Ford Beats Every Auto Company in Quality*

By Ford Social Member

It's a mark of higher quality, and it's official: Ford had fewer problems than any other auto maker. In a second-quarter study conducted by the RDA Group of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Ford moved past Toyota, which it has been tied with in the past.*

The survey compares issues per 1,000 vehicles. For the second quarter of 2009, it showed that new Ford, Mercury and Lincoln cars and trucks had 1,185 issues per 1,000 vehicles. Toyota had 1,215 problems and Honda Motor Co. had 1,291.

The study also rates customer satisfaction, and reported that Ford in tied with Toyota in this segment.

"We've been tied with Toyota before, but it sure feels better to be on the top!" says Bennie Fowler, Ford's global head of quality. "We can all be pleased with the progress we have made in quality, even as we face external and internal challenges in a tumultuous climate. Our progress has come as the result of our union partnerships in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, along with the work of dedicated teams in manufacturing, product development, purchasing, marketing, sales, service, legal, IT and others who follow disciplined, standardized processes."
dave 04/08/2010
One again the marketing at toyota has you beliving what they want you to belive. do some real research the number is less then half and actually getting smaller
Dave 04/08/2010
Or about 30K they are still far behind in that number. But the do a good job of covering up problems
ikihi 04/06/2010
you claim that buying a Toyota doesn't support our economy, when in reality it does. Toyota employs countless thousands of workers in their auto factory plants right here in America.
steve hiller 04/06/2010
i sold fords for ten years, and i dont care what JD Powers, motortrend or any of them put ford head to head with toyota, in any catagory,and win.My 1999 taurus has 247 thousand miles on it,same engine and transmission that came in it,It still gets 28MPG,and it still runs and drive very good.My 1989 F150 has 324thousand and is still getting the job done everyday.If your an american and you love this country,try buying a car that made by a american owned manufacture.Or take your toyota,and move to japan,and continue surpporting their economy
Shifty 04/05/2010
Toyota, hehe, a joke. Bought 2 brand new cars from them and one cracked a piston at 35,000 miles, its rusting, on both cars. I dont care if they were made by americans or not, Toyota hasen't been around as long as Ford, they have yet too learn, like Ford has, the tools and tricks and the industry. I'd be more comfortable knowing that the company making my vehicles is well established and has made a mark in the world. As for other brands, I'm sorry I will only be buying Ford products for the rest of my life.
Gerry 04/01/2010
WHEN the new styled police cars come out, I think FORD would be wise to offer the same vehicles with all the "police features" (no lights or sirens of course) to the public @ the same price they sell it to our towns for (using our money)

Getting a tougher car made to withstand more abuse would be a good thing.
we will wait and see 03/27/2010
So I guess Ford figured out how to keep spark plugs from leaving the engine, and fixed the electrical fires. When I see the number of used Ford's for sale over 150,000 miles match the number of similar Toyota's and Honda's. Then I will be convinced the quality is "as good".
SKsquashbass 03/17/2010
you call that many casualties a "little" acceleration problem?
LM 03/17/2010
Only until VERY recently has Ford been ahead with it's styling. And even so, it's midpack. NOT leading.
edvard 03/15/2010
Fair enough. Of all the car makers, American car companies have done the best job of utilizing social media to get their message across, and GM and Ford in particular have done so with a degree of success. That's one way to get your message across. But the other part- as I mentioned- will be the passage of time. I knew way, way too many people not too long ago who drove Ford Tauruses, Contours, Windstars, and so on that had just tons of problems with their vehicles. So that memory still sticks in my head.

BUT... I am also fully aware that this might have been the "old" Ford. You guys were very smart to hire Mullaly. Your product line has gotten better and better and due to not taking government funds the public views you in a positive light. So I'm willing and happy to see what has been done lately. I grew up in a family that bought a lot of Fords. My Grandad only bought Fords and one of his relatives was one of the first in the state to sell Fords. So I am partial to them myself.

