All-new Ford Escape Debuts at the LA Auto Show

By Ford Social Member

There is plenty to love about the all-new Ford Escape, and Jason Sprawka, Ford Escape Marketing Manager, points out many of them in this short video interview from the 2011 LA Auto Show.

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The Ford Escape, America’s best-selling SUV, will raise the bar even higher with the debut of this all-new model that features new exclusive features including:
  • An available hands-free power liftgate brings new technology to the SUV market and is enabled by motion technology used in today’s video game systems. A gentle kicking motion under the center of the rear bumper activates, unlocks and raises the liftgate when the driver has the Escape key fob. This allows quick and easy access to the cargo area without needing to set down packages or dig out keys. The same process closes the hatch

  • SYNC® with MyFord Touch®, offers multiple ways for customers to manage and control information through voice commands, menus accessed through controls on the steering wheel, touch screens, buttons or knobs. Upgraded system includes new look, making phone, navigation, entertainment and climate controls even easier to use

  • Parallel parking the Escape is virtually stress-free with active park assist. With the press of a button, the system detects an available parallel parking space and automatically steers the vehicle into the space. Drivers control only the gas and brake pedals

  • Maneuvering parking lots and traveling open roadways becomes even safer and less stressful with Escape’s sensor-based BLIS® (Blind Spot Information System) with cross-traffic alert. BLIS displays an alert in the side mirror when a vehicle is detected entering a blind spot. Cross-traffic alert warns if traffic is detected approaching from the sides, such as when Escape is leaving a parking space in reverse

  • The all-new Ford Escape is the first Ford SUV to combine class-exclusive technology to  automatically slow the vehicle when it’s cornering too fast (Curve Control) or help accelerate through a turn (Torque Vectoring Control); a new Intelligent 4WD System helps deliver outstanding handling on pristine pavement and in adverse conditions as well, along with  excellent traction off-road

You can read more about the new all-new Escape by visiting
Weird Fish 12/03/2012
I've owned an '02, and currently drive an '08. It's a workhorse, cargo, and passenger hauler. I've towed trailers with my '02, and traversed floods in both. The '13 and the fact that the word "crossover" is being used so often is rather akin to when the Taurus was renamed the 500 as a means to bring more alliteration into the mix: a marketing decision made with insufficient consultation with the market itself.

I'm obviously not alone when the "U" in "SUV" actually means something. My '02 was totaled in a rear-ending or else, that vehicle would still be on the road today with probably close to 200K miles on it by now.

