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Brett Hinds is the advanced engine design and calibration manager for EcoBoostTM , the newest and most advanced engine technology for Ford.

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"Engines are interesting machines," said Hinds. "They produce a lot of performance and give the car personality and character. They're complex. I'm inspired to continually make them better and more efficient."

For Hinds, motivation is easy to find in a project like EcoBoost. It's the realization of a dream to be part of the team delivering a world-class powertrain, bringing the first direct-injection twin-turbocharged V-6 in the North American market.

Then there's the motivator of doing something to help the environment.

"We're actually helping the Earth," added Hinds. "Our customers will not have to make compromises to enjoy the EcoBoost engine. Customers do not have to sacrifice performance for fuel economy, and that helps the environment, the nation and the consumer."
Tom Wilkins 08/31/2009
I own a 2008 Taurus which I like --But I think Ford needs to pay attention to small details. With a car that is as sporty as the Taurus it should have dual exhaust like most cars in its class. Not the Mickey Mouse exhaust that the SEL and SE have on them, if you want to appeal to the younger drivers that are buying foreign cars.
Pat Santello 08/25/2009
I don't think " FORD " HAS MADE A GOOD DECISION ?on no more station wagons in you standard car make up ?? i have owned FORD for over 55 years and now you acn't get one ?? only cross overs that are a " foot " taller and older people can't get in and out of them ? ( same for a VAN ?) Alos you must stop changing model name as its a problem with all your sales . I would also not have a ( V_8 ) in any of your line of cars and trucks unless ordered ( I EXCLUDE ALL COMMERICAL EQUIPMENT ) I t goes with out sayong that you must compete ?? but having been in business and owned cars for 65 years ( clon't keep changing model names ??@!~? ) It only reducies car sales and makre the old car name worth less money. And last but not least is " STOP MAKING CARS THE DEALERS CAN'T FIX ?? AND GET RID OF ALL THE TRICKS OR TREATS THATJUST ADDS COST TO YOUR PRODUCT AND NEVER USED Thanks for letting me voice my " THOUGHTS " PEACE..
Patrick 08/22/2009
From what I've read the all new 2011 Focus will have the Ecoboost engine, probably a 1.6. I'm wondering if this will be the standard engine in the new Focus are just an optional engine upgrade? What will the base engine be in the new 2011 Focus?

In regards to Ecoboost fuel economy the key word being used is "up to". Some recent reviews have shown no real significant increase in fuel economy compared to a non-Ecoboost, naturally aspirated engine.
Trent 08/21/2009
The unavailablity of a EB V6 in the Fusion is loosing you a sale. I was planning on purchasing a 2010 Mustang GT but came to realize that the 3.5 EB was a better power plant than the 4.6 V8. I would go for a Taurus SHO but the weight and price of that car is rediculous.
Darnell Settles 08/21/2009
There are a lot of third party reviews posted on
Ross 08/20/2009
Where are some 3rd party reviews of the EcoBoost V6 performance on-line? Does this come with the SEL FWD or just AWD. What would you recommend for towing? For best road performance feel - FWD? AWD? Is the AWD worth the sacrifice in MPG and extra price? Thanks.
Read the Chat with Brett Hinds
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