So I'll be listening and watching to see what people think and say about these "new" Fords. Who knows. My next vehicle might very well be a Ford.
Bobby 03/13/2010
Toyota is so much better, even after this little problem about acceleration.
edvard 03/12/2010
Yes- I've heard arguments from people saying that " Oh- you better buy American because "Joe the ( name that working class person) is counting on you1" Well... what about Joe the worker who works at plants in a Toyota/Kia/Hyundai/Honda/Nissan/BMW/Mercedes plant in Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Alabama, California, and so on? Do they not count? Last time I checked they too have families to raise, bills to pay, food to buy, and so on. So in reality, NOT buying a Toyota, Nissan, Honda or whatever could very well have the exact same effect.

I get a feeling a lot of these "Buy American to save workers!" Arguments have nothing to do with whats being claimed.
cole 03/12/2010
You may want to read some of the stories posted by Ford customers like this one:

Cole Quinnell
Editorial Director
edvard 03/12/2010
This report is a little misleading. This sounds like a comparison between NEW cars. Sure- maybe Ford now has fewer initial problems but as a person who tends to keep cars and trucks 10-15 years at a time, I'm more concerned about long-term reliability. All I know is that my 1996 Tacoma has 230,000 miles, my brother's 98' Avalon has 271,000 miles, My Dad's 2002 Tundra has 225,000 miles, and my Wife's 2002 prius now has a little over 100,000 miles. Out of all of these only the Tundra had a major problem: The transmission basically cooked itself one day which Toyota replaced free of charge. Otherwise all of these vehicles run day in, day out with hardly a hickup.

Toyota has gained my trust through my typical experience with their products. Sure- I like the idea of owning an American car as I am somewhat patriotic ( even though a lot of "American" cars are actually made using foreign platforms and parts) But in the end its all about my trust. It wasn't long ago that Ford made cars that more often than not fell apart in under 100,000 miles. So basically unless I start routinely reading and hearing about people with Fords going 200,000+ miles, and this is the norm and not some freak exception then perhaps I'll be a believer.

There is a big difference between initial and long term quality. Ford is on the right track and I do believe they've made improvements. But the 2nd part of the message that is needed to be delivered to consumers is that your products will last as long and do so reliably.
Bergentire 03/10/2010
Nonsense. Profits are repatriated to the shareholders of the company. Most balanced mutual funds own some foreign stocks - which include Honda, Toyota, etc.
cole 03/05/2010
Actually, it's 1,185 issues per 1,000 vehicles, or an average of 1.185 issues per vehicle.

Cole Quinnell
Editorial Director
Daniel 03/05/2010
1100 issues per vehicle?

