Ford Expands at the Auto Show

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Ford has expanded at the 2010 North American International Auto Show by 48-percent compared to last year. That means more for you to do when you visit the display. The larger space showcases 60 new Ford cars and trucks, 21 new Lincoln and Mercury vehicles and 24 interactive displays, engaging consumers in experiential and educational exercises that demonstrate Ford’s technologies and innovations.

There are also live driving demonstrations of Active Park Assist (APA) technology inside Cobo Center using Ford hybrid vehicles. And a new powertrain display includes two assembly-line robots from the Cleveland Engine Plant, named Eco and Boost, where the company’s new EcoBoostTM engines are built.

“Allowing consumers to interact with our products in an engaging and experiential way is a very effective way to demonstrate the strength of our products,” said Jim Farley, group vice president of Global Marketing and Canada, Mexico and South America operations. “There’s no better venue than an auto show to demonstrate our advanced technology and products at a critical point in the buying process for many attendees.”

Ford’s entire new car portfolio will be on display inside the floor’s Blue Oval – everything from the new Ford Fiesta to the company’s flagship sedan, the Ford Taurus.

Visitors to the Fiesta area can take a break and play Foosball on one of the world’s largest Foosball tables, Twitter their reactions to Fiesta, and learn about the 14 class-leading exclusive features that put Fiesta head and shoulders above competitors in the B segment. A Taurus SHO in-car theater will take visitors for a ride through both the tame and wild sides of Taurus SHO.

Taking center stage in the Ford display will be the next-generation Ford Focus, where visitors can learn about the agility and precision of Focus’s driving dynamics by playing the Control Blade Challenge, which is like a Wii game. Touch-screen digital displays explain Focus technologies and allow visitors to integrate their pictures into a virtual world and email it to themselves. There also will be special zones for Ford crossovers and trucks and specially built areas for the Ford Mustang, Taurus, Fiesta, Fusion, Transit Connect and Super Duty.®

“The Ford auto show display is proof that Ford is launching more product than any other manufacturer,” said Farley. “In 2010, Ford globally will deliver five times more new or freshened product than even 2009, bringing to market an unprecedented volume of new products people want – with class-leading fuel economy, quality, safety and technology.”

Lincoln will present an attention-getting cutaway of the vehicle to demonstrate the class-leading technology, safety and luxury features, including the industry exclusive MyLincoln Touch.™ To demonstrate this advanced feature, a one-of-a-kind 16 x 3-foot interactive table will take visitors on a journey through the thoughtful, purposeful technology of Lincoln with the new MyLincoln Touch seamlessly integrated into the experience.

The auto shows held throughout the year – beginning with NAIAS in Detroit – are an important way for Ford to communicate with consumers about new Ford, Lincoln and Mercury products and technologies. Last year’s Ford display generated more than 125,000 consumer leads, 22,000 actual test-drives and 2,020 vehicle sales to date.

