Casting Call: Contestants Wanted for Ford Road-Trip Competition!

By Ford Social Member

Get your A-game on, because what we think could be one of the hottest event of 2012 will be Escape Routes, a new online interactive reality series, featuring the all-new 2013 Ford Escape and six two-person teams, competing in physical and virtual challenges! Ford is currently casting those two-person teams, who will use Escapes to travel across the country and solve various challenges in real time while a social circle of friends, fans and followers play along virtually. Every week, the teams will arrive in a new city to partake in spontaneous adventures and interactive social gaming. Escape Routes will begin in March.

Weekly episodes will launch on multiple distribution platforms to show highlights from each adventure. Additionally, short-form vignettes will promote the show and drive consumers to the deeper online/mobile platform. Each day, followers can tune into the live-streaming feed that allows them to become participants and impact the outcome of the program through a series of interactive challenges.

Each team will have its own personal content creator selected from blogging networks. This person will be embedded with Escape Routes and capture exclusive behind-the-scenes content that will be distributed through his or her social graph as well as other earned and owned platforms.

For six weeks, teams will be in front of the camera, battling it out for cash and prizes. Think you’ve got the driving chops, killer instincts and spirited enthusiasm needed to not only compete but to win? Bring it! Apply online at or head over in person to one of the following casting calls (details are at ):

December 17: Dallas and Boston

January 7: Seattle and Miami

January 14: San Francisco and Atlanta

At you can also check out video of the kind of adventures you can expect from Escape Routes.

Ford has teamed up with Emmy-winning reality producers for Escape Routes, and it’s expected to be even bigger and more through-the-roof than last year’s wildly popular online competition series, Ford Focus Rally America!

Visit to learn more about the 2013 Ford Escape.
Jamie At Ford 12/16/2011
Hi Barn Fly,

Do you currently have an issue with your Ford truck? If so, please don’t hesitate to let me know so I have the opportunity to assist!

Ford Customer Service Division
mike b 12/14/2011
‎2011: Phoenix, New York, Malibu, Milwaukee, San Jose, San Francisco, South Orange, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Nassau, Bahamas| Rented a Ford in each location. 2012: Going international w/Ford.
BillandDiane Hoeschen 12/14/2011
We have a one week trip planned for X-mas, leaving X-mas morning at 4am. Would be really nice to take that Escape down to Texas, in the valley!!! PICK US!!! Thanx
Marsha Carlisle 12/14/2011
Erik Brooks 12/14/2011
sound like fun a good road trip, specially if I'm ridin in a new car.. pick me ...pick me !
Jared David 12/14/2011
This sounds like a lot of fun!
Tom Paulsen 12/13/2011
I would do it if you let me drive the 2012 which looks like a real SUV and not the replacement Asian lookalike jellybean station wagon. It was time for a new Escape, but I wish we would have gotten something that looks more SUV and less Focus Wagon.
Mandy Estevez 12/13/2011
My bro and I did a 4500 mile road trip in his fusion in 2007. It was epic! Would love to do a road trip in my truck now to Baja :)
Anna Benyo 12/13/2011
Love ford. Someone hit my Ford Focus last Friday 40 miles per hr. From behind stopped by hitting me not a dent on it! I got some whiplash but so thankful that was it. Now everyone wants one! I should do a commercial for them,lol. Again thanks ford for making it that way cause I could have been really hurt! You go Ford! :)
Jackie Hahn 12/13/2011
dennis probably drives a junk toyota, fords the best
Dennis Borowy 12/13/2011
Dennis Borowy 12/13/2011
Johnny Alvarado 12/13/2011
You all best pump yo brakes before you get hurt, I got this.....
Roy Rommeihs 12/13/2011
I own a 88 LX a 90Gt and a 2011 5.0 and i still love my fords. Funny i havent meet ne one to even come close of beating me. Drivings my thing so yeahi think im in.
Roger Johnson 12/13/2011
i own a beautiful 96 F-150 4x4 with 252.000 km and it still looks and drives like new , count me in
Barn Fly 12/13/2011
look up ford motor problems...
Barn Fly 12/13/2011
dont drive a ford truck.... it will break down.......
Eric Mchenry 12/13/2011
ford i have a 1980 cougar xr7 i am really bad need ofr a sunroof seal can you PLEASE help me find or tell me where to have one maded Thanks Eric
Robert Burton 12/13/2011
darleen i own a 1963 f-100 ,a 1976 f-250 and a 1991 f- 250 i should qualify lol but chevy let me down years ago ford hasnt let me down !!!
Joe Rodriguez 12/13/2011
Hey Ford!! I've blasted my FB friends and the race is on to form Team FordSFirst ..!!!
Dave Evans 12/13/2011
Ford did the same exact thing with their "Focus Rally" marketing failure.
Dave Evans 12/13/2011
Why is a video submission relevant? Isn't it enough that we love Ford products? Oh--that's right! They're only looking for actors! People who can convey trendy urban-spoon-loving cappuccino-drinking hipsters!
Dave Evans 12/13/2011
Here we go with another Ford marketing effort where they hire goofy actors who meet their desire for divercity (one pair of African-Americans, one pair of Asian-Americans, one pair of Latino-Americans) and all look like hipster fashion models. NO ONE here on the Ford Facebook forum or actually dedicated to the Ford brand will ever be chosen to participate. I guarantee it.
Raymond Keith Wratchford 12/13/2011
You can count on me to drive ,just give me a call.
Darlene TheQueen Waller 12/13/2011
hey Robert... you must also upload a video! I wasn't ready for that so I'll apply again later. I may be wrong, but I dont think there's a more loyal Ford person than one that lives, eats and breathe Ford! Most of them live here so... what's the deal? Yeah I know I sound like a spoiled brat! ha!
Sheri Blankenship 12/13/2011
I want to be one of Ford's teams!
Robert Burton 12/13/2011
darlern include me when you apply and i will join you... but like you said too sad
Darlene TheQueen Waller 12/13/2011
how insulting that there aren't any Casting Calls here in Ford Country.... (Detroit, Dearborn, surrounding cities..) but I'll apply online anyway....