Ford Customer Satisfaction Program

By Ford Social Member

Today, we are announcing a customer satisfaction program to update the software of the regenerative brake system of some 2010-model Ford Fusion Hybrids and Mercury Milan Hybrids.

We have received reports that some drivers have experienced a different brake feel when the hybrid’s unique regenerative brakes switch to conventional hydraulic braking.  While the vehicles maintain full braking capability, customers may initially perceive the condition as loss of brakes.

To be clear, the Fusion and Milan Hybrids’ brake system maintains full conventional brakes and full ABS function even as the customer sees visual indicators and hears a chime.  The software threshold to transition from regenerative brakes to conventional brakes can cause the system to transition to conventional brakes unnecessarily.

The software upgrade will reduce unnecessary occurrences of the vehicle switching from regenerative braking to conventional hydraulic brakes.

Customers with affected vehicles will receive a notice in the mail.  We are asking owners of affected vehicles to have vehicle software reprogrammed at dealers at no charge.

There have been no injuries related to this condition.
Ted Szewczyk 02/15/2010
I gave my Sister my 1995 Ford Explorer with approximately 50,000 miles back in 1999 after I purchased a "new" Ford Explorer. Although the vehicle currently has some body rust, the engine continues to run strong and does not burn any motor oil at approximately 240,000 miles. The vehicle receives oil changes twice a year with a 100% synthetic motor oil. My hat off to Ford for producing quality products that last & last with proper maintenance !!. Look out Toyota, Ford will be riding on your heels soon!!
Tony 02/14/2010
I grew up in a family that only purchased Ford vehicles. I, for many years only purchased Ford vehicles. In 2008 I purchased a Toyota vehicle. My change had nothing to do with the quality of the Ford vehicles. It had to do with the numerous terible experiences I had at several Ford dealers.
At a Toyota dealership, they seem to remember that treating you decently before during and after you buy a vehicle, the chances are very good you will return to buy another vehicle. Was not treated this was Ford dealerships.
Your product is good, clean up your dealerships and maybe I will comeback.
Kevin G. Pereira 02/06/2010
I'm glad ford is takeing the right steps to make sure that what happened to toyota, doesn't happen to them. Toyota is number 1 world wide with companies such as Ford, and VolksWagon Hot on their Trail. I'm glad to see one Ford becomeing a reality, and hope to see more options, and performance packages across the whole lineup in the future. Thanks Ford Motor Company, again for being a star, in the automanufactureing industry, and changeing the world, as well as continuely inovateing. Such as (MyFordTouch)Tm. Hope you do good in the world, and lead America in the right direction, Unlike GM aka Goverment Motors now these days. Ford is the one and only AutoCompany I trust, and I'm very pleased to say my next Vehicale will be a Ford, Here's to the Ford Nation.
Ford Customer Satisfaction Program
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