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Brian Langston 02/27/2010
I believe several people would love to see the Bronco come back. I would like to see it offered with an optional diesel engine. I think ford needs to compete with the jeeps and others, Hummer is shutting down so there is a market opened up!
Byron K 02/21/2010
Took delivery of a 2010 Ford Tarus Limited in Oct. for my wife. She loves the car and I hope to get to drive it Some Year soon!!!
Mike 02/20/2010
Dear above comment.....If you have followed mustangs at all you would notice that the sheet mtal on 2010 and 2011 are the same. now if you like the 5.0 engine dea that might be a o.k reason to wait. But really once again lets see the 4.6 3 valve has been a great engine in my 2008 s197. I don't think people cared that it was in low 300 hp range and it is a great car to mod and truly make your own. But hey once again ford is claiming this 5.0 will be exclusive to the mustang and no other vehichles......will they hold up to that......what wil the price be......the same I highly doubt it. Well I,m just gonna wait and buy a used gt500 and call it a dat.
Mike L. 02/19/2010
Please tell me that is not the new yellow on the 2011 Mustang. Color selection on 2010 is what kept me from ordering my first Mustang, and it looks like 2011 colors are just as bad. Shame because I really like car and new 5.0 looks hot, but cannot justify 30,000 for a color selection that has nothing to reach out and grab me.
Jim H. 02/19/2010
I just purchased a 2010 Taurus and must say that this car is a winner for Ford. I have purchased several Taurus cars over the years but this new 2010 is most definitely the best of them all. Ford has a winner wih this one.
john c 02/19/2010
diesel F-150 ? waiting
Mike 02/19/2010
I currently own a 08GT mustang. This is the 3rd mustang ive owned and done many mods to. O.k rave all you want about the new 5.0 I think it was not the smartest move. 412hp is great and all but for mustang enthusiasts and modders no. the s197 platform has done extremely well. I romp out new camaro SS all day long. My car has less hp but is lighter. cant wait to see how much dohc 32 valve heads will cost for upgrade. I mean come on electric steering .....really and body styling from a 05-09 that looks like it collided with a bmw. I was very dissapointed when something doing so well since it came out in late 2004 has been changed so much. You need an affordable entry level mustang so people will want to mod it and make it there own. thats what makes hondas and imports so so popular. every high school kid wants a civic and yes many own them but its the customization that makes the car unique. Thats why i never bought a roush because any body can buy one that would look and be just like the one I bought. Face it this is the day of modding and tuning.....not showroom me too cars......if you want a fast car that you do not have to a gt500. case closed
Mark L 02/18/2010
Oh come on! I've been driving Mustangs exclusively for the last 30 years but now GM has out done Ford's Mustang with the new Camaro. The Camaro has newly engineered 4W independent suspension. Mustang still has 50 year old technology solid rear axle suspension like they used to have under those old buck board wagons you see in the old western movies. The base model Camaro has a 3.6L V6 Engine with 304 HP. The Mustang GT model has a 4.6L V8 with only 11 HP more than the Chevy V6 base model. Ford has a 365 HP 3.5L V6 EcoBoost engine that they put in the Taurus SHO. Oh they are doing good there! The Mustang is supposed to be their performance car but the 4 Door Taurus family sedan has 50 HP more than their hot rod Mustang. That's not looking good.
Ford, are you listening? How about re-engineering the Mustang. Put a 21st century suspension under it and a 21st century power train in it so that I won't have to buy a new Camaro V6.
Chris 02/18/2010
2 comments about the Mustang , I hope your going to change the side mirrors. Stationary side mirrors are so cheap ...a Mustang needs much better. Second for 2011 please add a sunroof. The glass top is nice but a sunroof is much better. I am ( Iahate to say it ) not a kid. My next car will be a Mustang and it will be my daily driver. Please consider some of these minor chages. I think the car can appeal to a young and older ( note I did not wrte old ) groups. ....Love the 5.0 and the 6 speed .........last , do the hatchback ........I owned a 1982 Mustang hatchback , sold it with 82,000 miles , wife was having a baby ...the best car I ever owned.
jimmy Conman 02/18/2010
Just bought a new 2010 mustang GT! Super stylish with upgraded rims, black leather interior and exterior. Its the best drives smooth and the engine sounds even better. Camaro you better watch out!!!!!
Cliff 02/18/2010
Will Ford ever offer a Fusion wagon? It would broaden the customer base and compete with the Subaru Outback. I for one am drawn to the Fusion, but I need a wagon.
Where I live, Subaru Outbacks are everywhere.
Norman Poberezny 02/18/2010
Brought a new 2010 Tarus Limited in Sept. A great looking car and a lot of good items. Solid and wants to really move out. Had many people approch me to ask about it.
Norm Poberezny
Muskego WI
Don Antonson 02/18/2010
what happened to, or when can we see the IOSIS MAX? I will be at my local dealer hopefully to be the first MAX owner in my home town.
Paul K. Darrall 02/18/2010
I currently have a 2006 Mustabg GT, I am seriously considering the 2011 5.0, again a Convertible.
I am extremely pleased with my current Mustang, but the 5.0 is a must! I have had numerous GM vehicles over the years, mainly High Performance Chevrolets and Corvettes. I also was an Exhibit Designer for GM in the early 70"s. I guess I could be called a turn coat, but when they weren't making Camaros any more my Son, who had a Hatchback 5.0 GT, which was a great car by the way, suggested I try a Mustang! The rest was history and now I'm back for more! Besides, I'm proud of Ford not taking the Bail-out money from the Government. We don't need anymore " Beancounters" design automobiles,or deciding what the general public should have.
Keep up the great work and you'll have my busniess for life, besides, it's US made!
Richard Block 02/18/2010
Does Ford have any plans for the Thunderbird?
Patrick Mullins 02/18/2010
I've driven Pontiacs for a long time. Now I'm ready for a 5.0 Mustang Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beth Ann 02/18/2010
I don't understand why Ford ever got rid of the Focus Hatchback.. I may have to buy another brand. I have two & love them.
Petrus Robby 02/06/2010
craig attwood 02/02/2010
When are you going to put the bronco i saw a couple of years ago into production. I really think it would be a big seller and would compete with toyota fj and jeep wrangler. I think people have been waiting long enough!
Jessika Rogers 01/29/2010
I love FORD! My family has always been a ford family. We've got a 91 explorer sport, 97 xlt, 01 v8 and a 91 ranger. We love them all and have always been great. But I know that we want to upgrade to a slightly bigger truck from the ranger, but don't want to go to the F150. I think that ford needs to develop a midsized truck now that they have lots of midsized suvs. It would keep a lot of ford people with ford instead of taking them away to toyota. Keep on doing what you do.
Diana Copeland 01/29/2010
dude I saw the 2011 Mustang. I beleive the body of the Mustang is too wide of all the older mustangs. Exspecially the 2009 Mustang. You guys should bring back the classic Mustangs but better for the environment. I have ideas for Ford but I'm only 17.
Dustin Munro 01/28/2010
Front Drive Mustang And Front Drive Explorer