I don't have the same level of confidence for this abomination to the Escape name.
C D 11/25/2012
Come on Ford, be the innovators taht you once were, not the followers of the Asian and European manufacturers. QUit partnering with those who cannot come up to the standards of what we the American consumer have come to know, love and enjoy driving. We are NOT Asian or European, rather we are North Americans who expect better from you. If you won't provide then we will look to the other American manufacturers to provide that which we seek, love and enjoy driving, REAL SUV's, not sissy putt-putts on steroids. Quit trying to fix that which does not need fixing! This new design should not have been named "Escape", rather it should have been named "Abandoned" since that is what the majority of us Escape fans are doing, abandoning the Escape line for want of a REAL SUV. Go back to the drawing board, fire the idiot who came up with the idea of this new design and those who carved it out of clay and plastic and get teh REAL Escape designers back on the job/payroll and let them go to town on the 2012 design to ramp it up and properly represent the TRUE Escape Ford line of products. The last thing you should ever do is mess with success. Go back to the drawing board and get it right before you're out of business for if you do this to the Escape what's next to be destroyed, the Explorer? Hell, while you're at it why not bring back the Pinto? EVERYONE would love a car that will get great mileage and doubles as a casket! Wake up before this nightmare becomes reality and Ford is in the history books as a name of yet another "FORMER" great North American Automaker. Tsk, tsk.
C D 11/25/2012
I am certain the only positive comments on this website are from Ford employees for any true Escape fan would never embrace this new design, a radical new direction that could spell disaster for Ford. Shame on you Ford. You did the same thing to the Mustang from 1971 - 2004 only bringing back the original body style flair in 2005. Did you learn nothing from that experience? Remember how sales of the Mustang dwindled over those decades? Remember how the sales surged in late 2004 with "PRE-ORDERS" when the "old was made new again" Mustang was out in dealer showrooms? The old cliche of " a foll and their money are soon parted" applies here for Ford will soon part with a large peice of the SUV market by this one radical change from style to crap on theEscape. We the consumers are speaking out in hopes that you will come to your senses BEFORE you have to file for Chapter 12 as a result of your foolish decision in re-designing the Escape. Put anotehr way you did not re-design the Escape, you killed it, in a bad way. This error will no doubt end up making the Edsel look like a simple bad day and discussion at the board table. It's not to late to re-name this piece of crap and fire up the old Escape manufacturing plant to continue producing a quality product taht the consumer will continue to support and "consume" otherwise it's GM here we come! I'm sure GM is ecstatic at your "re-design" of the Escape since they tend to watch and listen to their consumers, a lesson Henry would have taught not learned. I bet the current decision makers at Ford all put salt on their food before tasting it when attending the President's home for a meal. If so, Henry would have NEVER hired you. "Food for thought." Know your people, products and consumers better than you know yourselves. Ford, you have lost the "drive" that Henry instilled in his products and people. Bring back "Henry" and Iaccoca, at least they respected the consumers and fit taht into the bottom line whereas you are keenly focused on the bottom line first and the consumer last. Shame, shame, shame on you, all of you right down to those in the plants who did not speak up when you could and should have.
CNB 10/12/2012
I've driving my Escape since 2005 and love it!! But there is no way I'm buying the 2013 version! It doesn't look anything like my car! You should have just renamed it! So disappointed as I would have stuck with the Escape for many more years. Sad I now have to look elsewhere.
Lynn 09/10/2012
Sorry Ford...I like Ford products, but this is so ugly I did not even consider it... when I needed a small SUV, I bought an Equinox. I agree with the guy above...when I first saw it the word in my mind was "Edsel."
George 08/26/2012
Too big of a departure from the old beloved Escape. It's really just a Focus wagon, it's not an Escape. I can't see me buying another one. Although I like the new technology and it appears to be a high quality vehicle (saw one at the dealer), as a current owner, I hate the new design. Barbie would right at home here on a run to the mall, but not something I would ever purchase again. I guess they are playing to a new audience. I'm sure it will sell to them.
cliff w 08/22/2012
Sorry Ford....looks like you have another Edsel
oregon111 08/02/2012
no more flat roof for hauling your mtn bike, surfboard, etc.
not more ground clearance for going off the pavement,

now its just a sissy car

I own an Element - but I am getting rid of it because I don't really need a minivan anymore - was thinking about an Escape - but NOT NOW
Peter 07/20/2012
Horrible Looking did you hire a designer from hyundai?????
Laura 05/27/2012
I have owned an Escape since 2002 and I absolutely love it. It is the only car I've owned that I ever considered replacing with the same thing. HOWEVER, after seeing how they have changed it I will NEVER consider a new Escape. I can't tell you how much I HATE the new design. I don't even care what it has inside. I dislike it that much that I would never consider buying it. It's a shame because I've never had a problem and absoltely loved it.
David M 04/01/2012
What good is "intelligent" 4wd if the vehicle lacks the ground clearance to go off-road? The Subaru Outback, with 8.7" of ground clearance , seems far more "intelligent" to me. I was initially excited to hear about the Ecoboost engines in the 2013 Escape, but after I saw its "me too" styling and lack of true SUV capability (much more like a cross-over) all my prior enthusiasm for this vehicle has been lost. But, I doubt I was your "target" audience, anyway.
Andy 02/28/2012
NEW 2013 Ford Escape: my 2cents.
Escape was a great looking, best selling, unique SUV.

Sorry guys, but u've just killed the Legend.. everything what made this SUV unique is gone. The 2013 remake is like a bigger Fiesta, same like all other SUVs on the market.. hybrid between KIA-Honda-Toyota-Hyundai-Subaru-mutant.... a little girly crossover for city shopping.

