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Did you do something special in your Ford for the July 4th celebration? Or have some other Ford story that you want to share? It’s easy to do: click here to get started.

While we were waiting for you to post your story, plenty of other people posted theirs, as well as some new ideas for Ford to consider. We put some article up to give you more insight into Ford and its products.

Here’s what’s new this week on theFordStory.

Your Stories


First “Car”

I just turned 16 years old and i decided that the first car I wanted was going to be a Ford F350. After months of searching, i found a 1989 Ford F350 for sale a few towns over. After a couple of checks, I purchased the truck and it is awesome! Read more…


Following in Dads Tracks

This old girl has been in the family longer than I have. My dad bought it back in 1971, a mere 16 months old when a guy traded it in on a 3/4 ton ford truck. The Bronco was plenty capable of pulling the horse trailer the guy needed it for, but the lighter weight made it no picnic to stop! Read more…

Your Ideas

Family vehicle getting better than 28mpg

Somebody needs to make a family vehicle that gets better than 28mpg, reasonable cost, and fits more than 2.5 kids at times, storage at other times.  Read more…

Mega Duty

I think that ford should create on their future super duty truck is the extra space like that is available in dodge it would be convenient for truck owners who want the extra space too haul tools. Read more…

Tow/Haul Default

I have a 2011 F350 diesel dually. The dash display and trailer brake recognize when my trailer is attached, but the transmission does not. I would like to see an upgrade to the transmission programming that recognizes the trailer electrical connection, and defaults to "Tow/Haul" mode. Read more…

Our Stories


Inside the Mind of a Ford Designer

How did you feel when you first saw your car, truck or SUV? There’s a reason some cars and trucks are totally cool to look at (you know, all Ford vehicles!), while others are completely forgettable. It has a lot to do with how the designer approaches the subject. In the case of Ford Motor Company Designer Anthony Prozzi, who was formerly a fashion designer for Donna Karen, it doesn’t matter whether it’s clothing or a vehicle, the principles remain the same. Read more…


Ford Improves Fuel Economy--Through the Tires

Guess whose tire team is made up of scientists who study the chemistry of rubber and who are researching materials found in other products, such as athletic shoes, to see if that could translate to automotive tires? That’s right, it’s Ford. Because even before we lived in a world full of heinous fuel prices, Ford was already looking to tires as a way to improve fuel economy, which has resulted in the development of specially engineered low-rolling-resistance tires. Read more…


Join the Live Chat with Ford Marketing Director on the Latest Tools

In business, if you’re standing still, you are falling behind. Ford has pushed the envelope of using cutting edge digital marketing and social media to communicate. The Fiesta Movement, using Facebook to introduce the all-new Ford Explorer last year and the quirky Adventures of Doug, the spokespuppet are just three examples of how the company has leveraged new ways to connect with consumers. Read more…


Developing the Next-Generation Police Car

The Ford Crown Vic is what most of us probably think of when we conjure up images of a police car. It’s pretty much the same for law enforcement, too. It’s Old Faithful for their industry, so you can understand why they might at first be a bit reluctant to change over to a new breed of transportation – they already knew what the Crown Vic was capable of and how it drove, and that it was reliable and durable. When you’re a cop on hot pursuit, those are not things you want to worry about. Read more…

