Summer of Taurus: 2010 Taurus hits Beantown

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On August 20, 2009, the 2010 Ford Taurus drove into Boston to meet up with Beantown's finest bloggers at Asgard Bar and Pub.  Ford General Counsel and Group VP, David Leitch, headlined the event, meeting with local Boston-area attendees and going on a few test-drives. No stranger to Twitter, David kicked off the event using the Ford Twitter handle announcing that yes, in fact, he is a "lawyer who is pro-social media, and excited about the Taurus SHO."

Local bloggers Christine Koh, founder and editor of Boston Mamas and Jeff Cutler, Social Media and Content Specialist , helped co-host the event, bringing in just over 40 of their friends to attend the event.  Participatants included Gradon Tripp from , Bobbie Carlton from and Kari from .

You can ride along on our swing into Boston via this short clip.

The following morning, David Leitch and the 2010 Ford Taurus headed to Boston's City Hall Plaza to show off the car downtown.  The Boston Globe attended the event and posted a review of the car on the Overdrive Column.

You can check out photos from both events on our Summer of Taurus | Boston Photostream on Flickr, with photo sets for each of the stops on our tour.  The Taurus heads south to New York this Friday, August 28,and then further down to coast to Washington D.C. next Thursday, September 3. Keep track of our progress as the 2010 Ford Taurus travels the country on our Flickr and Facebook pages!
Larry Roberts 09/25/2009
I started working at a Ford dealership, at 17. I have now completed 43 years, with Ford. I have owned Taurus's, and my wife's vehicle is a 03. Such out standing quality in our vehicles. After taking the web class on the 2010 Taurus, I am excited to see what they will deliever. Have spent my working time with Fordin the servicing and repair of our fine vehicles.
Rolando Rivera 09/23/2009
I am very glad that you have started delivering the new Taurus. Unfortunatilly when I went to Greenway Ford In Orlando Florida and asked to test-drive this vehicle, their response was if I was not interested in the one they had, I would'nt be able to take their vehicle for a drive. I hope this dosnt happen to anyone else.
Pei-Wen Hsu 09/04/2009
Features are bundled in package for two reasons, either due to the wiring/engineering requirement, or based upon feature ordering correlations. At Ford we study how customers like to order their vehicles and then group features in packages so that customers and dealers can order their vehicles more efficiently. Often, we offer discount to promote these rapid spec/packages, so that customers can enjoy the latest technologies and comfort features without paying full price for each feature in the package.

Pei-Wen Hsu
Taurus/ MKS Marketing Manager
Ford Motor Company
Mark 09/03/2009
I cant wait to go out and purchase a new 2010 Ford Taurus. I just am a little curious about why you can only select rapid specs and certain options come as a package only. For instance, on the SEL, in order to get intelligent access, you have to get 19" rims, ambient lighting, power pedals, and a reverse sensing system. I am kinda curious as to the reason. Was it pricing? The car needs certain systems to do certain things?
Marisa Bradley 09/01/2009
Thanks, Branden for your note. The truth is we didn't really compromise the interior space. The rear space is a bit smaller than the outgoing model, however only by a few inches and still equal if not better in some areas than our competitors. For example the second row head room is only one inch shorter than 2009 model and the second row leg room was decreased by just about 3 inches. When we were redesigning the new Taurus customers told us that they didn't want a vehicle with an exaggerated interior space if it compromised the look- so with the 2010 we wanted to offer customers a great looking car with the desired amount of interior space to still comfortably carry 3 passengers in the back seat.

Marisa Bradley
Car Communications
Ford Motor Company
Gallery Sites 08/31/2009
I love the new Taurus. We have 4 Fords in our family and I plan to buy another one with the profits I hope to make from my article directory. Looking forward to the new ride soon...
Branden Khan 08/28/2009
Hey, good job Ford! The new Taurus SHO is pretty cool and it look really beefy, I like that. Also, what can you say about the interior space in the new Taurus? I've heard from other car reviewers that it's not roomy for the size of car it is, it's really annoying because all of them keep complaining about it.
Ed 08/28/2009
Why does Ford Make and sell a four cylinder ecoboost diesel engine in europe
that gets 65 mpg but we cannot get them here in america. I dont care how
much you squeeze direct fuel injection from a gasoline engine you will never
get anything close to the MPG that these gas sipping european diesel engines
can produce.
Cole Quinnell 08/26/2009
Not at this time, but it is something that we are considering.

Cole Quinnell
Editorial Director
jorge 08/25/2009
¿seria posible poner eso en español? gracias
Scott Monty 08/25/2009
Hi Russ,

At Ford, we like to be a little more open-minded to our options - which is why we have immediate-, near- and long-term options for fuel efficiency that include battery electric, plug-in hybrid electric, gas hybrids, hydrogen, and more. Part of the immediate term are our EcoBoost engines. With them, you'll get V8 performance in a V6 engine and V6 performance in a 4-cylinder engine - all without having to resort to diesel.

More on our EcoBoost engine at:

Scott Monty
Global Digital Communication
Ford Motor Company
Russ Youmans 08/24/2009
When are you coming with a 4 cylinder diesel, like the Volvo, with an automatic and AWD? We want a solid, efficient, long distance car for getting older folks to ski areas in the winter, mountain passes involved, and handle distances frequently driven of 350 miles one way about 1 and a half times per month, every month of the year here in the Pacific Northwest. The new diesel 4 cylinder is the only engine or motor that makes sense for the next 10 to 15 years.
Summer of Taurus: 2010 Taurus hits Beantown

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