Same you did to Lincoln MKX...
Charlee Thompson 02/15/2012
Now that is one UGLY car. Put the cool new toys on the 2012 body style and you will have something.
Love the vehicle I own, and looking forward to getting into the 2013 version. An excellent older vehicle and very progressive updates putting it in line with the other products in the Ford stable. Very certain those that cannot update will be replaced by others upgrading to Ford products. Good show Ford.
Jim 12/16/2011
I really like the styling. Would love to have the Hybrid, but looks like that will not be. Has there been a release date set yet? Am anxious to get another vehicle. Considering the Caddy SRX but found this and am interested.
Bob 12/15/2011
Why make such a drastic change! Everyone liked the Escape's look. The 2013 model is ugly. Looks like a cross between a station wagon and a minivan. You just lost another customer. I do suppose it will make my 2006 Escape more valuable as a trade in for a Jeep or another company's small SUV that looks like an SUV. Ford will regret its decision to change the 2013 model so much instead of tweaking the current design.
Jesse 12/14/2011
awful. i have an 05' and I was just thinking about buying a new escape. I guess Ill be looking elsewhere for a replacement. This design is hideous. it looks like a bloated station wagon. Im so tired of european inspired deisgn. This is America. We still enjoy SUV's that actually look like an SUV.
The Escape is ruined. I just bought a 2011. And really love.
paula 12/02/2011
I have to agree with the others, its UGLY! Why change a good seller, with great style n looks, for a bubble one. I just dont get it! I have driven an ESCAPE since 2008, and love it, was looking into passing it on to my daughter in the spring, but am having 2nd thoughts. Please DESIGNERS go back to ur old styling of the exterior, and give us some more console space, and add pockets to the backseats,(all models) not just the XLT ones.
Daren Wise 12/02/2011
My wife and I had an 08...we just traded it back in and got a nice Silver and Black 12...I'm glad I did...this looks like everything else that is out there. Don't like this design at all!!!
I think the new design is pretty cool. Will it have any kind of stability control feature. As in an All-Wheel Drive version?
Roger Marchelletta 12/01/2011
Looks great! I drive a 2002 model and will have no problem making a change to the new styling. Thanks Escape team for bringing us this 2013 design!!!
Tara Bischoff 11/30/2011
WTH? I hate the new Escape design. Wanted to buy a new one in a year or two. If it's going to look like a cheap bubble cross-over, count me out. Bring back the boxy Escape we've all come to love. I'm not sure what this new style is supposed to be - SUV, cross-over? Why ruin a good thing?
Gloria 11/30/2011
U-G-L-Y, You ain't got no aliby.... Man this new escape is just butt ugly.
Cathy Stephan 11/27/2011
I have been looking forward to buying an Escape until the new one came out. It looks like a wimpy crossover, which is not what an SUV is supposed to look like. I don't want a crossover looking vehicle, I want an SUV! I have to say I hate it. I guess I'll be buying from another company- so disappointed.
Ron Unsted. Not sure if my previous attempt at remarks has already gone. However, the new Escape which will appear on the US market spring 2012 has been around in Europe since 2008, known as the Ford Kuga. There have been refinements since then. I have had mine in the UK since May 2011, it has a potent 2Ltr diesel with a pretty hefty turbo, does 48 or so mpg. It is comfortable with an impressive accellertion zip. A nice looking vehicle with a surprising amount of room and storage nooks and crannies and plenty of drivers toys. All in all I am very pleased with it.
Patrick Volz 11/21/2011
I think this new escape looks wonderful and a big improvement over the big box escape. The old design was sooo tired. I just hope it has the HP to tow my boat.
Richard Novak 11/21/2011
I hate to be negative but if I wanted something that looked like a RAV4, I would have bought a Toyota. Ford's last Escape actually looked fairly masculine but this new one... wow. Not exactly ugly, but not exactly Ford either. Sorry.
Nicole Pascovich 11/20/2011
This Escape is flat out ugly!! Oh my God. This thing does not even resemble my 2006 Escape that I love. I was shopping for a new one, but if this is what you're going to put out, forget about it! I'll look elsewhere. I buy Fords because they look like real vehicles not little toys. This vehicle is an embarrassment to the Escape name.
Micayla 11/19/2011