Don't put rear drive badges on front drive vehicles.Remember the Front drive Mustang plan more than 20 years ago?Many people didn't want to have the Mustang badge on a front drive car so Ford still made the vehicle and renamed it the Ford Probe.Lets do the same thing with the front drive SUV-name it after a highly successful explorer.A great name would be to name it after the most successful mars exploration rover-Opertunity which has so far roamed over 11 miles of the martian surface and unlike the Spirit rover shows no sign of ending its exploration anytime soon.
So lets call the 'front drive Explorer' the Ford Opertunity and make a small emblem of the twin Mars rover as a decoration.
Richard Michaud 01/28/2010
What are you doing in developing a new ranger or a replacement pickup in the same size range. There is too much uncertainty about this. The American consumer needs some information about this. Many consumers will be lost if you abandon this market. The Ford Ranger is second in sales to the Toyota Tacoma and Toyota is having big problems. Do not abandon the small truck consumer.
jeremy letterman 01/23/2010
Brayden Martindale 01/22/2010
I saw something in a small town in Ontario Canada yesterday, it had a Ford badge and it looked like a mix between a Ford Flex and a Explorer, it had an Explorer-like front end with a HUGE sexy shiny grill and it was very long( like the Flex) but it didn't look as rugged as a Explorer, the back end looked like a Flex with new styled tailights and a more sporty looking, SUV back end but it had no model name on it.
Ronald Meisler 01/21/2010
Would like to know if ford has anything in the making for a new styled explorer for 2011 or 2012, possibly with the new ecoboost engine.My wife has an 02 xlt and I have a 2010 Eddie Bauer now on order to arrive mid february.we have always loved the explorer and may have to replace the 02 one of these days in the near future.thanks for your time, Ron Meisler
Jordan 01/20/2010
Hey Jim, don't worry it's coming. The global Focus platform will be used for a number of exciting new cars coming down the road.
Jim 01/18/2010
A Ford Focus Sportwagen would get me to a dealership, especially if it were also available in a hybrid. The rest of this news is of little interst. If Ford completes the Volvo sale, they will lose the only wagon in their lineup.
Ford Expands at the Auto Show

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