Ford Wants to Know: What do Women Really Want?

By Ford Social Member

In the quest to explore and share answers to the nagging question, "What Woman Want" 60 women bloggers from BlogHer recently joined Ford executives in Chicago for the What Women Want Tech & Quality Event.

After a breakfast with Ford's Global Digital and Multimedia Communications Manager, Scott Monty, the bloggers headed to the Chicago Assembly Plant for a day packed with hands on tours, roundtables, and test drives.  Click here to see the event's Flickr photo stream.

Ford's Futurist, Sheryl Connelly, kicked off the event with a discussion on how Ford predicts the cultural and automotive trends that impact the company's design and engineering approaches.  Bloggers learned that Ford thinks about all of the non-driving-specific needs of their consumers from size to number of passengers to tech habits and, important to this audience, gender.

Next, the group was off to check out different quality and tech modules located around the Chicago Assembly Plant:
  • Manufacturing Quality: Bloggers experienced the virtual reality technology Ford uses to ensure that their production line is ergonomically friendly to the workers themselves and then proceeded on to a tour of the 2 million square foot plus Chicago Assembly Plant to see exactly how the 2010 Taurus and Lincoln MKS are made.

  • Fuel Efficiency: Ford sustainability experts gave bloggers 10 tips for being more eco-friendly, and highlighted Ford's approach to sustainability - from green vehicle materials to new fuel efficiencies.

  • Technology and Safety: Ford showed bloggers the cutting-edge technology that's available in many Ford vehicles today.  Bloggers got a chance to experience MyKey (which lets you set limits on your teens driving behaviors), Active Park Assist (automatic parallel parking), and Cross Traffic Alert (blind spot sensors).  Watch as our bloggers explain some of these features:

  • Vehicle Quality: Finally, bloggers saw the attention to detail and high quality materials that make up the sight, sound, and touch of a Ford vehicle - from the different design inspirations for the cup holder to the sound the door makes when it shuts, to new massaging seats.

  • Vehicle Test Drives: The many pieces of the Ford puzzle came together with test drives in the "finished product" - the rubber hit the road when the bloggers got behind the wheels of the new Ford Taurus, Lincoln MKS and Ford Fusion Hybrid.

You can click here to watch video of what the bloggers thought of their test drives.

The day ended with a What Women Want Roundtable - where bloggers got a chance to sit down with the Ford team and sound off on what was most important to them, and their readers, in a vehicle.  Their feedback will be turned into a What Women Want Vehicle Checklist, which we will be sharing with you here at

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jim meloche 04/16/2010
my wife is 4ft 8in she needs adjustable pedals so air bags don't kill her she can get it on a high price car but not on a low price it would be good even at a higher price as a add on say a fiesta or focus please reply
katie 08/10/2009
F-150's all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!
margaretcous 08/09/2009
would have love too know a hybrid but could never afford it maybe i can with the new perks
Liz Rosenbaum 08/07/2009
I am currently on my 3rd new ford vehicle. My first was a 2000 ford focus, that went to pot after the 3 year warrenty was up. The next one was a 2004 F250 diesel that was very roomy, the transmission went out twice before it had 3,000 miles on it and then at about 50,000 some of the electronic components stopped working. Once the diesel prices went up and I had shorter commutor distances I traded it for my Sport trac.
My sport trac is so fun! This is the ideal vehicle for me. Not too big and the covered back bed has chairs, softball, baseball, and football equipment for my kids. I can lock it up and it makes transitions and prep times to leave easier. The sync system is somewhat tricky to use. A few days ago my phone stopped syncing up (it was great to use as I drove when it did work) and now I have to figure it out when ever I have time for it. It is nice to hear my mp3 as I drive and be able to control it on the steering wheel. There is plenty of room for my kids in the back seat (ages 13 and 9) and a few dogs. The floor is perfect, it is foamy instead of with carpet making clean ups easy after camping trips. Speaking of which, we can pull our dual tilt trailer with 4 quads and gear in the backbed (that isn't affected by rain). I am very happy with this truck so far.
I have always owned ford trucks. My husband has a 1995 Ford Lightning and we have onlyneeded to do maintence to it and he drives it every day in the hopes of someday "beefing" it up when ever it needs a new engine (currently 125,000 miles on it).
Scott Monty 08/03/2009
The 2010 Ford Edge does have driver seat memory, as does the Flex. In addition, the Flex has adjustable pedals, so you don't have to be hugging the wheel to reach the gas & brake. I suggest you stop into your local Ford dealer and try some out.

Scott Monty
Global Digital Communications
Ford Motor Company
Angie Rhodes 08/03/2009
My husband is 13 inches taller than me. I want the button for driver 1 and driver 2 seat position. What models have that option? It is a must!!!! My kids want another mini van all because of the DVD player. Is there a convenience package for a DVD package on other models? I am thinking about and Edge.
Susan Sissman 08/03/2009
I am currently looking for a hybrid car to replace my 1999 Taurus.
Unfortunately, my local dealer makes me feel neglected and unimportant every time I go there. When I tried them for service, my car disappeared for over a week, no one answered my calls, and it was several days before I was even told how long they needed to keep it. They didn't think it was a problem, just said they were busy. A huge sign assured me their customer satisfaction rating was 98%.
Recently a new car salesman let me drive a hybrid Fusion then disappeared when I asked questions. While waiting patiently for his return, I read on an easel sign about their 98% customer satisfaction. Then I saw the salesman and approached with my question. His answer was, "just go wait over there, and I'll be with you shortly." I walked out wondering who was providing service to whom.
I'm not sure I can do business with these people; it's too annoying. Also, I can't stand the implication from those customer satisfaction surveys that I am the only customer who is unhappy. I don't believe it.
Chevrolet and Chrysler closed dealerships. Did Ford? If they are looking for a good candidate, they should call me.
Barbara Drake 07/31/2009
I'm interested in a Ford Fiesta Diesel car. I'm not interested in any other Ford car.
I live in New Jersey. Bring the Fiesta Diesel to America!!!
Nancy Johnson 07/29/2009
I am a mustang girl through and through. My first car (at 16) was a 1966 Ford mustang. It was loud, fast and plenty of trunk space. I traded it in for new econo cavelier and was miserable for quite a few years, going from owning the road to just another passenger on it. I now drive a 2002 zinc yellow convertible mustang and once again command the road. I have looked at the new ones, and the 09 with the mood lighting really almost did me in, but it's the colors on the outside. I want the flash of the yellow that I have, to stand out and continue with the heads turning, whistling and attention my current ride has commanded. The mustang is a car that sells itself, but what is the sense in 2 shades of blue, 2 shades of red and no shade of pink or the bright yellow that used to come standard on them?

I have been to 2 Ford dealerships in my area just to look and see what they had on the lots and the salesmen are coming out looking at my ride and my first question to them is What do you have on this lot that is better than what I have? Only one of them had a convertible (which is an absolute must) and it was used, the color palate of the hard tops they had was just blah and even the salesmen trying to peddle their products agreed that if it were them they would keep what I have. I am a woman I have no idea what anything underneath that hood does, quite frankly do not care, I just want to look cool and sound like a muscle car.
Ford Wants to Know: What do Women Really Want?
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