This is SO sad. It looks just like every other crossover on the market. Why not keep the beloved Escape and introduce this as the NEW vehicle it clearly is and discontinue the current Escape? Current Escape owners are not going to want to purchase these...though our mothers and grandmothers might.
Mike Brumfield 11/18/2011
While I am sure it is a quality SUV I hope our 2009 lasts a long time. Unfortunately it looks like all the other small SUV's on the market, I prefer the traditional styling of the old Escape.
Guy B. Meredith 11/18/2011
Guisan Han, the major differences for us are the reduced window size and placement and interior package. We bought an Escape as a utility vehicle and the new design steps away from that simple utility for sake of fashion.
Guy B Meredith 11/18/2011
We had wanted to update our Escape and this is a major disappointment. This may put the Escape in lockstep with the world wide fashion, but has lost everything that we bought our 2009 Escape for. I do not march lockstep to fashion and this model no longer serves the same purpose. I think we'll either be looking elsewhere but since all manufacturers seem to be going the same direction we'll probably just buy the latest Escape that fits our needs and wait around 10 years for style to recycle.
ShiaShaunarielle Ayodelrosario 11/17/2011
looks like ford fiesta but bigger...
Ervin Gunn 11/17/2011
just build it ford tough
Addison Harlem Towing 11/17/2011
With Ford's "one Ford" philosophy, they had to pick one design for all markets. Since the Old Escape would not see in Europe or other areas well, they decided to update the Kuga styling and sell that worldwide. It was a very smart move on their part. I realize many traditional Escape buyers will not like the new Escape out of the gate,(if ever) Ford would've lost more sales to to sell the old Escape to other markets, than updating the Kuga for our market. Ford is looking at the big picture, and will increase worldwide sales overall, while making higher profits on each vehicle. Ford is a smart company, and they may be moving forward faster than the traditionalists like. But like it or not this is the new direction, and they will have no problem selling the new Escape here.
Aaron McCarthy 11/17/2011
It looks good on its own, but it won't when it blends in with all the other crossovers that have the same shape and design.
Tommy Humphreys 11/17/2011
I really dont care for the look of it. Should have given more of the styling of the new Explorer. It looks to much like Ford's other smaller cars. I'm sure it a fine automobile, but ford stylists missed the mark on this one
I like some of the new features, but it joins the crowd of "look-a-likes" which has taken over the auto world. That was the reason I bought a 2011 Escape a few months ago instead of waiting for the new design. Perhaps in 3 years when I will be in the market for another car, it will look better to me.
Royce Kugler 11/17/2011
Glad they updated the Escape!!!
Mark Blount 11/17/2011
I am very disappointed that Ford will not be producing a hybrid version of the Escape.
Adam Jason Lemus 11/17/2011
I’m not all that thrilled about this one, I prefer the 2011 body style. It has a more aggressive truck like a styling where this is following the now common and redundant Small SUV paradigm. The new style just doesn’t have its own identity….but that’s just my opinion, I’m sure it’s a quality built little crossover
Bence Ágó 11/17/2011
Will it be the new Kuga? Please say yes!
Stan Yoder 11/17/2011
Some really awesome changes to a long lasting staple in the Ford stable.
Shawn Gorman 11/17/2011
Looks great ! I hope to be able to afford one in the near future for my wonderful wife
Paula Olesky 11/17/2011
Love it cant wait to start building it.
Brian Schoenrock 11/17/2011
Look at Chevy and dodge, and every other auto manufacturer all cars are starting to look similar its a thing of what the majority want, but I'm glad the trucks don't, trucks for life :)
Nancy Culverhouse 11/17/2011
This think looks pretty sweet. I think it just might be our next new car :D
Peter K Poon Jr 11/17/2011
Guisan, try watching the video before asking what is new about the Escape.
Morgan Culverhouse 11/17/2011
Very cool liftgate feature. I'm assuming that you put safety mechanisms in place such that it only works if the car is in park or the engine is off.
Jacob Rogers 11/17/2011
I don't like how it looks... it looks just like the Fusion, and the Focus... Why have 3 cars looking exactly the same... Nobody wants the same looking car...
Teri Wilson 11/17/2011
MUCH different. They have a video with details. You should try to view. We just bought a brand new 2012 and LOVE it!
Jeff Peschang 11/17/2011
new everything. engines, technology, transmissions, body, MPG's
Guisun Han 11/17/2011
I wonder what is the difference between all-new Escape and old one?