Doug Scott Hosts a Live Chat About Trucks; Ford Trucks, That Is

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Ford trucks have unmatched capability, unsurpassed fuel economy and world class technology - this is your chance to talk to one the leaders of the Ford truck team about how we deliver these attributes.

Doug Scott, Ford truck group marketing manager, talked about topics ranging from Truck Month to trends that he is seeing in the truck market.

Click below to view the conversation, which took place September 18, at 10:30 a.m. EDT.

<a href=";task=viewaltcast&#038;altcast_code=4feca9906b" mce_href=";task=viewaltcast&amp;altcast_code=4feca9906b" >Live Chat with Doug Scott, Ford's Truck Marketing Manager</a>

Scott is a Detroit native, and has always been fascinated by the relationship between the auto industry and the public's passion for cars and trucks. Scott's position, which encompasses product and consumer marketing for pickups, large SUVs and commercial vehicles, allows him to experience firsthand the excitement and anticipation customers display when a new vehicle is launched.

"Engaging our customers and learning from them is the most rewarding part of my job," said Scott, who started at Ford in 1978 just two weeks after graduating from the University of Michigan.  "We know the customer better than anyone else, especially on trucks, and we have the best, most dedicated people in the business designing, engineering, manufacturing and marketing our vehicles."
Nick 11/22/2009
Proud owner of a 99 ford d150 xlt single cab long bed. I absolutely love the new raptor and am planning on getting one when i get back from usmc boot camp. but just wondering why dont you have f150 crew cabs with a 8 foot bed like the f250 and f350
Robert 10/01/2009
yes i think it is going to be replaced with the new f100 that ford is designing, but im not sure.
Norman 10/01/2009
Is it possible for a ford truck completly stock 5.4 super crew to achive speeds over one hundred twenty MPH.? I bought it brand new in 2005 and has 75,000 miles and it only gets 13 MPH a gallon.
fordguy 09/28/2009
A trailer brake controller is available on F150s from the factory, and for 2010 is integrated with the Trailer Sway Mitigation technology.
David 09/27/2009

does Ford planning to start produce FORD TRANSIT CONNECT with 1.6L-2.0L turbo diesel engine? because what you guys have now is not enough at all:)! 22MPG city with FORD TRANSIT CONNECT this is almost the same what I have now with my old 1993 Mercury Villager which I'm using for my professional work for the satellite TV provide in the high rise building systems! My Mercury Villager consumes about 20MPG city not a big progress since 1993:) ! I would consider to buy FORD TRANSIT CONNECT but only when you put small economical diesel engine in that! I would buy RENAULT,PEUGEOT,FIAT cargo van which they have various models but US don't allow them in US market:)! instead they still making those ugly monsters cargo vans! for the FORD compliment I can say that at least FORD first start making modern style cargo van like TRANSIT at least it looks much modern like Europe cars! but still again no small turbo diesel engine:)!
tom 09/26/2009
i drive a '96 F-150, my dad has an '01 F-150, my grandfather a '49 (F-100??) and a '65 F-100, and my uncle an early 2000s F-350 Diesel. I am a PROUD FORD driver at WVU and just want to say that I will not drive another make of truck (except for maybe the Lincoln Mark-LT) for as long as I live. F-Series all the way! Anyone interested in a NCAA-Teams line of F-Series? Just a thought...

ira 09/25/2009
i agree - i am a manual transmission diehard, and i would love to see that option maintained for several ford models. most of my vehicles have been fords - and all have had standard transmission - their staying power has been great. i had a bronco II that had 250,000 miles on it before i gave it to my neice and she drove it until 300,000. my sport trac now has 140,000 and is still going strong. even though the sport trac is not a "truck" per se, i would love to replace it with a newer model, if i could get a manual transmission. but that is no longer an option. i don't want to go elsewhere other than ford, but if i can't get a manual transmission, i will be left with no choice.
a King 09/25/2009
A satisfied Ford Owner wondering about interior improvements in the Ranger.
Paul Hornick 09/25/2009
What engine are you referring to?r
Charles 09/24/2009
Is Ford going to replace the Ranger with a larger version in 2012.
Christy 09/24/2009
Ford Ranger will be available through 2011 calendar year.

