What Are Your Ford Themed Weekend Plans?

By Tori T.

Happy Friday and Happy First Weekend of March! Do you have anything special planned? Taking a day trip in your Ford? Or maybe shopping for a new Ford? No plans? How about heading to Ford Social to share some cool ideas you have for our Your Ideas section and posting some Your Stories (hint, hint)? Have you picked out a Ford Social badge yet? Well, now look – your weekend just got busy!

If your Saturday or Sunday also involves catching up on what you may have missed this week on Ford Social , allow us to get you started with a look at a few stories, articles and other tidbits that came up this week!

Your Stories


900,000+ Miles And Still Going Ford Tough

This is my baby we my mom gave me this truck for a graduation present and it had 600,000 miles back in 2009 and after some party and beach trip it has more miles than any other car we have ever had. Read more...


From Mustang To Mustang

My first car at the tender age of 18 was a dark blue ‘69 mustang coupe. My dad was a master mechanic, a true & loyal Ford owner/enthusiast & went shopping with me for this vehicle. Of course when on the lot I spotted the Shelby 1st but he said NO. Read more...


My Bronco

Years ago and neighbor and friend of mine died from cancer. His widow didn’t know what to do with his 86 Bronco. She advertised it at his old hunting club and everyone just wanted it for parts. She told me about this and I offered to buy it. Read more...

Your Ideas

Mustang Value Package

First I love what you have done with the new Mustang. However, I would love to see a Mustang package that is stripped down (no a/c, radio delete, no insulation etc...). Read more...

Apple's Siri working with Ford SYNC

If you could access your iPhone Siri through your Ford SYNC to change appointments around or set one. Or to set a reminder for you when you arrive somewhere, would be alot better than pulling out your iPhone to do it and keep your eyes on the road. Read more...

Diesel Fuel Economy

I`ve just towed a 13k lb 5th wheel 500 miles using the Tow/Haul mode to that makes life easier on the road. It would be nice now to be able to change to ECONOMY MODE. Read more...

EcoBoost Raptor

I would like to see Ford make a EcoBoost Raptor since it performed so well in the Baja 500. Read more...

Our Stories


How Would You Celebrate an EPA-estimated 110 MPGe?

As we move closer to the production of the 2012 Ford Focus Electric, the good news keeps coming. Today, it was announced that the Ford Focus Electric will be America’s most fuel-efficient five-passenger vehicle, with an EPA-estimated 110 miles-per-gallon equivalent (MPGe) in the city, 99 MPGe on the highway and a combined EPA-estimated 105 MPGe. Read more...


Continuous Vehicle Innovation is a Mindset at Ford

Henry Ford probably isn’t the first name that comes to mind when you think of famous hackers. In fact, the term may even conjure up images of figures hunched over computers in a dark basement. Read more...


What the Color of Your Ford Says About You

There’s not a single part of your Ford that hasn’t been researched and then researched and then researched more before going in the final design of the vehicle. That even applies to colors, like interior lighting. Read more...