That means each car has more than one issue (on average)!!!! Even if the Japanese are a little bit worse, how can you talk about quality if every car has a problem?
Craig Sander 03/04/2010
My first Ford was an '01 Taurus, and soon after I bought it, I was hooked.
That car was a tank, and I only got rid of it after over 200,000 miles because I bought an '06 Taurus that I've had the same great experience with.
I want to see and hear more about the 2010 Taurus before I decide to look into purchasing one.
Gary Phillips 03/03/2010
I just purchased a 2010 Lincoln MKS with Ecoboost. My previous car was a 2006 Audi A-8. This car is everything my Audi was and more. The SYNC system is incredible, and the car has all of the features you could possibly want. I believe this is the first American Luxury Sedan that not only can compete, but is better than its competition in the 50-70k price range. If you are skeptical abt an american car, go test drive this car and see for yourself.
Juan Gutierrez 03/02/2010
It's great you can achieve an mpg of 45+ with your foreign cars, but thefact remains that the 2010 ford fusion hybrid is the most fuel efficient car in america and also 2010 motortrend car of the year, does your honda have that?
Gary 03/01/2010
I agree, if you buy Japanese or German, you are sending your cash to the very countries that not so long ago were murdering millions of us westerners. My 2006 F150 is now 4 yrs old and I can honestly say it has had absolutely nothing go wrong with it yet, not even a bulb.
T.J.W. 02/25/2010
To me Ford has the best built truck in the WORLD. I have 2003 f-350 superduty 4x4 with 150,000 hard miles on it, and before that a 1983 f-150 with 300,000 miles sold it and the next guy put another 100,000, then before that a f-100 used for my land scape company it ended up with over 500,000 miles on it before it rusted away. All i am trying to say is it is worth buying a ford truck. Thank you for a great poduct!!!!!!
American 02/18/2010
And every penny of profit goes offshore to a foreign company and nation. American jobs are only an element of cost to the manufacturer. Profits are what it is all about, and one of the fundamental rules of international business is that the manufacturer or seller will not do business offshore if they can not repatriate the profits.
Paul 02/15/2010
It's interesting to me that people don't take into account just how many Toyota's actually are built in the US and Canada and how many fords are built in Mexico... so yeah, Toyota's are being built by American's in most cases.
Cho-ming 02/13/2010
For quality, Ford should continue pushing six-sigma and enforce Quality mentality from design to manufacturing to post-consumer, post-accident product failure or worn-out analysis. I have worked in software industry for 22+ years in the S.F. Silicon Valley. The mentality here is not to brag about legacy (or baggage) from the past (or 1903), but to boldly goes where no one has gone before. Software development stresses more on rapid innovation than fool-proof quality but that's because the product patching is much less costly than car recalls. And you rarely hear any "liability" lawsuits from software. Back to auto industry... It's hard to maintain quality while doing rapid-innovation. There are at least 4 ways to do it: (1) Six-sigma triple-cross-checking process/methodology (2) use software tools to randomly inspect design and manufacturing data with daily statistical analysis. (3) humbly learn from benchmarking against the best (4) Ask independent (3rd-party) industry reviewers to stress-test stuff. Please focus on the future (windshield) instead of bragging about the past (rear-mirror). Please don't be complacent. When Honda design civic, their benchmark is BMW 323. When you design your next car, please leapfrog and compare with something in a higher category. Please don't underestimate Hyundai, BYD, Tesla or Nissan Leaf. Please hire someone from Silicon Valley to balance your Detroit mentality.
M Shaffer 02/12/2010
Can't wait to see the new Focus. My wife has an '09 and loves it, but it's a bit too small for me. I have an '09 Corolla S now, and while it is a good car, I worry about the recalls. Ford is looking sharp these days! The European styling is spot on, and I love it!
RB 02/12/2010
I'm so glad that Ford went for quality, energy/gas saving technology, safety and value. Toyota might have cheaper vehicles, but you get more for your money when buying a Ford. I buy for safety, so I'm glad that Ford decided not to be like the rest of the auto industry, by finding ways to improve fuel efficiency in their vehicles instead of resorting to only focusing on small cars. If I didn't keep my vehicles so long, I would go out and replace my Kia Sedona with a Ford Flex and my Honda Civic with a 2011 Ford Explorer.
Way to go Ford! Quality, Safety, Value, and so much more! Plus the best one, still an independent company. Thanks for saying no to government takeovers!
So many reasons to buy a Ford, so many reasons not to go with the others!
jose luis anzola 02/10/2010
i bought a ford edge 2010 and is the bether car i ever drive .
Jason 02/09/2010
Wake up, it's not 1940 anymore. Think about any country that currently makes cars... and you'll soon realize that our relationship to them isn't one of animosity - at worst it's one of debt. Last time I checked no one in the US wasn't buying a car manufactured in Afghanistan. Do yourself a favor next time you are in the market for a car: check the window sticker that tells you how much of the car was manufactured in the US. It isn't as simple as "Toyota, Honda, and VW are all foreign." Those companies all have manufacturing facilities and R&D plants located in the states. Additionally, some vehicles labeled as "domestic" sometimes have engines and transmissions built and assembled overseas. Sounding off about a topic of which you have little intelligence about is usually an unwise decision. Pack up your ignorance and do some research.
Cody McCormick 02/09/2010
Cho-ming, when either of those companies produces a car that can compare and or beat the quality and price of a Ford, we will talk. but before we do show me the history of all those manfuactures compared to Ford. Starting from 1903 to Present. enough said.
Adam Alvarez 02/07/2010
I love Ford. we have 3 fords right now. 1 '89 F-250 Custom, 5.0L V-8, one '07 F-150 XLT, 5.4L V-8, and one '07 F-150 XL, 4.6L V-8 (barely on the border of XL and XLT). all of these trucks have amazing quality. given, the F-250 is over 20 years old and completely stock, the interior as most 20 year old trucks are, and the exterior is a bit faded, but that's because this truck is really worked, and it still looks better than most 10 year old chevys, and it runs like brand new, even after almost 200K miles. the other two trucks are just awesome. we use them all as personal and work trucks. they all tow on a regular basis, haul, and occasionally get the groceries.

