A V6 Engine Like no Other

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While it seems like only hybrid and full-electric powertrain systems get attention these days, Ford is making waves with a V6 gasoline engine. Sure, Ford offers hybrid vehicles and electric cars. In fact, Ford hybrid sales may outnumber Honda by the end of the year according to autospies.com. Celebrities in the U.S. are driving Ford's battery electric Focus on "The Jay Leno Show" and residents of a U.K. borough will soon get a chance to drive electric Ford Focus cars for three months.

But for this article, we're going to focus on the attention that the Ford EcoboostTM is attracting. The engine was recently the topic of a comparison presented by Automobile Magazine and Motor Trend that pitted the V6 Lincoln MKS against V8-powered competitors. The 6versus8 Challenge took place at Loveland Pass in Colorado, a winding mountain road at nearly 12,000 feet of elevation. Click here to go to 6versus8.com and watch the exciting videos that tell this story.

The engine has also garnered attention from other media outlets. Click here to read what Jalopnik says about the engine when it was first introduced, and click here to read the KickingTires blog on cars.com about the engine.

As if being a twin-turbo, direct-injection gasoline engine isn't unique enough, Ecoboost contributed 125 new patents and patent applications. The additions build on Ford Motor Company's current roster of 4,618 active U.S. patents, with thousands more patent applications pending.

EcoBoost uses turbocharging and direct gasoline injection to boost engine output and reduce emissions without sacrificing fuel economy. The engine marks a major milestone in the Ford strategy to deliver technologically advanced, high-output, smaller-displacement powertrains.

The Ford powertrain management strategy uses hundreds of thousands of lines of computer code and related parameters that are adjusted to optimize the engine and transmission operation. It's these processes that largely make up the EcoBoost patent contribution and make Ford's use of direct injection and turbocharging of its engines like no other automaker in the world.

"The secret to Ford's EcoBoost system isn't just the hardware - the key is in the Ford control system," said Brett Hinds, Ford Advanced Engine Design and Development manager. "Our engineers have the right 'recipes' to integrate the various systems like engine, transmission and fuel management, resulting in a seamless, exhilarating driving experience."

To extract the level of power and efficiency achieved in an engine like the EcoBoost V-6, a remarkable level of precision is required. One example is the amount of control engineers maintain over the fuel injection system:
  • The powertrain management strategy uses 10,066 adjustable parameters

  • At idle, each injector releases 10.4 milligrams of fuel per injection; put in household terms, that's 1/25,000 the volume of a can of soda, or 0.2 drops of fuel

  • Fuel injection pressure is continuously controlled to between 220 psi and 2150 psi

  • Injection timing is adjusted up to 300 times a second

Patenting is a global activity at Ford, with experts in the United States, Europe, India and China sharing common processes and reporting through Ford Global Technologies

To wrap up this article, we'll show our pride in the EcoBoost engine by bragging about winning an award. The Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards, now in their fifth year, recognize products and celebrate innovations poised to change the world, and the passionate, smart creators behind them. Ford is the only automaker this year to receive a Breakthrough Award.

"From flying cars to robots to wind turbines for homes, the innovations honored by the 2009 Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards not only capture the imagination, they hold the potential to improve and even save lives," said James B. Meigs, editor-in-chief, Popular Mechanics . "We are pleased to honor this year's diverse list of visionaries, Dean Kamen among them, and applaud their efforts to address such concerns as climate change, pollution, energy shortages and medical care in the developing world."

By 2013, more than 90 percent of Ford's North American lineup will be available with EcoBoost technology.

In selecting the candidates and winners of the 2009 Breakthrough Awards program, the editors of Popular Mechanics canvassed a large range of experts and academics to come up with a list of worthy nominees. Members of PM's Board of Advisers reviewed the nominations to help the editors of Popular Mechanics choose the winners.

A complete report of the Breakthrough Awards will be published in the November issue of Popular Mechanics (on newsstands October 13, 2009). You can click here to read the article on popularmechanics.com.
Jamie Bowles 06/01/2010
Wow- squeeze THAT in an all-wheel-drive Focus, and I'll buy another Focus!
If not, I'll stick to my plan for an '11 5.0 GT. NMRA beckons...
Jack Woodson 04/08/2010
I just hope that Ford does more with the ecoBoost engine than put it in big heavy sedans. I have always been a bit disappointed in Ford for not providing competion for the Corvette. This engine provides an excellent opportunity .. Just think about a small coupe weighing around 3200 lbs, with 365 hp 355 lbs with over 30 mpg and sell for lrss than $40,000. Maybe some thing along the lines of the Nissan Z car.. Talk about having your cake and eating too. And how about a ecoBoost compact pickup.
Time to Think 03/23/2010
Of course Ford vehicles are going to have similarities - it's the same company. Every company has it's own "look". It's part of brand recognition. Ford vehicles are SUPPOSED to look similar to each other; same with Mercury vehicles, same with Lincolns. Why would you expect anything else?
Time to Think 03/23/2010
Also, bear in mind that safety equipment such as airbags and such add weight; features like beefed up stock car stereos with 4+ speakers add weight. The cars of the 70s cannot be compared with the cars of today. The requirements are very different.

Also bear in mind that the cars that did get great mileage in the 70s were mostly diesel, which at the time, was very dirty. Much has changed.