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STEVE K 12/14/2012
Ryan Mynes 02/01/2012
Ford needs to make a new bronco to compete with the new wrangler they have no offroad vechile with style if they would make the 2004 concept they would hit big been a bronco fan all my life i own a 89 302 love it and also iam still in high school and there are a ton of people who agree with me and also it would catch the younger generration eye
Carson's Artworkx 07/10/2011
I am 32 and my first vehicle was a 69 Bronco! I never could come to part with it and 16 years later it is my 7 year old's inspiration for his amazing artwork! Together we work on it when we have the time and one day I'm sure it will be his. Check out his facebook page Carson's Artworkx. He is automotive junkie allready.
edvard2 07/10/2011
Well, here's my story. My parents came to visit us out here in California. I own a 55' Mercury Monterey with a 302 under the hood. The car is more or less a daily driver but being as old as it is has been in "semi-retirement" for the last 5-10 years. Anyway, my Wife used our "newer" car for work leaving me with my small Toyota Tacoma during the day. Thus the only car big enough for all of us was the Mercury. We've been driving it for the past 12 days. We drove it to the fair, to Berkeley, Pleasanton, Livermore, and basically everywhere else. The temperature was over 100 in some of these places yet the car did just fine and the ride is like silk on the freeways. Not bad for a car that's almost 60 years old. Guess they don't make them like they used to!
Mark Ocampo 07/10/2011
I been thinking about getting a 1978' bronco or f-250 but, I am having a hard time deciting between these two.
Jim Batchelor 07/10/2011
I had a 1980 F-100 with an inline 6 300 that had 1/2 a million miles with just oil changes. Never smoked, never broke, and I cried when I sold her to get my new Edge but growing families cannot fit in a single cab truck, no matter how tough it is.
Craig A. Thomas 07/09/2011
We have a 2003 Focus with 129500 miles (best little car ever) and a 1998 Windstar (some issues, but not a bad van). My Dad had Fords for years, and swore by them!!
The Presentation Group 07/09/2011
We have been the Ford Commercial truck trade show team for 18 years, and our company bleeds Ford blue. We are not required to drive a Ford, nor are we given an incentive to do so, but our entire company drives Ford vehicles because we truly believe that Ford makes the best vehicles on the road.
Dh Albadani 07/09/2011
Tempo 94, Focus 03, Explorer 04, Mondeo 03, Expedition 04, Crown Victoria 04, Crown Victoria 08. :D
Joseph Pullen 07/09/2011
Ten Fords over the years and not a bad one in the bunch.. I love em all, but my favorite is my current 2003 Focus ZX3
Austin Sinders 07/08/2011
1991 ford ranger with a 2.3 four banger and a 5 speed with 235xxx miles. New paint cobra rims and a few other things. 4bt cummins soon for a swap. Wanna do 300 ponies.
Joel B. Rockstead 07/08/2011
I love my old fords woulnt trade em for nothing. I know I have detriot steel around me and its built tough my 78 had over 300k with the oe engine never touched thats built ford tough. 79 with new parts and running strong.
David B. Appling 07/08/2011
I have a lot of Ford stories... my first car that I bought with my own money was a 1966 Mustang GT Fastback, with The HIPO 289 with the 4 speed, I bought it when I was 15, from money I made as a curb boy at the Sugar Hill Drive in, in Sugar Hill Ga.. I've got a 1959 Ford Galaxie Fairlane 5oo, which me and my Dad have driven in every state east of the Mississippi, but Miss..We drove it in a Street Rodder Magazine tour, from Kalamazoo Mich. to Burlington VT., then on to Bar Harbor Maine, starting in North Ga.. We drove my 1957 Ford Custom on 2 Street Rodder cruises last year, one from Greer S.C. to Ocean City MD. and we drove out from Georgia, and did the one from San Antonio TX. to Pueblo CO.. even drove to the top of Pikes Peak!!! My 59 has been my everyday driver since 1998 till I got my 57 in 2009, now it's my everyday driver while I let my 59 cruise on the weekends!!! I bleed Ford Blue, you might say. David B. Appling
Terry Hill 07/08/2011
Sweet ride
Jeffrey Michaud 07/08/2011
Now that's a 4x4 you can be proud of.
Cindy Darnell Roberts 07/08/2011
We drive a 2003 Econoline Van, it rolled 250,000 miles on it last week. Original Transmission, AC, one brake job, one front end job, couple sets of new tires and still gets us everywhere we want to go. When this one finally does wear out I'm gonna get another one. Love My Ford :)
