Live Chat with Ford V6 Program Manager

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Jim Mazuchowski is the program manager for V-6 engine programs. He and his team most recently brought the new Mustang 3.7-liter V6 to market, and Jim will be here to answer your questions about the engine.

**This chat has been postponed due to technology challenges from the New York Auto Show. Stay tuned for an updated time and date.**

Jim grew up in a Ford family. His dad was a draftsman in the engine division for 33 years, and his brother also worked for Ford.

“Growing up, my dad would wake me up on the weekends, and we worked on cars together,” said Jim. “That, and his work at Ford were huge influences in my career direction.”

Jim and his team are responsible for all the new gas V-6 engines under development at Ford, including the naturally aspirated EcoBoost™ and flex-fuel engines. The scope of his work is something Jim enjoys – whether it’s design and development, quality, cost and function aspects, or implementing timing.

“I really enjoy the variety of tasks, the pressure and urgency involved, along with the great people I get to work with,” he said. “The work we do directly impacts the customer and is key to Ford’s fuel economy and sustainability strategy as well as quality and customer satisfaction.”

Since coming to Ford in 1988, Jim has held several positions that helped prepare him for his job in engine program management. Those roles included helping launch a series of V-8 engines, running manufacturing operations at the Cleveland Casting Plant, product design and development work, and strategic planning.
Jason 06/30/2010
Get with the times Dave. Toyota is trying to kill us and Honda has crappy bodies on their vehicles. All Honda is anymore is a reputation. Not any better than Toyota or Ford, just more expensive. Give Ford a few more years and they will have the best linup around.
joe w 04/19/2010
i own 2001 ford ranger flex fuel is this engine compatible with propane also? is there any plans for a diesel ranger? if so when? what kind of performance can we expect from it? and fuel economy? my flex fuel ranger 3.0L gets worse economy than my 90 ranger 2.9L and its substantially heavier?? what are you guys doin? it would seem logical, that frod would be in pursuit of better fuel econmoy not worse!!! 17 mpg vs 22
John 04/14/2010
The 4.0L will be replaced in the 2011 Mustang by a 3.7L V6, it is NOT the same engine as in the Taurus SHO and it is not an SVT version. Where are you getting this misinformation?
Dave H. 04/14/2010
A turbo diesel option for the existing Ranger line. Simple bolt in from Europa.

This is probably the best idea you will ever get from the All Thing (The General Population)

Supposedly Ford is a Global Company. But it seems that it is only Global if you live outside the USA.

I doubt I will ever buy another American Car or Truck. They have been tested and failed. It is woefully clear they are not interested in Technology.

How is producing an even larger Truck with yet another Gasoline Engine, Green? The Logic Fails on so many levels.

If you know how to look, you can see past the Smoke and Mirrors.
Jonathan 04/14/2010
EcoBoost, I was mistakenly thinking that was a diesal engine. The reason I type that out is, well.... has Ford ever considered a Diesal V 6 Mustang? I know they had a in line 4 cylinder gas engine in the late 70's early 80's. Just, curious.
Joe Ogrodnik 04/11/2010
I would love to see the ecobost motor in an escape!
Robert L. Hite 04/07/2010
Would like to see an Escape built with a V6 motor that goes between V6 power when needed and 4 cylinder economy when cruising. Also an automatic transmission that doesn't constantly shift when in cruise control. Needed also is four-wheel drive option. We want door locks that require you to put the key in and turn it,not the kind where you push a button on the key or the kind of doors you open by pressing numbers on the pad.
Just a radio, clock and cd player is enough electronics...don't need auto phone built in or any of that.
Here is the big request though...I would like to see the Escape painted Mustang "Grabber Blue"
with a simple black decaling on the sides. We're thinking of trading our 07 Honda CRV on something like this. We have had Honda CRV's since 2000 but respect Ford Motor Co. for not taking a government bailout like GM and Chrysler did.
Hopefully by giving up the fancy electronic options and we could get an Escape like I've outlined.
William 03/31/2010
Not that Mustang doesn't already face cost engineering pressures looming with the need for an IRS, but are there any plans for an EcoBoost V6-based Mustang? Given its stuck-to-the-ceiling torque curve, I would certainly love to drive a Mustang with that kind of quickness.... at all rev's.

Or does any kind of emphasis to ensure Mustang occupies a certain price/performance position preclude an EcoBoosted pony car?
Johann in Elk Grove, CA 03/31/2010
I would like to retro-fit the 2011 3.7L V6 engine & 6AT transmission into my 2006 Mustang!
Ryan 03/31/2010
Please do not make the new V6 SHO motor SVT in the mustang!!!! Don,t jack up the price just because SVT badge!!! The 4.0 needs to go.
Jimmy 03/31/2010
I was wondering if Ford would ever make a svt verison of the Focusin?
John Palazzi 03/27/2010
I own a 2005 for F150 XLT. I want to buy another one but understand Ford no longer makes standard shifts. Do you ever see that changing or should I look to other manufacturers?
Live Chat with Ford V6 Program Manager

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