Additionally, the technology for great efficiencies (such as computers, small reliable sensors of all types, precision fuel injectors, etc.) didn't exist then.

However, I do agree with the general idea that the technology has been around long enough that they could have done more sooner. It's my personal opinion that, if all the big automakers had taken the 10s of billions of dollars they've been spending over the decades on lobbying to stop every inevitable advancement - from seat belts to CAFE standards - and put that money toward meeting the new requirements, where would we be today? It makes me sick. Selfish, ignorant leadership.
Michael Canetto 02/07/2010
Any Plans for putting a small diesel in the F-150? Seems like that would be a great match since the small diesels can put a lot of torque out with great fuel economy..
Frank 01/27/2010
The warranty period is not the same as a rating period. The warranty period is the length of time the manufacturer is willing to pay to repair manufacturing defects. It does not indicate the expected longevity of the component. The rating, on the other hand, is the measure of how long the manufacturer expects the component to remain serviceable. Simply because both measures can be expressed in miles does not mean that they are comparable. Doing so is about as valid as comparing a child to a sack of groceries since both can be measured in pounds.

BTW, the Navigator is now over 325,000 miles. I replaced the air compressor’s relay, but nothing else since the previous post.
Sharon 01/12/2010
Will Ford look at the Escape for better fuel mileage? I love the Escape with the 6cyl. engine.
markb 12/10/2009
Ford rated the turbo's for 150,000 miles, just because they are rated for 150,000 miles does not mean you have to replace them right after that interval. Turbos last 200,000+ plus miles in other engines and the MKS ecoboost turbos are water cooled instead of oil cooled so they will last even longer, plus Ford's quality now meets or exceeds imports. Did you have you engine replaced after the 100,000 mile warranty ran out?? I hope not
Brian Langston 12/09/2009
Will the ecoboost ever be available for the Explorer, and if so what kind of mpg's could it offer?
john faulkner 11/01/2009
I have 2 mustangs in my garage now..and love them both...and getting ready to buy an escape...I drove one the other day and really liked it ...been doing some reserch on them and their owners and found mostly great feed back on them...I'll say this for ford... in the past 5 years or so they have come a long way and by the looks of things their not done yet....and I've never been a ford person..
chris 10/31/2009
The overall "look" is the same? really? which cars look the same to you? And as for gas mileage Ford gets just as good if not better mileage than any other automaker. Most cars of the 70's did not get better gas mileage and for the one's that did have you seen the power comparison? The fact is that cars now get the same mpg as before but with close to twice the horsepower. Also which Ford model were you in that had a bad interior? I just test drove the new mustang and it is leaps ahead in luxury than the previous 05-09 model, yes the mustang a non-luxury car, imagine how nice the new Taurus must be.
RC Williams 10/30/2009
Has any one at Ford taken a step back and looked at the overall "look" of the cars they are designing, really please----everything is starting to look alike---and fuel economy? PA-LEAZZEE, I have been driving 35 years, and most cars of the 70s got better mileage.....GEEZ and everyone is scratching there heads wondering why imports are flying off the lots.???? I havent found a car that I enjoy driving for years---guess I will take the jump over to an import.
I did look at new Fords---the insides are no longer luxurious as I remember--the cloth is more like tent material......OMG.

Pray tell
Frank Cannavale, III 10/30/2009
I'm just so underwhelmed! Elsewhere on Ford's site, I read where the turbochargers for the Ecoboost engines are rated for only 150,000 miles. I drive a lot. My 99 Navigator has well over 300,000 miles. So if I bought an MKT as I was considering, a this point I'd be one my THIRD SET of turbochargers. Seems like potential fuel savings would be offset by excessive maintenance costs. So far, the Navi required a trans rebuild @ 225,000 for $1,600.

After Ford dropped the Mark VIII, my wife wasn't satisfied with anything they made, so we started getting her Jaguars. She has a Vanden Plas now. Looks like for myself I'll also have to go outside Ford, too. The Audi Q7 TDI seems to be the best choice. Oh well. Been buying & leasing Lincolns since 1990. It's too bad
dino cimini 10/29/2009
wow ford is just phenominal what a brilliant engine!!!!!!
la1528 10/27/2009
I love my 2001 ford escape xlt 4cly 5 speed and let me tell you its one tough vehicle it got hit and the back and everything still works I leave as a battle scar haha i also have 181,547 and still runs smooth and great gas mileage.I only run motor craft synthetic oil and filter and just amazed how clean the oil is after 5 thousand miles and I drive rough on this vehicle everyday and put anywhere from 100 to 300 miles a day. I would consider buying another again.
peter young 10/27/2009
This thing looks like a jet engine.
David 10/22/2009
cole 10/22/2009
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Cole Quinnell
Editorial Director
michael dwyer 10/22/2009
just a question or two. where/who do i e-mail for my overall insights. i have been buying fords, new and used for over forty years and i have thoughts to share with marketing/management on my like/dislikes in the buying process and on the performance segment.
Bill Lee 10/22/2009
Like my 04 Escape - so much I just bought a brand new one, again with the 6 cyl engine.
Fantastic Mileage and towing ability. Short turn radius, etc etc.

Put about 170,000 mile on the first one and it still runs like it's New. But Son needed a vehicle so I'm giving him the old one and bought the new one. Fantastic Vehicle as far as I am concerned.
A V6 Engine Like no Other
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