Progress at Michigan Assembly Plant

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The transformation at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant is on! When complete, the change-over will convert the plant into a lean, green and flexible manufacturing complex that will build Ford’s next-generation Focus global small car along with a new battery-electric version of the Focus for the North American market.

The plant, formerly the production site for Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigators SUVs, is one of three North American light truck plants Ford is retooling to build fuel-efficient global small cars in the coming years. The new Focus will begin rolling off the line next year and the battery-electric version of the Focus – Ford’s first all-electric passenger car.

Work on the plant was recently features in the Detroit Free Press; you can reading the article by clicking here. We thought you might enjoy seeing some of the progress captured in the photo set at the top of the page.
Chris Hale 06/16/2010
As a loyal ford owner for many years..I am so proud of my brand...its really a hugh company...thats still responding to feedback from Mr.Joe Nobody..I have a 2000 F 150 that has been such a good truck..I hate to trade it in..for a new f if sales have fallen off abit...maybe part of the reason is ...the old stuff is keeping people happy after several years of ownership...go ford!!!!!!
C. W. Hartman 06/06/2010
All I've seen over the years is for the most part a Ford with a different badge name stuck on it and a few slightly different interiors and exteriors. Same motors and trans just like some other manufactures have done for years. The general public is not smart enough to see through all the games that they do. All the manufactures do it.
Adam 06/03/2010
What an excellent response, I find it very reassuring that Ford has transformed themselves into a flexible and open minded company. All while balancing the employer employee relationship. Ford employees are proud and Ford owners are more proud than ever. I think the elimination of the Mercury brand was the next logical step in the compnay's transformation.
Marcey 06/03/2010
Ford is committed to lean and flexible manufacturing. Our Dearborn Truck Plant (DTP) in Dearborn, Mich., which builds the F-150 pickup, opened in 2004 and is not only the company's newest plant in the U.S., but it currently serves as a flagship for Ford's lean and flexible manufacturing facilities. A few examples at DTP include:

-- It is capable of producing up to nine different models from three vehicle platforms, making it Ford’s most flexible North American assembly plant.
-- The number of workstations in the assembly process were reduced by nearly 40 percent.
-- Storage space for components and vehicles was reduced by 50 percent.
-- DTP has no more than two hours of line-side parts and inventory, and 10 hours of off-line component inventory space. Normal inventory supply for most assembly plants is one to two days or more.

While I don't have all the lean bragging rights at my fingertips that are specific to Michigan Assembly Plant, I can tell you that DTP is serving as the model for the MAP transformation. I'm gathering some specifics together for you about the new facility and will post again as soon as I have more info. In the meantime, thanks for your interest in Ford!

Marcey Evans
Manufacturing Communications
Ford Motor Company
Juston 06/03/2010
What are they doing to make this a Lean plant? Where are the bragging rights? I'm a supply chain management student at a private university and would love to read some case studies on your strategic decisions for this plant.

Also I own a 2010 Mercury Mariner. Awesome vehicle! I call it tough Luxury! Not quite my old Lincoln Aviator, but close. So Ford, since your killing the Mercury brand how about a super luxury Lincoln Escape??? Eco Boost engine with more than 240HP, AC Seats, 2in Tow Package, better bolstering for the rear seats, Larger NAV screen, Keep it Tough enough for the guys. Girls buy Tough also!!! My wife picked the Mariner and I love her for it! Bring out a Lincoln Version. It would be easy. Basicly a mini NAVIGATOR under $36,000 at the new Explorer Terrain Response Transmission to make it really awesome!
Vincent Tyson 06/02/2010
Well done ford for adapting and innovating.
Marty 06/02/2010
It should also be a Mercury Tracer plant. Big mistake Ford!
Paul Todd 05/28/2010
Best of luck to everyone at MAP for a smooth launch and strong sales. I like my Focus and look forward to seeing the new model.
Progress at Michigan Assembly Plant

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