The Plaid Tour has Officially Started with a Visit to the Motor City

By Ford Social Member

The Plaid Nation Tour officially kicked off today. They paid us a visit in Dearborn, Michigan, in addition to heading to downtown Detroit to witness some of the bright spots of opportunity among the distressed neighborhoods that most people associate with the city these days.

In final preparation for the tour, the crew at Plaid Nation took their Ford Flex to Competition Graphics to get the unique vehicle wrap created and applied. There’s no losing this Flex in the parking lot. Check out the tips and information that Competition Graphics offers in this video.

Plaid Nation is your chance to see the latest social media tools in action and get insight into how some of the most innovative brands are using social media to reach audiences.

Every aspect of the tour is broadcast on, and you can follow their Plaid Nation blog by clicking here.

The Plaid Ford Flex will be driving through Detroit, Milwaukee, Chicago, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Kansas City, Branson, Memphis, Jackson and New Orleans. Here’s the schedule.

Monday, July 20 : Detroit, MI

Morning - Ford Motors

Afternoon - CurveDetroit

Tuesday, July 21 : Milwaukee, WI

Morning - To be announced

Afternoon - Bucketworks

Wednesday, July 22 : Chicago, IL

Morning - Threadless

Afternoon - 826 Chicago & The Boring Store

Snacks: Bleeding Heart Bakery

Thursday, July 23 : Indianapolis, IN

Morning - BlueFuego

Afternoon - To be announced

Snacks: The Flying Cupcake

Friday, July 24 : St. Louis, MO

Morning - Shock City Studios

Afternoon - Xplane

Monday, July 27 : Kansas City, MO

Staying at: The Q Hotel

Morning - John & Tugg from American Copywriter

Late morning Sprint

Afternoon - Dept Zero

Tuesday, July 28 : Branson, MO

Who's in Branson that we could profile??

Wednesday, July 29 : Memphis, TN

EARLY Morning - FedEx hub tour

Morning - FedEx

Afternoon - Red Deluxe

Thursday, July 30 : Jackson, MS

Afternoon - NunoErin

Friday, July 31 : New Orleans, LA

Morning - Make it Right Foundation

Plaid Nation Wrap Party

You can also check out our first post on PlaidNation by clicking here.

Tommy Ling 07/23/2009
So why the flame treatment on a "Plaid" campaign. Maybe burning plaid would've been better and would've fit best with the comment above about burning fuel too.
darryl ohrt 07/21/2009
RobRoy -

We hear you! In fact, our agency probably travels less than any agency in the nation. Thanks to the internet and social tools, we're able to work with clients and partners from across the globe, without ever leaving our office. We've never met some of our clients in person!

So every once in a while, we believe that we've earned a great American road trip. And the people that we're meeting, the places we're seeing, the companies we're profiling can be shared with viewers across the globe.

I know that larger production companies/agencies would have handled this differently. Probably even flying from market to market instead of driving. In comparison - five guys in a Flex seems pretty efficient.

We hope that you enjoy watching the tour, and completely appreciate your input!

The Plaid team
RobRoy McGregor 07/21/2009
Hey Plaid Nation Crew Don't let me down! Are we fighting together for the Climate and people of this Earth or just adding CO2 to the air we are already drowning in!
The Plaid Tour has Officially Started with a Visit to the Motor City
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