Read the Chat with Brett Hinds

By Ford Social Member

Brett Hinds is the advanced engine design and calibration manager for EcoBoostTM , the newest and most advanced engine technology for Ford.

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"Engines are interesting machines," said Hinds. "They produce a lot of performance and give the car personality and character. They're complex. I'm inspired to continually make them better and more efficient."

For Hinds, motivation is easy to find in a project like EcoBoost. It's the realization of a dream to be part of the team delivering a world-class powertrain, bringing the first direct-injection twin-turbocharged V-6 in the North American market.

Then there's the motivator of doing something to help the environment.

"We're actually helping the Earth," added Hinds. "Our customers will not have to make compromises to enjoy the EcoBoost engine. Customers do not have to sacrifice performance for fuel economy, and that helps the environment, the nation and the consumer."