we have also had many other fords, an f-250, ranger, f-150, e-350, and a few others. we have also had a fair share of other brands, like a chevy suburban, BMW, Toyota Camry, and Toyota Corolla. every one of these were junk, except the BMW. the suburban was constantly having maintainance, heck when we sold it, the people were driving it home and it broke down. both toyotas had major problems with the engines, the A/C didn't work on either of them, or the heater for that matter, and they both broke down once on us. given one was used, but the other was brand new. none of the used Fords we have or had have ever had any problems. the BMW was hit by a truck, so we had to sell the E-350 to buy the '08 F-150 to save gas (this was the summer when gas nearly hit $5 a gallon). both F-150s actually handle better than the BMW, or at least it feels that way, and the new one gets nearly as good fuel economy.

keep up the great work Ford, I plan on remaining a Ford guy for a LONG time.
C Burens 02/06/2010
The American public has forgotten that the Japanese once bombed us, and many other foreign countries hate US too. If we don't support "USA Made" and all manufacturing goes abroad, do you think for a minute that the average Joe will be able to afford any car or Truck? Think again, demand (for vehicles) increases pricing, "scarcity" drives up prices and once again, only the very wealthy will be driving vehicles. How far do you plan to walk?
Luis Contreras 02/05/2010
ford needs to add some clean diesels stateside and vehicles that can obtain excellent mpg. one of the reasons i own a toyota and a honda is because i can achieve 45-50mpg. i could never with a ford in america. i will consider a ford when clean diesel is available in the states and high mpg vehicles are available.
Cho-ming 02/02/2010
Hi, since owning a 1992 Ford Escort, i have not owned a single Ford. I have owned Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and Mazda MPV after that Escort. Recently, i am very impressed by the turn-around of Ford, especially the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid, 2010 Taurus, 2011 Fiesta and 2012 Focus. Now i am seriously thinking of buying a Ford again. It's great that Ford finally now have One-Ford to minimize redundant development and maintenance costs. Going forward, please don't be complacent as BYD e6 electric car and Hyundai Sonata are getting better. EcoBoost is great but Hyundai is also heavily betting on plugin battery and carbon-fiber development. Toyota may have hiccups but please don't under-estimate its giant foot-prints. I dearly hope Union will yield more and willing to get away from "who-moved-my-cheese" mentality. Again, please don't be complacent. China BYD has 10,000 engineers working on battery development.