Making the Car Social Again

At Ford, we’ve been facilitating social connections for more than a century. Just as Facebook wasn’t the first social network, Ford didn’t produce the first car. Read more...
Cliff McNair 03/03/2012
I'm getting my 1940 coupe out for it's first run of the year.
Dennis Karnes 03/03/2012
Watching Carl Edwards win Phoenix in a Fusion.
Kenneth Martin Jr 03/03/2012
Driving my 40 opera coupe on a Breakfast Run to Pennys Diner in Yermo!
Chris Economides 03/03/2012
I will be working (at ford), then in my spare time, fixing the rear differential on my F-150!
Jerry Cole 03/03/2012
Still fixing up my 1990 f150 slowly restoring it
Pete Neubig 03/03/2012
Put on the last few parts I need to put on prior to reinstalling a 6 liter in an f550 after a stud job.
Blaž Krajnc 03/03/2012
Car was, of road, car wash again...
Ian McKinnon 03/03/2012
Putting fuel injectors in a 96 probe, and then floors in a 77 F100. Horefully gettin them all welded in.
Ana Martignoni 03/03/2012
I will go to the garage, fix my Ford Fiesta, pay 1400€ and cry. Nice week-end.
Steve Scott 03/02/2012
plan on putting my lights on my new light bar and doing a lil muddn and 4 wheeln
Going to be working on the bodywork for my 1973 F100 restoration project, washing my 1960 Starliner and dreaming and hounding my wife so I can go to the Ford dealer to purchase a new Mustang Boss 302.
Mark Stratton 03/02/2012
@Teresa. Challenger? A Taurus could beat your Challenger!
Mark Stratton 03/02/2012
"Dream" I could actually afford to buy two new Fords for my girlfriend and I. :-( Oh, well. I have to count my blessings I do have.
Nathan Knust 03/02/2012
Buying a new Ford in the morning.
Teresa Ray 03/02/2012
thinking about taking our challenger out and ''whipping'' a few mustangs!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lynn Dilts 03/02/2012
Will be deciding whether or not my 1989 F150 can be saved. His name is Ernie and I dearly love the old rustbucket. He has seen me thru some great(and not so great) times.
Joe Devitt 03/02/2012
goin to work at ford dealership
Ron VanAnda 03/02/2012
Plow snow in my Bronco.
Ronald Cleveland 03/02/2012
Just enjoying the sunshine as we do our errands with the top down!
Will Dossel 03/02/2012
Breaking the Mustang out of winter storage - early.
Don Roberts 03/02/2012
Putting air bags on my 08 f250 power stroke. Getting it ready to tow the fifth wheel.
Kari Damon 03/02/2012
Looking at the 2010 Explorer used models. Since the 2011 is on a car chassis, the legroom has been lessened and my husband does not sit comfortably to drive it. Please Ford, rethink this....
Dan Schenk 03/02/2012
I'm taking my 1970 Bronco mudding then I'm taking my wife out for dinner in our new flex after my wife gets done selling Fords at the local dealership and Sunday I'm taking my 1997 4x4 200k mile plus pick daily driver up truck for a ride and buy a 4 wheeler for my grand daughter!! We're life long Ford die hards would never catch me with out 2 or 3 of them buy Ford there wonderful.
Crystal Brewer 03/02/2012
Going to Rolling Hills Ford to look at trading in my 2006 Escape for a newer model, will probably stick with the Escape even though I'd rather have an Explorer, but you know .... Gas prices are high .
Alan Howard 03/02/2012
Plan to drive my '12 focus around all weekend. So fun to drive. Really surprised me.
Eliz Alaga 03/02/2012
On the Road Capturing The Moments of Time with my Glisitining Silver Fusion Sparkling Thank you Ford Motors
Kim LaRosa-Moakley 03/02/2012
Talking a ride along the cost and finding the best fish n chips ever probalby Morro bay
Ronald J. Ulak 03/02/2012
To clean out and junk mine
Lloyd McNett 03/02/2012
Taking my '07 F-150 Lariat out to the lake to go ice fishing.
Gail Holleman 03/02/2012
Putting my 349 in my '88 fox body and then driving it!!
leigh 03/02/2012
how do you fix a tilt handle on the front seat of fiesta 04, does anyone know?
Anthony Oliveira Bargas 03/02/2012
goin wheelin!
Lowen Nunn 03/02/2012
towing a very heave 5th wheel,(40 ft) to las vegas for the nascar weekend. my F-250, V-10, won't even know it is back there. and I haven't found a programer for my truck yet. I downsized the tires for towing,(had 34 inchers on it) and want to reprogram for the new tires. some help with this would be useful. thanks
Mark Ingram 03/02/2012
...taking the F-150 CrewCab to the Outer Banks of NC.....
John Pynenburg 03/02/2012
Sanding down my new hood and doors for the bronco since here in ont canada there is still snow on the ground lol
Dave Boyer 03/02/2012
I'll be working on my 3rd Maverick Grabber...maybe have the body work done by the fall..
Logan Williford 03/02/2012
Going to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo! TEXAS!!!!!!!
Paul Bader 03/02/2012
Load up our four Huskies and a sled into the E350 and go have some fun in the snow!
Carl Allen 03/02/2012
and hopefully there will be time to detail it too.
Carl Allen 03/02/2012
getting my HID headlights installed in my 2012 Fusion, so excited I cant wait.
Gary Ranson 03/02/2012
Put the new old stock car mats in my Cougar give it a wash and polish, replace the courtesy lense in the boot. Then take the Zephyr out for a run, wash and polish and have a look at my old Zodiac!
Pam Shewan 03/02/2012
Take the Laguna Seca Boss to a car show Saturday. Most of the fun is driving there!
Keith Keegan 03/02/2012
ramming gm cars with my f450
Amy LeMere Davis 03/02/2012
Taking our F250 and pulling our toyhauler up into the Black Hills for some camping/4 wheeling in the snow..yippy!!
Ted Miller 03/02/2012
Detail the interior, clean the throttle body, clean and oil my intake fliter and install LED license plate bulbs on my '06 Focus.
Dennis Allen 03/02/2012
Helping a stranded motorist in a Ford
Ben Kistler 03/02/2012
drive my 230,000+ mile Ford Escape a couple more times too and from work!
Exmirna Cantu 03/02/2012
Zach Moore 03/02/2012
Rich Ford 51 anniversary sale!!! Albuquerque NM!!
Bill Quinn 03/02/2012
Just washed my 2012 Edge SEL, EcoBoost, White Platinum Tri-Coat... She's looking sharp. So new I don't even have the plates yet. Time for a show-it-off drive...
Ramon Ray Henderson 03/02/2012
48 hours of rest
William Harris 03/02/2012
Paying to much for gas in my 01 f150
Brian Moore 03/02/2012
I'll make my 2010 Fusion Sport payment...
Cheri Embree 03/02/2012
Meeting with the local Mustang Club at Foster Freeze tomorrow morning.
Fabian Steiner 03/02/2012
Nothing compared to what will be done using all those ponies out there, but I'll be rocking the town while saving fuel on my 39 mpg '99 Focus Estate...
Roger Watts 03/02/2012
Taking the f150 to purchase a f700
Chad Anderson 03/02/2012
Deliver phone books in my one tonne Falcon ute. Falcon unbelievable!
Jeremy Roberts 03/02/2012
Looking for a raptor to trade my lightning in for not having much luck tho !! :(
Michelle Albright 03/02/2012
changing wheel bearings, rotors and brake pads on my F150!!
Beth Prichard-Bridgeman 03/02/2012
Picking up donations for a fire victim in my ford 2003 exploere :)
Carson Roberts 03/02/2012
to cruise in my 65.........................oh yea
Joey Burdette 03/02/2012
I will be working on them, I drive an SS, and no your pony wont kick it :)
TheKen Launer 03/02/2012
I like ford and I love my brand new mustang, but sorry I'm not ever going to have a ford themed weekend. That's just extreme verbage lol
Marcos Rodriguez 03/02/2012
take to good ol powerstroke on some trails
Felipe Vielmas Salais 03/02/2012
go out and work with my 72 ford 250...