Mayra Daiana Cuadrado 07/08/2011
My first memories of a Ford are from when I was 4 or 5 years, my dad had an F250 -I guess it was '80 model- Mom and dad took me to the park to buy cotton candy but it was too big for my little hands to handle so all the truck always ended up sticky with the sugar spreaded everywhere!! and of course with the dad so pissed! haha Love Ford! It can hold out everything!!.. As traveling 700 miles with 4 people on it and the box full of furnitures! I still remember the bumper completely tilted up because of the weight on the back! xD
Kay Lang 07/08/2011
Asking Ford story starts@ a very young age-I made up a game when I was a little girl&it was called"counting Fords"... Me&my Sis or cousin would count how many Fords we saw on a trip-in parking lots-at church...well you get the idea&it was such a FUN GAME!...well from childhood TO adulthood& I'm still "CRAZY FOR FORDS"...starting with my grandpa's old model A-my 67 mustang-& I now own 2005explorer&also 2010 expedition&many many in-between...what can I say-I BLEED BLUE.!...& oh-I also have a VERY COOL FORD tattoo!!!
Steven Remus 07/08/2011
I have an 03 mach 1, slightly modified, surprised it hasnt been impounded and that im not in jail yet.
Anthea Boswell 07/08/2011
@Ian Cormier, if u like the F150 then u will like the all new Ford Ranger 2012. I was born a ford fan and i will take it 2 the grave with me. My brother owns a 1974 Ford Parana/Capri V8 and boy do u get an adrenline rush when he starts up that V8 car. My dream car is a Ford Mustang GT500 i totally love that car
Tyler Allen Wax 07/08/2011
My family is pretty much straight ford. Growing up my parents had an 89 Taurus, 92 Taurus, 95 Windstar, 98 Windstar, and then a 2000 Ranger, all bought brand new. Then they went to the dark side with a 2002 Tahoe and then a 2005 Silverado. After the Silverado lost 3rd and 4th gear with 25k on the odometer the Chevrolets were traded in on imports. The Ranger was still around as a spare vehicle and when my sister totalled it, it was replaced with a 2008 F250 Super Duty. I have owned mostly Fords and don't plan on owning anything else. I have had a 1994 F150, 1997 F150, 1995 Cougar (close enough to a Ford) and own a 1989 Bronco that has been in the family since new and a 2001 F150 which will be my daily driver one my driver's license is reinstated. First On Race Day!!!
Scott Flier 07/08/2011
I own a lifted 99 flare side ranger and currently in the process of buying a mustang. And my dad owns a 79 futura fairmont. All we own is fords!!!!
Tony Eskofski 07/08/2011
A Bronco, Mustang, and a Towncar, how much more of a story is needed? Oh, and if the Thunderbird ever comes back again, I think it should compete directly with the Corvette, just better!
Ian Cormier 07/08/2011
My first car was a 92 cougar xr7 then a 96 f150 then a 2000 focus then a 2006 mustang gt a 2008 f150 and now a 2011 f-150 with the new 5.0. Its awsome. Oh and in 2000 i bought a gmc pick up to drive around in the woods. Please lord forgive me for my mistakes. I have learned now. Once you go blue oval all the rest is just hell.
Phillip Tweedy 07/08/2011
I have a 1980 f -350 that is still going strong to this day! Thanks ford, american made!
Brandon Nelson 07/08/2011
I'm currently Debating if I want to try to swap a coyote into my cobra or wait for the 2014 to debut.
George Corredoura 07/08/2011
i love my ford truck
Sharlene Coulter 07/08/2011
Wel I wanted a kewl fuel sipping 2 dr fly looking ride so I bought a Sunday driver Little old ladies 89LX Mustang, It had a 1.8 l 5spd and was a beautiful little car , Solid no rust , signs of parking errors, but otherwise Mint,, Well I started buying a Mustang Magazine ,soon finding myself stripping ,hunting ,reassembling ,ebay adicted and full of fantastic illusions of that One Day ,, Ill be Cruising along and Everybody will be lookin ,, Well I started boring out a 5.0 I bought with a basket case GT, I swapped everything over and it became a hotrod, But it was too Generic, I found a Catalog from Ford Racing and ordered a 351w kit , I found a 351w worthy and installed it, Now I have a Street Animal,, It scares small children ,It makes Younger Generations Drool, It makes Old People Finger Me ,, Im so Satisfied ,, I will forever Love My Ford ,, Whether its Right or Not ,, With out NaughtyPony , Im just a Housewife, With My Ford Mustang , Im a Rock Star!! PEace OUt!!