Christy Loisell
Ford Motor Company
william 09/22/2009
I Need I Truck to take care of poor in Boston with plow and trailer
Kenlow 09/22/2009
How about a diesel in a 4wd ranger to compete with the indian pickup coming over .
vince locilento 09/22/2009
I grew up riding in ford pick-ups, my dad is a ford guy who lives in Tennessee and I finally got to show him my 2010 F-150 Platinum and he was blown away. I said it before and will say it again and again what a truck, truely amazing to drive. My father in law drives a GMC but says he is trading it in for an F-150.
Deb 09/21/2009
I bought a new F150 for towing my horse trailer. Came with a nice trailer towing package and love the trailer anti-sway feature, but the design on the inside didn't provide a good spot for the brake controller! Not sure what to do ... I need the brake controller.

Max 09/20/2009
A standard would be amazing! I would love to see a f-150 with a manual. I think it would be a good thing if Ford put it back in their best selling truck.
Aaron 09/19/2009
Im glad to see I'm not the only one that likes manual transmissions. Ive been a die hard Ford owner since I was 16 years old. Id buy a new F-150 if a standard transmission was offered in the supercab 4X4. Since it isn't I had to buy a 15 year old truck, and pay a premium ,for a low miler in great condition. I know alot of people that would like a standard as an option.
Bob 09/19/2009
Will Ford be making the Ranger in 2010? All I see on the website is the 2009.
Jeff 09/18/2009
I wish someone would have asked: Why are the F150 truck colors so limited across trim lines?
Alex 09/18/2009
Exciting stuff. Ford really needs to globalize the F-series brands (in RHD and LHD) across all continents. The world does want them, ESPECIALLY as there is little competition in full-size pickups outside of North America.
I am looking forward to the 6.2L V8 in the F-150 range, and the 6.7L V8 Powerstroke sounds like it will be one heck of a good engine.
michael 09/18/2009
i hav to sy my 97 escort wagon is used lik a trk and the suspension and axles are c=bing rplcd now at 97 escot is tougher than ford trucks and it hauls a bunch of junk,good junk though..........
bullitt08 09/18/2009
365lb ft
Jimmi 09/18/2009
How come you wont come clean and fix the EGR junk in the trucks that are already on the road?
Ruben 09/18/2009
Ford Trucks Coming to EUTOPE?
RD Henars 09/17/2009
You could convert a lifrlong Chevy guy from bowtie to blue oval if you would offer a manual tranny in a F150. I would buy one in a heartbeat - especially if it was available with a small v8 and 4wd. I realize the demand for manual trannys was low but now no manufacturer is making them and you would have a monoply rather than have to share the market for them.
RICK TRAGER 09/17/2009
when is ford going to a crew cab in the ranger pick up and well they offer a diesel in the near future
Kelton King 09/17/2009
I am the owner or a f-250 power stroke. I love it. I have been looking for ford to add the deisel to its other vehicles like in europe & south america. I was excited to here ford was comong out with a deisel f-150 only to here it had been put on hold. can any one at ford tell me when it will be available.
leigh iannone 09/17/2009
i was wondering also when we will be seeing a diesel powered f-150 ??? ive been waiting a long time to see a diesel in a half ton pickup i think its a great idea i hope you at ford see it as a great oportunity as well. as a diesel mechanic i see diesel being the future of all trucks as well as diesel hybrid powertrains. thank you ford building one of the best trucks on the road.
Cole Quinnell 09/16/2009
You can find all of the engine specifications for the 2010 Ford F-150 at, or click here.

Cole Quinnell
Editorial Director
dennis 09/16/2009
what is the hp and torque on 2010 f150 5.4 on unleaded gas ?
Chuck Beckman 09/16/2009
Being a loyal Ford owner; I am asking why haven't we been able to purchase a diesel powered Ford F-150?
Doug Scott Hosts a Live Chat About Trucks; Ford Trucks, That Is
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