Check Out the New Ford Flex!

By Ford Social Member

The upgraded 2013 Ford Flex just debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show boasting a fresh look and loads of technology!

Among the changes to the seven-passenger, three-row Flex is a new base engine, a 3.5-liter V6, which makes 285 horsepower (that’s about 20 more horses than the previous engine) and 255 lb.-ft. of torque. EPA estimates should come in around 18 mpg city and 25 mpg highway. If you’ve been lusting after the EcoBoost®, no worries, that 3.5-liter V6 is still available, bringing home 355 horsepower and 350 lb.-ft. of torque. Both of these engines are hooked to a six-speed SelectShift Automatic® transmission, giving you the option of fully automatic operation or manual control. The EcoBoost Flex has paddle shifters integrated into the steering wheel spokes.

Another biggie in terms of changes has to do with the look of the Flex. You probably spotted the new front end, which includes the removal of the Ford blue oval from the front; now it sports a Flex badge. Out back, there’s standard dual exhaust and an available rear appliqué. The inside got a redo too: new clusters, steering wheel, electronic finish panels, and seat trim and foam. There’s also a new Appearance Package for the Limited and SEL models, which nets you a two-tone roof and mirrors, 20-inch machined-aluminum wheels, leather seats, special door trim panels, and other interior improvements to classy up the joint even further. And a class exclusive is an available second-row refrigerated console. That right there is a great conversation-starter.

Three new exterior colors are available for the Flex, bringing the grand total to nine. The new faces are Ruby Red, Deep Impact Blue and Kodiak Brown.

Technology is another biggie for the Flex. For starters, SYNC®, is available with the new-generation of MyFord Touch®, with improvements customers specifically asked for, making it faster, easier to use, and with a cleaner display. Safety technology is also on tap, with the Flex gaining the availability of auto world’s first production inflatable seat belts for rear-seat passengers. There’s also an available radar-enabled adaptive cruise control (ACC) and collision warning with brake support and Blind Spot Information System (BLIS®) with cross-traffic alert. These technologies help with avoiding potential accidents, using radar to detect the relative position of other vehicles and warn the driver with a combination of visual and audio alerts.
Roi S 09/18/2012
Israel NEEDS Those.
Eva C S 06/30/2012
First car I've ever had where I still loved it after having it for almost 4 years! We just traded it in for a 2012! Is it really true that the Ford oval was changed because of California status symbol customers? That's what our salesperson told us! I like the Ford Oval!
Cory Keller 02/03/2012
Please don't put the big FLEX letters across the hood! Other than that I love it. Love my 2010 Flex too.
charles Morneau 12/27/2011
Nice improvements to a fantastic vehicle..Great job!!...Lead on.... Ford!!
Susan Hall 12/13/2011
Ilove my 2011 Flex.. but I may be trading it in for the 2013!! Love the new grill and the Flex across the front!!!!
David Dunster 12/08/2011
The Flex you say? Darn right. Nothing finer than a Ford Flex. Smooth ride, lots of room for legs and head, lots of windows to see out. Sounds quality that you feel. I'd have two if I had the room in the garage. The Mini-Limo on the highway.
Ed Bayer 12/06/2011
The FLEX is the best idea FORD has come up with lately, I love my 2011 FLEX. Have recieved many comlements on it.
Matthew Amack 11/14/2011
I don't know why Ford needs to make the Flex?Ford should just make a five door Taurus wagon!!!A Taurus would look alot better as a wagon then the Flex does!!Having two cars with one name a sedan in a wagon would be better advertising and more affordable to make!!
Richard Egan 11/14/2011
Recently purchased my 2nd Ford Flex! Got the Limited with all wheel drive eco-boost engine and almost all the bells and whistles. Well done Ford! Had a 2010 Flex before this and loved it as well.
Brayden Martindale 11/12/2011
I would've liked the grill a little bit bigger/lower, and bigger headlights.. but I'm sure in the right colour scheme(like the "old" Flex) it will look great!
Darrel Runyon 11/11/2011
hey my 94 ford truck was built tuff dont need o buy a new ruck so why even look plus its paid off
Quincy McMurphy 11/10/2011
It's a good looking vehicle; I'd buy a Flex before I buy an Explorer. If you've never driven a Flex, you need to do so, for it is impressive, especially since it offers all wheel drive in a 7 passenger. As for it's front, I'm surprised the Ford oval's off; I hope they mold the holes in the front bumper for front license plates (the indentation's gone)....
Dave Smyth 11/10/2011
Nice, but can't afford it :-(
Glenn Thompson 11/10/2011
Not a big fan of the Flex. But do know it is highly rated and owners love them. The new unique looking front end does it a two thumbs up from me!
Jamie At Ford 11/10/2011
Ford fans and Flex owners,

Don’t forget to claim your Flex badge at!

