Let Your Car Parallel Park Itself with Active Park Assist

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If you fear parallel parking, you are in good company. Technology available in the 2010 Ford Flex and Lincoln MKT can remove that anxiety by managing this challenging chore for you. Not only does Active Park Assist perform the difficult parallel parking maneuver; it will also help you find a parking space large enough for your vehicle to fit in.

Active Park Assist - How it Works

The push of a single button activates Active Park Assist, and the system begins scanning for an appropriate parking spot. When a suitable space is detected, an audible signal will sound and the cluster-mounted message center will display a space found notification.

Active Park Assist will coach the driver with a prompt when to stop, shift to Reverse and let the system take over. The system will not select an inappropriately sized space. It will calculate the appropriate trajectory, regardless of the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle parked in the space just ahead. All steering is performed by the system, so the driver only needs to brake and shift. Active Park Assist also properly positions your vehicle relative to the curb.

If the vehicle is not positioned properly in the space, the system will continue to coach the driver for proper placement. The driver will shift and brake normally, but the system steers the vehicle throughout the maneuver.

Active Park Assist is enabled by Electric Power Assist Steering (EPAS) which is standard on 2010 Ford and Lincoln vehicles equipped with the 3.5-liter EcoBoostTM V6.

Active Park Assist is optional on the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6-equipped Ford Flex and Lincoln MKT, on sale late this summer.

Watch this video for a demonstration.
brandon fernandez 05/11/2010
ford is better than chevy
Ron Harper Jr 02/14/2010
Pretty cool but I can't see me using it. Raised in the city - it's a matter of pride to park in the tightest parking spot!

I am not a 'car guy' but thanks to Ford's ability to handle finance - and NOT take bail out money? Nothing but a Ford for me!
Paul 12/09/2009
Good point Adam.. But one thing you dont have to worry about: Idiots don't buy Fords.
KJS 11/28/2009
Woo Hooo, Kick A**!!!! Only from FORD!!!
Mike 11/22/2009
Cool technology, but whatever happened to learning how to drive?

Airplane pilots have nav systems to keep course while airborne, as well as landing assist features to center up on the runway. I still hope the person at the controls knows how to pilot the craft without those features.
Bob Morrison 08/20/2009
I've tried this feature. On level pavement, I didn't even need to use the accelerator, just the brakes! It was peppy enough to lay off the accelerator, and still parallel park itself. Basically, all I did was follow the instructions, brake, and shift. An absolutely fantastic feature for urban parking or wherever p-parking is required, and a piece of cake to operate. It amazes you the first time you try it! WOW... Remember to keep your hands off the wheel!
Nick 07/23/2009
WOW that is cool I love Ford Products, keep up the good work!
Nick 07/23/2009
WOW that ia cool I love Ford Products, keep up the good work!
Tom 07/22/2009
I sell Fords and got to drive the Taurus Sho today WOW is all I can say!!!! You have no idea what is happening with this company from the inside out with management to the final product. With in the next three to four years every vehicle we offer will be so far ahead it will all blow your mind, not one of our vehicles will be the same as you see it today. If you do not have Ford stock now you better get it.
Adam 07/21/2009
Ok, this is a realy cool idea and I am sure that many people will find this usful. The only complaint that I have is now we will get more ideats driving then before. Take all the brains out of driving and your bound to make a mess. Well, Congrats Ford, you over did it this time.
Roxie 07/21/2009
My mother always told me when parallel parking ..."Just keep Driving Dear..there will be another space that doesn't require those skills." Well, Mom in a busy downtown area..that is not the case. Thanks to Ford I can now have my parking space and not be forced to drive for hours looking for another one. Ford you rock!
Brandon Johnson 07/21/2009
This only calls for one word... WOW!!!
Marcelino Gonzalez II 07/21/2009
Ford Motor Company, simply the best, period!
Marcelino Gonzalez II 07/21/2009
Ford does it again and I am not surprised. I am loyal to the Ford brand and I always will be whether or not they come out with products like this. APA is one of the things that makes me want to further my education to work for Ford one day to innovate and invent future products for Ford.
Let Your Car Parallel Park Itself with Active Park Assist
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