James Chee Cangemi 07/08/2011
Neil go with a fullsize best truck ever.
Brent Stechelin 07/08/2011
chip foose could lend me a hand any time
Lance Gabara 07/08/2011
My first car was a 75 mustang 2! It was bright yellow with some minor rust on the body but had nice cobra rims on it, it was a project car my dad was helping me fix up. The memories I have of it are awesome! And every one loved it. Unfortunately my mustang was hit by a truck and was written off, but my memories of it are good ones and it was fun fixing it up with my Dad. I would love to own a mustang again.. the new ones are awesome! Ford Rules!
Jedemiah Scout Hartrampf 07/08/2011
i support that to the fullest i love broncos. now all u got is these weird lookin ones make em like they used ta be
Brent Stechelin 07/08/2011
i have a 1984 ford ranger that i rebuilt from the ground up after my ex wrecked dec 4th i got hurt pretty bad but i am almost better been a long time i'd love to put a v8 in and mustang tranny in it one day but i got new rims and a lift on the way needs paint and a windshield
Ciarán Ó Caiside 07/08/2011
My first van was a ford transit connect first car was a fiesta ya can't beat a 1.8 turbodiesel duratorq engine lovely wee van I don't even listen to the brilliant radio in it cos I love the noise of my wee van 2010 fiesta with a 1.25 petrol engine with a remap and a turbo
James Chee Cangemi 07/08/2011
I love my 87" 351w Bronco.... you guys need to bring them back ?
Steven Cohen 07/08/2011
I have built my buisness with ford superduties. I got a wild hair and listened to a few buddies and bought a silverado hd. It didn't take 6 months and after it being in the shop more than I drove it that I sold it and bought another superduty. The 7.3 powerstroke is byfar the most reliable engine ford has ever had.
Martin Rohrbach 07/08/2011
252,000 miles on my '90 F150...was going to trade it during the "Cash For Clunkers" fiasco, but decided against it. The AOD trans is toast, the paint is peeling, and (according to my daughter) it smells like shrimp in the cab! But it gets me to work, hauls whatever I throw at it, and keeps me from racking up the miles on my "built" Jeep Wrangler. I'll run it 'til it dies! Might be a long wait...
Ted Culver 07/08/2011
I got a 2002 ranges i got new and i just turned 200,000 miles in it. i got to get another car because my kids r getting to big for it. i am single dad so i need something bigger lol but i love my ford.
Neil Grove 07/08/2011
i dont want a new ford, a mustang, f150...i want a bronco2! 30years old! someone sponsor me! i fight for bellator fighting championships and would drive your bronco 2 everywhere! label it with your company logo, i will look after it, just let me drive it! i'm in so cali, best place in the world to be seen in one too!!!
Muthafucca Jones 07/08/2011
@Sharon: I understand, maybe yu shouldve gotten a second opinion about that repair, but Dodge is like the 80's Hyundai of American cars... Try Ford again
Muthafucca Jones 07/08/2011
I forgot to mention the very fast and intimidating Mustang GT I owned for a few month until its appetite for gas nearly had me in bankruptcy court
Lori Blagg 07/08/2011
We have a fleet of Ford's ranging from 73~11 love them all!!!
Michael Thomas Hendricks 07/08/2011
dont make me add my story
Paula Gaines 07/08/2011
My 2011 ford fiesta is great---thank you ford for the amazing car i won on American Idol-season 9!!!!
Muthafucca Jones 07/08/2011
@Sharon: buying a Dodge will be the worst mistake of your life
Creed Crutchfield 07/08/2011
I love my Mustang and I am a Ford Fan for a LONG time to come.
Creed Crutchfield 07/08/2011
My First Ford is a 2007 Mustang GT. I was always against Ford, in the bad old days, and I loved my GM cars. Then they stopped making Camaros and I turned my back on them for a myriad of reasons beyond that. My Mustang has 78,000 Miles on it and the paint job is a real stinker from the factory, peeling and generally poor... I don't mind much because the mechanics of the car are stunning. I currently have the original brake pads on the front...yeah, an Automatic with 78,000 miles on them and they are a little over half-worn. Last night, I a deer charged the car on my way home so it has a few dents, which the Insurance company is fixing. The sheetmetal is so tough that the deer did barely any damage.
John Sheldon 07/08/2011
I drive a ford...ori walk!!
Neil Grove 07/08/2011
please, i want an old ford bronco 2 for xmas, santa!!!!