Live Chat with George Pipas, U.S. Sales Analysis and Reporting

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George Pipas, Ford's sales analyst since 1997, recently told CNBC that he is cautiously optimistic about Ford's sales momentum as well as economic expansion in the U.S. during the second half of 2009 and early 2010. Top financial and business media, investors and security analysts frequently turn to Pipas, who joined Ford in 1976, for his studied analysis of U.S. market trends and insight regarding the company's progress.

Click below to see what others asked him during a live chat that happened on Thursday, September 3, 2009.

<a href=";task=viewaltcast&#038;altcast_code=e2c1ba3295" mce_href=";task=viewaltcast&amp;altcast_code=e2c1ba3295" >Chat with George Pipas, Ford's Lead Sales Analyst, on Trends in New Vehicle Sales</a>

Pipas said there is reason to believe that economic expansion is possible due to strong interest among small business owners for work vehicles such as the Ford F-Series trucks, E-series vans and Ford's new Transit Connect compact van that debuts in 2010. He added that consumer consideration for the Ford brand is up 17 percent since the beginning of the year, and Ford's Focus, Fusion and Escape have recently posted record sales.

Pipas added that the government's recently concluded Cash for Clunkers program helped drive a second straight sales increase for Ford and that the company has gained market share in 10 of the past 11 months. He is cautious about industry-wide sales levels going forward, however, because the economy is not yet on firm enough ground to sustain the level of sales seen in August.
ken 09/14/2009

I own 2 mustang GTs,2001/2006. I orginally bought the 01 for myself but when my wives BMW was down for maintance she hoped in the 01 GT and hasn't given it back. After 6 months I traded the BMW for an 06 Mustnag GT and now I see why she wont give hers up. We also own a 04 3500 Dodge Ram which we will never part with. You will just have to do like I did and bite the bullet and add another payment. I think it would be awesome to see a hybred Mustang some day as well, maybe propane?
ken 09/14/2009
I see that the FIESTA is making its comeback again. Years ago my uncle owned on and it go very good gas mileage. But the car was tinny. A small tin box that wasn't very comfortable to ride in. Hopefully Ford has made some improvements. I would like to see the aftermarketers hit the FIESTA with some cool horspower upgrades and exhaust systems to really punk this car out. Would definitely look cool!
Benjamin Pierce 09/10/2009
A small car to compete with the Chevy Cobalt, but, RWD would be cool! Also, why not make a car that looks like a 50 Merc, 40 Ford, or 32 Ford? Ya'll really nailed it with the Mustang. Don't stop now.
Charles Meadows 09/08/2009
Hello , there. I currently own a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup . I would love to own a Ford vehicle . I am curious as to how Mr. Mullaly would feel about Ford being the only U.S auto maker if GM & Chrysler were to go out of business ? By the way , I would give anything to own a Ford Mustang . Thank you .
Jim 09/08/2009
What is going to happen with the "Panther" cars? On one hand, they are old and inefficient, but on the other hand, they have an excellent reputation and an insanely loyal customer base.

My understanding is that Ford has been making them for so long that they still make money on them, even with significant discounts from MSRP. Will the Panther have a future, or is a replacement planned? Surely, Ford would not be as dumb as GM was when they gave up on their large RWD sedans.
karen bryant 09/06/2009
i got a new ford edge fwd i rate it as a 10++ only thing i can say drive one what a ford
Jack 09/04/2009
I noticed the Fusion Hybrid only comes in a Black interior
The Camray Hybrid and most other hybrids give you a
choice of interiors. What's Up? Is America demanding more
black interiors? or is Henry Ford back up to his old tricks?
Yes you can have it as long as it's in Black?
Scott Kelly 09/03/2009
Thanks for the suggestion Royce! I guess we have had quite a few taglines over the years. We love the simple "Drive One" line that we're using now. We have the best products we've ever had in our history and we know that once people drive them they will realize it for themselves.

Scott Kelly
Ford Digital Marketing
ARLETE 09/03/2009
Jeff Ercolini 09/03/2009
When is Ford going to add a bench seat to the rear seating for Ranger Supercab? I have worked in new car sales for the past 15 years and I hear this complaint all the time. Making this improvement will put us on the same page as Tacoma when it comes to rear seat comfort in the Ranger supercab...Thank you
Gavin Reardon 09/02/2009
Why don't you sell the European Fords in the US? The Ford Focus ST reviewed in "Top Gear" is a sexy cute little coupe, compared with the Focus SES Coupe available in the states. I would buy the European version!
Scott Monty 09/02/2009
Dave, you're going to see just that as we bring the Fiesta here early next year (a subcompact) and as we bring out the next generation Focus - a global design for the compact market - later next year.

Diesel is an entirely different issue, as EPA standards are far more stringent in the U.S. and the tax structure around gasoline and diesel is far less punitive than it is in Europe. There are a number of variables that we need to consider, and we're committed to making best-in-class fuel efficiency in every vehicle segment we participate in - including small cars.

Scott Monty
Global Digital Communications
Ford Motor Company
Royce Stewart 09/02/2009
Although Ford is stating that they are different , more advertising that makes this fact clear would bebefit sales. I was looking over older Ford ads, and maybe using ," There's a Ford in your Future" could be brought back, this says there is a Ford car in your future and also says that Ford will be still around in the future. Chevrolet had a good ad that said, "Putting you first , makes us first." and Ford used , "Drive a Ford , drive a winner" People like winners and Ford certainly is a winner.
Dave Hollen 09/02/2009
Ford needs to hone in on the small car market as well as upgrading the interiors on the small cars they now sell. Small doesn't have to mean cheap.... which is what most small cars shout as soon as you open the door and look at the interiors. The Ford lineup needs a small, moderately priced automobile for the cost conscious commuter and first time buyers. The Ford KA is the perfect car for this market and should be marketed in the USA. The clean diesel Focus and KA also need to be part of the American market. If you truly want to corner the small car market and provide the consumers in the US what they need, get some of the European Ford offerings in the American showrooms. I guarantee you.... they WILL sell !!!
Live Chat with George Pipas, U.S. Sales Analysis and Reporting
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