A Lot of Love

By Ford Social Member

When Roxanne Barcia took her Ranger to Deland Ford in Orange City, Florida, that March day in 2003, she was going just for an oil change. Little did she know that appointment would change her life instead.

Barcia spied a new 2003 red F-150 Sport on the lot. It was her dream vehicle—a dream she had thought she’d have to defer until her daughter, Melanie, finished two more years of college. Still, the truck’s sticker caught her attention. “I thought, ‘I can afford this,’” she says. “[But] something told me to go ask questions.”

The person with the answers was sales consultant Kevin LeBeau. Immediately, Barcia was struck by his honesty. “You just know when something feels right,” she says. “He wasn’t pushing me. There was no sales pitch. I asked questions, and he answered.”

As Lebeau calculated the trade-in value of Barcia’s Ranger, the two talked. “We realized we had a lot in common,” she says. They discovered they were both divorced parents, and both were trying to do the best they could for their children. “His story really touched my heart,” she says. “I looked at him and thought, ‘What a nice man.’” Barcia drove off the lot that day with her new F-150—and a lunch date with Lebeau set for the next day.

Barcia was ecstatic with her new ride. “I loved the look of it,” she says. “I liked riding up high in it; I felt safe. The ride was so smooth.” She was even more smitten with her salesman. She and Lebeau started dating; they married in May 2006.

Ten years to the day after they first met, Mr. and Mrs. LeBeau returned to the dealership and bought a 2013 Escape. “The moment I opened the door and sat in the Escape, I said, ‘I feel like I’m back in my truck!’” Lebeau remembers. “It’s so roomy, so comfortable.”
A Lot of Love
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