Ford Customer Service Division
Not a bad vehicle, just wish it had the ablility to seat 7 with captains chairs instead of 6. Would make it a lot easier for the families of 3+ kids in Carseats
Bill Monson 11/09/2011
I would like to see a built in Beverage Dispenser, So I can drink my favorite beverage WITHOUT having to get out of my car and going yo a gas station.
Dale Leonard 11/09/2011
Ford needs to advertise the Flex more. You never see any commercials or anything about this great vehicle
I just bought an F150 a couple months ago. I get over 500 miles a tank full of gas. I'm very happy with the ride, the looks and the mileage.
John Rotella 11/09/2011
I love it every inch. You're ahead in a Ford all the way.
Brian K Lane 11/09/2011
We have a 2010 Flex, and we love it
MY friend drives a 2011 Flex and while out on a drive we put it on the scale
at work. I was shocked! It weighs nearly 5,000 lbs !!! why mu st it be
so heavy? No wonder why it only gets 15 to 16 mpg .
I drive a Flex, red one with a white top. Still in style.
Jason Grim 11/09/2011
even uglier then the previous model
Shawn Kalles 11/09/2011
Ugly front
Eric Jewett 11/09/2011
I'd give it a test drive if the Taurus was paid for.
Ritch Ritter 11/09/2011
i hope its just a concept
I like the Red with White top the best.
Sandra Campbell Morgan 11/09/2011
I love my 2011 Flex. Everytime I get out of it I just look back at it and smile cause it looks AWESOME!!!!
Siberski Ford Haski 11/09/2011
► I like most of it except for the rear! Seriously! Not very aesthetic. The lines on the back of the first generation is better.
Tom Shuart 11/09/2011
I thought it was gonna look like the edge, seriously it looks really weird now
Michael Fobbus 11/09/2011
And still no cooled front seats that are available on much cheaper vehicles? WTF?
Keith L. Andoos 11/09/2011
I love and own Fords, but in my mind, the Flex has always been a freezer on wheels!
Theresa Khan 11/09/2011
Very ugly ! It Looks like a iron Block !
Aaron McCarthy 11/09/2011
The only thing I like about this is that the older ones are going to go down in price. The styling on this is a bit more confusing than the current model.
Mick Gentry 11/09/2011
Thats an ugly front end looks worse than the Range Rover DOH!! what are you guys thinking??
James Smith 11/09/2011
I think the grill is wrong for this car. It looks like something fell off a truck it was following and it lodged in the Flex's grill.
Garrett Garebear Breindel 11/09/2011
what the?? its even worse than the first one!
Jeff O'Dell 11/09/2011
My Flex is the sweetest ride in the Hayes School pick up line!
William Charles Schulte 11/09/2011
Rather see Ford stock at $50.
Cody Burch 11/09/2011
Not a fan
Jason Staron 11/09/2011
I like it over my 2010 Flex! Love it!
Alexandre Demers Cloutier 11/09/2011
someone wants a range rover look-a-like... really not sure about the grill
Holly Anne Eva 11/09/2011
I drive a 2011 Flex, and it's the best vehicle I've ever owned. I do prefer the rectangular lights in the front. The only thing I'd change about the grill is to make the chrome gray.
Kevin Holden 11/09/2011
Love it!
Anita Granat 11/09/2011
@Jeff Walters..well said!
Jeff Walters 11/09/2011
I wonder why some of you even "Like" Ford on FB? Is it just to bash the products? Reminds me of rival college schools that do that. Childish. I am fine if you don't like the product and wish to share your thoughts....maybe try to do it in a intelligent articulate manner?
Scott Gregory 11/09/2011
I like it but the FLEX across the hood should go. Maybe rectangular bumper lamps also instead of round.
Rachid Bayu 11/09/2011
thanks service ford
Shannon Ehlers 11/09/2011
not crazy about the design, would prefer an Escape style wise
Daniel Bosum 11/09/2011
Those that don't like it ! "Try and build it yourself" ...ha ha ha Nice work guys.
Todd Roberts 11/09/2011
Epic fail. That thing is ugly. Come on ford you have some great cars and trucks coming out and this flex looks like something nissan or scion would make.
Brian Smith 11/09/2011
As a Ford fan, I really dislike the removal of the blue over from the front end...
Thomas Word 11/09/2011
Fail. Come on Ford! step up!!
Mark Keefer 11/09/2011
UGLY just like the newer explorer,, The only Ford i like are the F-series Trucks,,It would also be cool if the sport trac comes back with a longer box like the f150 step side.
Chris Hochmann 11/09/2011
soooo niice ;)
Dave Evans 11/09/2011
Weird... no blue oval in the grille. I like it!
Will Whitmore 11/09/2011
I'm just not liking the new front end that Ford has been using.
Tim Theodorou 11/09/2011
The Flex reminds me of a hearse. Ugly! No thanks!
Kourtney Hadley 11/09/2011
Tim Parrett 11/09/2011
Check Out the New Ford Flex!
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