mouthed stares while doing it.

Four Months And Still Loving It. Thank You Ford!

Jeff T. is a lucky guy. A few months back, he was the winner of the Random Acts of Fusion giveaway and got the keys to a brand new 2013 Ford Fusion . He threw in a few bucks of his own and upgraded the car to a Fusion Energi Titanium and just can’t stop driving it.

That’s just fine too, because this car is getting him some great gas mileage, thanks to the Hybrid engine. In fact, he says he’s been to the gas station just twice since he got it. Twice in four months. Not bad.

But it’s not just the great fuel economy that has Jeff singing the Fusion’s praises. He’s also loving the cool technology. Check out the full article to see what features he’s raving about.

These are just a few of the stories Ford Social members have posted about their new rides. But there’s always room for yours. Are you a new Ford owner with a great story to tell? Don’t keep it to yourself, share it with us!
Celebrating First Time Ford Owners
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