Ford Integrates More Advanced Technology

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Ford Integrates More Advanced Technology
Scott Monty 06/15/2009
John, thanks for your comment. Our overall blueprint for sustainability is multifaceted - it includes gasoline powered internal combustion engines; direct injection (EcoBoost) engines that increase mpgs and reduce CO2 emissions; hybrids; battery electric vehicles (BEVs); plug-in electric hybrids (PHEVs); and biofuels (aka flex fuel or E85).

The vehicles Ford currently offer with E85 capability include:
- Ford: Fusion, F-150, Econoline, Expedition
- Mercury: Milan, Grand Marquis
-Lincoln: Crown Vic, Town Car, Navigator

Scott Monty
Global Digital Communications
Ford Motor Company
John Walla 06/14/2009
FLEX Fuel - On everything - including hybrids. Give us the power to choose.
The cost is right for you and the car owners.
Make conversion kits for older cars that are still on the road.
If you don't do it - it looks like you're in bed with "Big Petro."
Get to work........