Ford Ka; More than the Detroit Pronunciation for Car

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That's right, while most Americans have never heard of the Ford Ka, residents of the UK have purchased more than a half million of the compact models, thanks to its iconic design, low operating costs and fun-to-drive personality.

The original Ford Ka was launched in the UK in 1996. Marketing director, Ford of Britain, Mark Simpson, said: "There were eight competitors in the Ka's market segment in 1996 - now there are 26 rivals. Offering low ownership costs and cheeky distinctive styling, the Ka has maintained its strong appeal over the years and remains at the top of its segment."

The new Ford Ka went on sale at the beginning of this year and it is now leading its market segment with 14 percent share.

Fun Ford Ka facts include:
  • Driven by 'Bond girl' Olga Kurylenko in the movie "Quantum of Solace"

  • Best selling model is Ka Zetec

  • Best selling Ka colour is black, followed by Dive (blue)

  • More than 11,000 new Ka models have been sold since its launch in January this year

  • 90 per cent of sales are to private customers

  • New diesel engine is taking around four per cent of all orders

Bruce A Mitchell 02/09/2010
I bought a Ford Ka back to Georgia in 2000. I love it. (I bought it in Sao Paulo Brazil, it's 1/32 scale) eat your heart out.
Jason Smith 10/23/2009
Nice job guys! I am really excited about your future cars and technologies! These things need to be more directly applies to the website. I still have to go to the ford/uk site to see future cars, and go elsewhere to find info on your huge/awesome investment into dual clutch transmissions! Please make this info known to the general public and increase the hype for them. People will drool over this stuff when they learn about how good they are, especially when theyre standard. The new Fiesta, 2011 Focus, Ka; they all need to be shown and hyped. Thats your future! Please hire me to your marketing staff :)
Wayne Malone 08/24/2009
The Ka; looks better than the Smart Car. If it has more power, it would be the car for me.
Carolyn N 08/11/2009
You should bring the Ford Ka to Detroit! It would be very popular to college commuters and trendy people in the burbs. I would buy one considering I own a Taurus and support Ford 100% if they continue to deliver well-made quality products. Plus, low prices are the key! Look at the popularity of your Ford Focus. The trend is going towards smaller sleeker vehicles like the Ka and I hope they are available soon.
Chasidy Bigsby 08/03/2009
I have seen quite a few cars that Ford has put out in Europe that I think would really sell here in the United States. One that has been queried quite a bit at the local dealership is "how do I get one of the Ford Fiestas with the German body style?" Apparently, I was not the first to ask about it. I lived in England for 2 years and quite liked the cars Ford has brought out there and would love to be able to purchase some of them here.
Laura woodford 08/03/2009
I like this small Ford. I am also interested in 'ecoboost'. Since my 2002 subaru gets 30-35 on hwy and 25 city, I want fuel ifficient AND performance.

A Honda dealer told me the non hybrid civic that gets 36mpg is much quicker than any of their hybrids or the Toyota Prius. His advice? If you get a hybrid, get the Ford. He was not being crooked. He believed the Ford hybrid was as good or better than the prius.

The sub is 4c/2.5L. W/manual and smart driving is how I get 30+ when EPA rates as 22mpg. So, in a Ford perhaps the 'ecoboost' would be spunkiest. we have 'compressed gas' stations here, not sure which cars use it nor the mpg-just emissions are 25% less!

Scott Monty 08/03/2009
Hi Bill,

Thanks for the inquiry about the Ka. The vehicle specs can be found at:

Please keep in mind that the Ka is not available in the U.S. These are European specs only.
Scott Monty 08/03/2009
Lee, we're working on a number of areas that address near term and longer term opportunities, and hydrogen is one of them. We currently have a test fleet of 20 hydrogen powered vehicles with nearly 1 million miles on them as we continue to develop affordable solutions for better fuel economy.

In the meantime, we'll be bringing electric vehicles to the market at a pace of one a year for the next three years, including a plug-in electric vehicle. Our hybrids will continue to play a part, as well as the EcoBoost engine, which will be available in 90% of our fleet by 2013. Through all of this, we will be best-in-class or among the best-in-class in fuel economy with every one of our vehicles.

So you see, it's an overall commitment to sustainable fuel efficiency for the masses. Hydrogen is part of that overall mix, not the ultimate solution to all of the challenges.

Scott Monty
Global Digital Communications
Ford Motor Company
W. Bowen 08/03/2009
I like the looks of the Ka and I need a small car for around town. But I need more details--what is the engine;h.p.? mileage?are seats good for long legs?price?
Cole Quinnell 08/02/2009

Thanks for your comment. You're missing the point of, though. We're not trying to sell cars through this web site. What we are doing is sharing Ford stories. That means stories from us about what makes Ford different as well as what other people are saying about Ford. If you want a site that sells Fords, please visit


Cole Quinnell
Editorial Director

Lee Taylor 08/02/2009
Hydrogen, gentlemen. Figger out the problems. period.
John Ross 08/01/2009
Hey Ford! Go to the Toyota website to learn how to design a site that will actually sell cars. Your website is really useless.
Cole Quinnell 08/01/2009

Thanks for the punctuation suggestion and the request for more technical info on the site.

You can always find specifications for Ford, Mercury and Lincoln cars sold in the U.S. at

Cole Quinnell
Editorial Director

Margaret Switzer 08/01/2009
Cute car - noticed it for quite a while in Spain and wondered why the NA market is so far behind.
Dump the semi colon after Ka - use a colon if anything.
site needs more obvious connection to more technical info.
Daniel A. Doell 07/31/2009
I guess that I could be considered a Ford Fan. I currently own a 98 F150, a 95 Cougar an a Bronco 2, and am presently considering the purchase a 2010 Fusion or Milan. I like that little KA from what I can see from the photo, and if it comes diesel powered that a plus. I've also owned several other Ford products a 86 Mustang an 84 E250 an Escort an 81 F 250 and E350 an 80 LTD a 73 Mercury Colony Park Wagon, a 72 Torino Squire Wagon and a Pinto. A 69 F250 A Falcon plus a 59 English Ford. Ford Fan Dan
agustin ld 07/31/2009
i hope ford bring this to america,it is an smart option
Tom Payne 07/31/2009
This is the same platform from the same factory as the FIAT 500.
It is coming to America!
Ford, don't miss the boat on this one.
Eric Smith 07/31/2009
Please get the Detroit bigwigs to approve bringing it here to the States. Looks to be a much better alternative to the Smart Car, and the mileage should be at least equal or better. Plus, hey, it's a Ford. Nothing else need be said.
Ford Ka; More than the Detroit Pronunciation for Car

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