Your Ford Story for the Memorial Day Weekend

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As we head into the Memorial Day weekend, we wanted to highlight some of the best stories submitted by your fellow Ford fans, interesting ideas and our new posts for the week.

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Here’s a look at what is new on theFordStory this week, including a couple of our favorite stories from you, several ideas that were posted and a few of our stories:

Your Stories

5.0, Lg. And The Pullover

Thanks to the kind folks over at Ford Motor Company, I’ve recently been given use of a media fleet vehicle – the new 2012 Ford Focus. My ‘Kona Blue’ Focus is definitely a sharp looking car that immediately grabs your attention and is fun ride to drive as I’ve learned over the past week. Read more…

Byob 5


Over the weekend I attended a get together of Ford Bronco enthusiasts. We all got together to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the greatest 4×4 ever mass produced. BYOB or “bring your own Bronco” is what this get together is called, has grown considerably over the last five years with over 50 of the “classic” Broncos, many fullsize Broncos and even a few F-series trucks in the mix as well. Read more…

Your Ideas

Why Not Natural Gas?

Why are we not using the advantages of Natural Gas? If a car company told me that I can have a car that gets 40+ miles to the gallon, and be able to fuel it up at my house for as little as $1.25 a gallon (equivalent) I think I would listen, or at least do some research on the subject. Read more…

Offer all trim levels of Focus with a 5 speed

The motor is the same regardless of model, so putting a 5 speed in all trim levels of a 2012 Focus would not be expensive. Lots of people still like to shift their own gears. I'd love a Titanium Focus, but if I can't shift it myself, I'm not interested. Read more…

Hybrid electric

I have a 2001 Ford E150 conversion. I think it should have electric assist in front of the tranny. Read more…

Our Stories

Could Your Vehicle Seat Predict a Heart Attack?


When it comes to dangers on the road, we’re going to guess you immediately think of people who aren’t paying attention because they are texting while driving, distracted by who knows what or the like. What probably doesn’t come to mind at first is that the driver next to you could suddenly suffer a heart attack. You’re welcome for that ray of sunshine today. Read more…

Car-to-Car Communication: Preventing Accidents in the Future


No one really likes a backseat driver, right? That’s mostly because the person tends to provide nothing useful to your driving experience. But what if the information you received could actually warn you of a potential collision with another vehicle or some other road hazard? Read more…

Join the Live Chat with DiRT 3 Game Designer


Veteran gamers know the souped-up Ford Fiesta rally car is only the latest in a long line of fast Fords that have starred in some of most popular racing video games for more than a decade.  YouTube sensation Ken Block’s fiery Fiesta RS WRC 2011 shreds up rallies in the hotly anticipated new video game DiRT 3 by Codemasters. Read more…

How to Improve Fuel Economy this Holiday Weekend


Bathing suit. Check. Sunscreen with SPF 150. Check. Kids in car. Check. Ready to hit the road for Memorial Day weekend travel. Che… Wait, not yet. Where’s that tire pressure gauge? Read More...

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Stephen Galazka 07/25/2011
I've owned 7 Fords since I was issued a drivers license and I loved everyone of them even through a few minor (typical of any car) headaches.
Evan 05/29/2011
build your own car its fun!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ron Russ 05/29/2011
Owned 95 Ford Ranger Splash-Loved it, own 05 Ranger Edge love it, disappointed that Ford decided to turn 2012 Rangers into 4 door mini-vans.
Dawn Robertson 05/28/2011
Just bought a 2012 Focus.... LOVE IT!!!
Joe Burrone 05/27/2011
@ Caleb Holtz, Enjoy I bet it is a awesome ride.
Joe Burrone 05/27/2011
I worked for GM dealerships for over 20 years and I feel sorry for anybody that buys GM junk.
Bill Langdon 05/27/2011
Just tinted the windows on my '09 white Ford Taurus. Looks awesome! Whatta car!!!
Kelly Skillett 05/27/2011
I just had my 2005 Ford Escape hybrid serviced (130,100 miles) at Lumberton, NC Ford. Wonderful and professional service:-)
Daniel Doran 05/27/2011
I am getting a new roller block put in my 1982 Bronco. I get the truck back on Tuesday and am super happy!
Kevin Zeneski 05/27/2011
All my fords have 170k + and i still love them
Christopher Macaroni 05/27/2011
I wish I had money to trade in my 03 Explorer for a new Focus or Mustang but I don't. And I am NOT trading in the NINJA!! Maybe I will just save up and try to land a 50th Anniversary Pony in 2014!
Christopher Macaroni 05/27/2011
Wow.. if cops are "pulling over" the new Focuses just because they like them.. I may not want one after all. LOL JK
5.0, Lg. And The Pullover
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