loaded with more than 500 lbs of material!
Laminda Therber Kitchens 03/02/2012
Chillin on a dirt road Where the blacktop ends
Tim Peters 03/02/2012
Watching the Ford V8's win the race on the streets of my hometown of Adelaide, South Australia this weekend.
Aya-ay Paole 03/02/2012
Driving cross country, to fix platforms! Ford A1 engineering!
Bud Savoy 03/02/2012
cleaning up the mess that my Ford dealer in Hamilton Twp.,NJ made of my 2011 Taurus Limited...that service deft. is the worst in the world...not just the USA :(
Matt Duggan 03/02/2012
Change front pads in my lowered xh falcon ute
Taran Malhi 03/02/2012
Take the salt off my Adrenaline 4dr. Darn Canadian winters!. War on rust!
Jake Hart 03/02/2012
gona do some work on my 1990 project ranger
Keith Allen 03/02/2012
Taking my '88 Bird (with guitar) to the local Sam Ash
Rich Vilvens 03/02/2012
hooking the boat to my f-250 and hitting the water
Robyn Kuffa Ringwall 03/02/2012
Looking for cars. We are a Ford family but for some reason, Ford is no where near what we can pay for a new car. Sad because my dad retired from ford and I want to support him.. sorry dad! Not in the budget.
Brandon Andrews 03/02/2012
Getting my Ford Fusion's oil changed...
Colt Molenaar 03/02/2012
Commanding the mud/ snow, or anything else Indiana weather provides for the Superduty
Chris Baty 03/02/2012
Get word on my 4th MT82 replacement in imy 2011 Mustang. Yay.
Ken Tippen 03/02/2012
Camping with my 89 Ford Cabriolet !!!! Awesome RV towing truck.
Chris Van Eps 03/02/2012
Hauling pontiac parts around
Charles May 03/02/2012
Getting the oil changed in my F150 4x4 and then me and my wife are taking a nice cruise out of town.
Mario Lopez Jr. 03/02/2012
Getting my rear window replaced on my F250 and changing my oil :) 7.3 all the way !!!!!
Cam Veldkamp 03/02/2012
Dream of my GT500 that is in storage; while looking outside at snowy Canada.
Matthew Lee Knotts 03/02/2012
Takin the bronco up the through mountains
Patricio Andres León Rojo 03/02/2012
Washing the 12' Escape and checking the brakes on the 93' Escort GT.
Wally Alex Estrada 03/02/2012
Put a sound sistem on my f 350
Erika Hatch 03/02/2012
We are having 80 degrees in SoCal and I am putting the Top down on my "PONY" turn the music on and go for a looooooong drive!!! :-)
Andy King 03/02/2012
Working in my local Ford Dealership valeting cars for the showroom on Saturday
Royce D. Tollman 03/02/2012
This Pony can kick your SS
Derek Pinske 03/02/2012
Takin the ol '99 V10 for a spin in that good ol wisconsin snow!
Kenny Schultz 03/02/2012
To sell Ford and Lincoln cars, trucks, and suv's..
Ed Allen 03/02/2012
taken my Ford on a mini weekend vacation
David Brown 03/02/2012
sell my fraud and buy something else pension thieves
Richard N Grenier 03/02/2012
Putting a hitch on our '05 GT!
Todd Elmore 03/02/2012
Sand draggin!
Ian Henderson 03/02/2012
Drive my Kia
My Bronco
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