Best wishes, Ford :)
Edward Miller 02/02/2010
I leased a Taurus X and that was the best car I ever had. I"m sorry that they discountinued that model. I have tried to find a 2009 but they are nowhere to be had. I'm settleing for a Taurus car.
Andrew Wallace 11/05/2009
In April I traded my Lexus ES330 in for the new 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. I have owned Ford's off and on , the fact that I no longer have my Mustang Convertible still tugs at the hearstrings. I had looked a variety of replacements - Lexus, infinity, Mercedes, and Cadillac; however I was so taken by the design, fit and finish, quality, and economy of the Fusion Hybrid - I bought it. I love driving the car as do the other members of my husehold on Saturday and Sunday mornings it is a race to see who awakens first to get the keys and take the car for the day! By the way, our other cars are Mercedes. One last thing, I love the Sync system because it is the only "thing" in my life that listens to what I say and does what I ask without comment, challenge, or objection. At times friends, co-workers, and family wonder why I am found sitting out in my Fusion talking. (LOL) Seriously, Co-workers and friends are AMAZED when they get in the car - AMAZING JOB FORD - I knew an American car maker could pull this off - Is FORD hearalding the Renaissance of the American designed, engineered and built automobile, I certainly hope so.
Gary Dunn 08/15/2009
I am so sick and tired of the news media lying about American
cars(only Fords of course) not being as good as the foreign brands.
After owning many Fords over the years, and presently driving a
2004 Explorer and Mercury Monterey I can tell you they have both
been the epitomy of Quality and Reliability. The news media needs
to stop lying to the American people
james roy 08/04/2009
everyone at ford motor company keep up the good work, thank you, ive owned 12 or so fords in 24 plus years and i still own 5 of them. i do bleed ford blue. thanks!
bill lykins 07/30/2009
When will the 2010 Ford Taruas be in the dealers showrooms?
john de graaff 07/29/2009
It is clear, that the American dream is not complete without American cars.
Therefor it is good that the Car industry of Detroit can be continued.
Ford became in the early twentieth century a legendary car constructor and it is a good expierience that now Ford is saving the American Car and so an essential part of the American Dream.
Tom Wujek 07/27/2009
I'm glad I gave Ford a chance when buying my '05 Focus back in September 2004. The dynamics, styling and reliability are all there. In fact, at 68,000 miles, that car is still running like the first day I bought it. There have been no unexpected issues with the vehicle and it's a fun car to drive. Now in February 2009, I bought my '09 Escape with the 4 wheel drive and 6 cylinder. Again, the dynamics, styling and reliability are all there and the 4 wheel performs great in the nasty winters of Upstate New York.

Bottom line, Ford knows how to build a good suv, truck or car, hands down. This is coming from a now former GM guy. Both vehicles took me by suprise with how good they really are with the innovation, quality, safety, styling, handling, and value for the dollar. I'm glad to see them outshine Toyota, Lexus and Honda as well. Why should we pay more for those brands if we can get equal or better quality with an American made Ford with options that we want?

If Ford can keep this up, you can believe that they will keep me as a customer. I'm also proud of them for not taking a bailout and turning it around on their own.
steven voelkel 07/27/2009
the research numbers reflect what my customers tell me, 'Ford makes quality and value'
i am happy with the vheicle introductions of the last 10 years
BOB LONGMATE 07/27/2009
Many Americans, falsely, believe that the Harvard MBA’s in the Chrysler & GM auto executive suites wouldn’t know a good car if they got run over by one: But ultimately, as with the Ford Motor Company, it’s the cars which are going to save these companies and the American ‘domestic’ auto industry.

In the upcoming days upon introduction of Ford’s new flagship, the 2010 Taurus, one comprehensive review of its styling details, its interior, exterior, from ‘stem to stern’, its svelte operating characteristics coupled with impeccable driving dynamics, will further ‘highlight’ what is precisely required; namely, an automobile with unprecedented safety & value and an unparalleled ‘second order’ of design and engineering sophistication, af-ford-ably priced for the masses.



Michael Stefanini 07/27/2009
I met Earl Lucas in person at the Lars Anderson Museum. Hope some day to design cars. I am 10 years old and a big fan of ford and Earl, I think the Taurus will be a great car.
wayne ferguson 07/26/2009
Ford has always been the leader in styling,but now adds the quality to go with it.when people compare ford products to the so called" higher quality autos"[ex.Lexus],they fail to take in account the money one has to pay for that supposed better made car.I would like for people to compare the styling of the new Fords and it should be obvious ,no other car car company comes close to the good looks.
Ford Beats Every Auto Company in Quality*
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